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SBT Chapter 4 – To accumulate capital

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe



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Chapter 004 To accumulate capital

…  …

As for Wu Hao, the most important thing for him to do right now was to earn a quick buck. Then, he would improve his family’s economic status.

After all, his parents were already at retirement age. In addition to their year-round farm work, they seemed to age quicker compared to their peers.

Since the current him had such abilities, of course he would use it to the utmost to make sure his family members led a better life.

Besides gambling, he could go to the mountain and hunt for some animals or valuable herbs.

But this method was somewhat slow and very troublesome compared to gambling.

For Wu Hao who had such a privilege, hunting in the mountains was as easy as the ABCs for him. Whenever a prey entered within his spiritual perception radius of 30 meters, he would just need to use his telekinesis to control weapons to kill it or just directly catch it with his telekinesis.

However, the biggest Wu Hao could hunt would be small-sized prey like small hares and small boars. Furthermore, his harvest would not be very bountiful. If his harvest was too large, he was very sure that it would attract unwanted attention from others and eventually bring him more trouble instead.

As for searching herbs, even for the current Wu Hao, it was not an easy feat.

Although he could easily move around in the mountains, unfortunately he had no prior knowledge about precious herbs at all. He was afraid that even if a valuable herb appeared within his perception radius, he wouldn’t able to recognize it.

Besides that, in Sanjiang city, there was no deep forest. Thus, the chances of harvesting valuable herbs were close to zero.

Wu Hao had to forget about these ineffective methods then.

In the end, he was back to square one. After all, the best plan was still going to Macao and gamble.

Though in certain cities in the mainland, there were some underground casinos. However, these places were illegal. He couldn’t find his way there even if he wanted to. Even if he did win some money there, Wu Hao was afraid that trouble would follow him too.

On the contrary, Macao would be a totally different story. Macao had famous casinos comparable to the international standard of Las Vegas. The number of big and small casinos in Macao were uncountable with just ten fingers.

Wu Hao didn’t plan to earn too much money by gambling. His request was not high at all. As long as he won himself a few million, that would be enough to satisfy him already.

Millions of Yuan for those big casinos in Macao were just peanuts.

Even if he won, the casino would not get him into trouble. Unless Wu Hao won too much at one time, like tens of millions or even billions of Yuan, then of course he would be in the marked list of casino management.

The main reason why Wu Hao dared to go to Macao to gamble was because of his telekinesis and spiritual perception.

Although until now, Wu Hao had not used his telekinesis in any battles, he had never doubted the lethality of this ability.

As long as any man who wanted to harm him did not exceed 300 kg in weight, he needed to face huge hurdles to get close to Wu Hao. That was not even mentioning inflicting damage to Wu Hao yet.

Also, Wu Hao could use his telekinesis to control any weapon and attack. He had never tested its effectiveness but imagining it would have already horrified anyone.

Let’s just say a group of men attacked Wu Hao. Before they even got close to Wu Hao and were in proper attacking range, a knife or some other weapon could fly towards them. In this scenario, how many people could actually escape unscathed?

Even if his opponent used firearms, they were also very unlikely to hit Wu Hao.

Unless the counterpart’s weapon was able to produce power more than 300 kg of force, only large caliber rifles and snipers were able to do so unless he was facing a rain of bullets. Otherwise, his security would always be guaranteed.

Thus, it was because of this formidable telekinesis that Wu Hao had such confidence in visiting Macao and making a fortune. Otherwise, he wouldn’t suggest such an idea at all.

Just like that, Wu Hao temporarily stayed in Sanjiang city for the next two days. He started to earn capital for his trip to Macao.

Indeed, Wu Hao’s method of growing his capital was simple. Everyday, he would visit some mahjong houses in Sanjiang city. Although Wu Hao didn’t play frequently, he still knew how to play mahjong.

Moreover, in the mahjong houses, besides playing mahjong, there were still some who played cards. “Fight the landlord” it was called. This was the card game which Wu Hao had quite good skills in. During his leisure time, he liked to play that game with his friends. Furthermore, his winning rate was quite high too.

These mahjong houses could be found everywhere in the city. Usually the frequent visitors were those young workers who worked nearby or were residents. Thus, each game would usually earn him around couple hundred Yuan or at most several thousand.

The aim for Wu Hao when he visited such places was not to win money until he became rich. He just wanted to gather a few thousand Yuan as capital for his Macao trip.

Thus, by using his perception to cheat, Wu Hao was able to see other players’ cards.

These two days, Wu Hao went to different mahjong houses in the mornings, afternoons, and nights. Sometimes, he would play mahjong while the other times he went for his favorite “fight the landlord” game.

Each visit resulted in hundreds or thousands of profit. Two days were then finally over. Wu Hao earned himself a total of a little over 5000 Yuan. With the previous 3000 Yuan that he had, Wu Hao decided that such money as capital for his Macao trip would be enough.

Thus, Wu Hao decided to quit and stopped bullying those ordinary people.

Besides that, he went to Macao to earn a fortune. He didn’t gather money just to throw his money away in Macao. Having these few thousand Yuan should be sufficient for his plans.

And also, during these two days, Wu Hao did some research in how to get Macao from there. When he knew that the duration for the pass to be issued took at least ten days and a lot of documents to be prepared, he immediately decided to scrap the idea of visiting Macao through formal channels.

He decided to find a place in the mainland which was the nearest to Macao and secretly fly over there.

During the night, Wu Hao found himself a place without any people to test his flight ability. In the beginning, Wu Hao didn’t dare to fly at a high altitude.

After all, the feeling of being suspended in the air was difficult for him to get used to in such a short time.

After two nights of undergoing tests and practices, Wu Hao had finally conquered his fear of that feeling. Finally, he was able to fully experience true high-altitude flying.

The current him was able to fly about 500 meter above the ground. It wasn’t that he couldn’t fly higher but his telekinesis ability was still somewhat limited. For his own safety reasons, he decided to not push himself further.

In case he was flying up high and some unforeseen emergency happened such as his telekinesis being deactivated without his consent, wouldn’t he be having a 360 degree free fall all the way to the ground?

Furthermore, the sky was so dark at night. At an altitude of 500 meters, it wouldn’t be possible for the people on the ground to notice him. Thus, taking the risk of flying higher wasn’t necessary.

At the same time, his telekinesis and spiritual perception ability had improved yet again after repeating the cycle of training and breathing with the special technique.

However, due to Wu Hao being busy earning money, the rate of improvement of his ability was only half of what it used to be.

This was because during his stay in hospital, he repeated the cycle continuously without even sleeping. Thus, his ability increased at such a tremendous rate in a week’s time.

The next day after winning the capital he needed in Sanjiang city, Wu Hao bought a bus ticket to Guangzhou province. Since there were still several hours left as the departure time was during the afternoon, Wu Hao decided to stroll around in the mall nearby the bus station.

After wandering for a while, Wu Hao stumbled upon a shop selling military equipment.

“Brother, what are you interested in? Come inside and have a look.” The shop owner was a middle age man wearing a camouflage military uniform. Noticing that Wu Hao was staring at the displayed products from outside, he quickly went to greet him with enthusiasm.

… …

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