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SBT Chapter 39 – Opening the Mountain Wall

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 039    Opening the Mountain Wall

… …

The next day, when the sky hadn’t turned bright yet, Wu Hao went a few kilometers away to catch and bring back a huge prey.

This was a giant wild boar weighing over 100 catties. If it was in the past, Wu Hao wouldn’t dare to make any moves towards such a gigantic animal.

But now, not only did he have to satisfy his own belly but also he had to feed the carnivorous little golden eagle. Don’t underestimate its small stature. With such a small body, everyday it needed quite a lot of meat to fill its hunger.

So a wild boar weighing more than 100 catties was sufficient to consume and last for a day. After all, the whole boar didn’t have much meat left over after excluding all of the bones. Moreover, even if they couldn’t finish off the boar, Wu Hao could always share the remaining meat with the golden eagle’s family; located on the other side of the mountainous wall.

After Wu Hao slaughtered the wild boar, he quickly deboned the meat while at the same time, separating the head, feet, and the internal organs.

After he finished separating the meat, Wu Hao then went to the nest of the golden eagle’s family, opposite of the cliff he was on and said, “These internal organs and bones, I will leave them here for you all to slowly clear off!” Wu Hao didn’t care whether the golden eagle understood his words or not. After finished talking, he just threw the internal organs and bones, which he had separated earlier, towards the side of the nest.

In fact, this place was already full of animal carcases. Obviously these were all the end products of the previous prey hunted by the golden eagle.

As for Wu Hao himself, he carried the boar meat and heart back to the camp site. Parts of the meat and heart were naturally prepared for the young little eagle. The remaining meat would then be be used for the his own rations of the day.

Besides the meat of the wild animals, the heart was also a nice treat. Usually, when the golden eagle went out for a hunting trip, it would usually eat the best part of the meat and the heart before bringing back the remaining scraps for the young ones to eat or just keep them for the next meal.

“Alright, I will only feed you later. Eating everything at once is not good for you!” Looking at the way it acted while it was eating the meat, Wu Hao also found such a scene to be interesting. However, he wouldn’t let it eat too much at once.

After he finished feeding the little young eagle, Wu Hao began to prepare his own breakfast. His breakfast for today was very simple. Simple wild boar meat with some tiny mushrooms on top and a pot of porridge. If it was like before, Wu Hao definitely wouldn’t dare to pick up any mushrooms which grew inside of the mountain range.

This was because if you weren’t an expert in this area, by blindly picking up mushrooms for consumption, that was just courting your own death. After all, those fungi in the wild, most of them were toxic. But now, it was just a simple task for Wu Hao to identify whether they were toxic or not.

He just had to use his spiritual perception to analyze these little fungi, he would then be able to understand their mode of growth and the main components in them.

Therefore any poisons would be detected by him with just a glance.

In addition to fungi, there were also many delicious wild vegetables which could be consumed. Whether in their nutritional value or taste, they were all incomparable to those from farms.

“En! This tastes really good!” Swallowing a spoon of congee, Wu Hao also couldn’t help but to point out its delectability! Then, he began to finish the congee.

Because his metabolism rate was now much faster than before, his body’s needs had also increased several times over. Thus, he now had to eat several times more every serving. Thus for this pot of congee, he easily finished it all up.

“Alright, back to work!” After becoming satisfied with his meal, Wu Hao then took all of the tools needed and flew to the site where he worked yesterday.

Yesterday, he had already settled the wooden plank for his wooden house. He not only prepared those for the house but also for the furniture like chairs, tables, and a bed.

For the furniture, he would have to use giant Chinese redwood. At first, he actually wanted to use red sandalwood but due to its rarity in the Qinling mountains, he didn’t try forcing it. Anyway, when he happens to have the opportunity to do so then, it still wouldn’t be late to do so.

At worst, when he was free, he could always go to the Yunnan Province or some mountain in Southeast Asia to get all the red sandalwood that he needed. But for such a plan, he would have to delay it for the future.

Arriving at the open space which he had cleared for the wood, Wu Hao first smoothened all of the wood planks. Then, he made sure that the beams for the wooden house were properly convexed.

After completing all of the tasks, he went ahead with the surface carbonization. Although this wood had just been recently cut down and their moisture content was still high, Wu Hao’s requirements weren’t that high.

Just a simple surface level carbonization would already satisfy him.

With his telekinetic ability to control it, naturally the whole job was finished quite quickly. At the same time, Wu Hao controlled various tools to give the final touches to the wooden planks. A few hours later, he had finished smoothing the wood and the groove which he was supposed to open, he had cleared them as well.

As he completed these tasks, Wu Hao didn’t immediately go ahead with the carbonization process. Instead, he put them on top of dry stones, letting them dry even further.

This was because the weather for today was just too good, with the sun shining and everything. Plus, he still wanted to open up the mountain wall on the cliff, thus there was still time for the wood to dry.

It wouldn’t be late to carbonize the wood after he finished the opening up the mountain wall for a cave.

Moreover, he should go back to the young eagle right now and feed his empty little belly.

“How nice would it be if there was a drill right now? Then opening up the mountain wall for a cave wouldn’t be such a hassle!” With Wu Hao’s ability controlling the stone cutting tools, he found that cutting the mountain wall in such way was too inefficient.

If only he had a 30 cm drill, it wouldn’t take him too long to drill out a cave from the mountain wall.

After all, his telekinesis could replace the force needed for the motor drill to work. With his telekinesis, the drill, without doubt, would be more stable and efficient.

It was too bad that in the previous trip, he didn’t take the opportunity to buy a large scale drill. A drill of only a few centimeter wouldn’t be of much use to him.

However, although using his current tools would take him quite a lot of time, it was still faster than manually using his hands.

If normal manpower was to be hired to open up the mountain wall for a cave, the difficulty would be extremely high. For example, during the ancient times and in some scenic places which now had wooden planks as a pathway for humans to walk, this was the method used in opening up the mountain wall for caves. Only then, by planting wooden planks onto the cave would it assume the shape of a pathway for humans to walk on.

But for the current Wu Hao, he wanted to build a wooden house in the cliff, on the mountainous wall. Directly cutting up the mountain wall was definitely better than planting wooden planks in cave as it was much deeper and bigger.

By the way of Wu Hao’s planning, each cave would have to be at least 1.5 meters in depth, this was the only way to support the wooden house outside.

Time flew by, after several continuous hours of hitting the wall, six caves with a diameter of more than 30 cm and depth nearing 2 meters were successfully made by Wu Hao.

“This really is a costly way of living. In the future if I am to do such work, I will definitely get myself a drill. These primitive tools are too slow to work with.” After he finished digging all the caves, Wu Hao then started his next job with his telekinesis, it was also the most boring of all the other jobs.

… …

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