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SBT Chapter 38 – Disappearance of South China tiger

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 038    Disappearance of South China tiger

… …

It is a need to mention that this method was really something that Wu Hao wished to do so since a long time ago. This was because as someone who took photos of rare animals, once the photos were released to the community, they would definitely bring him lots of hassle. This was without a doubt, one of the most troublesome matters.

For example, before this, the photos and videos of the South China tiger which he took, at that time, he did have the impulse to share these with others.

However, what he photographed to the current generation, they were all so rare that once released, a great sensation would be brought to the community.

Thus, the moment when others knew that he was the one who released the pictures and videos, they would ask him how he managed to take them in such vast mountains, how should he explain it then?

But now, it was different. With the super hacking technology he had, he could guarantee that he wouldn’t leave a trace when he posted all of the videos and pictures on the Internet which then others won’t be able to investigate his presence.

To be able to become such a master in hacking in such a short period of time, it was all thanks to his new super memory and fast learning. Also, the most important factor was none other than the upgraded version of his spiritual perception.

Although with him alone, controlling the signal terminal from a distance away would be limited, but if it is through other mediums, there won’t be such restrictions in distance.

In other words, when Wu Hao was using his laptop just now, through his spiritual perception, he managed to enter into the data resource of the computer and then to the other signal terminal through the satellite signal.

This ability had the same concept as actual hacking. But the only difference was that it was not just as simple as manipulating the computer. Instead, it was a direct way with the data energy entering into the opposing terminals.

This way operated more like a legendary artificial intelligence. Since artificial intelligence existed by itself in the vast network, naturally it would be able to enter whatever it wanted to without much difficulty.

Although Wu Hao’s ability was still far when compared to an actual artificial intelligence, to release something in the network and not be detected, it was just a simple matter.

In fact, Wu Hao wasn’t exactly interested in invading others. As long as his presence in the network wasn’t detected, that should be more than sufficient.

Thinking of this, Wu Hao began to take action. Fist, he registered a new account of Tieba. As for the real name identification and etc., Wu Hao naturally was able to bypass it. (Tieba: China’s reddit)

After registering the new account, Wu Hao immediately entered into the ‘Adventure’ thread. As far as he knew, uploading the rare pictures which he took in the wild would be best suited by uploading it on this thread!

Although currently there were only about several thousand followers on the thread with only a number of posts, this shouldn’t pose any problems for him.

This was because he believed that as long as he uploaded the pictures with some simple captions, within a short period of time, the pictures would definitely go viral in the Internet community. As long as they managed to get the attention of the media, there was no need for any worries for them not spreading around.

ID of the poster: Fighting tiger everyday, Post name: Disappearance of South China tiger.

After making sure the title of the post was named well, Wu Hao went to the pictures which he had saved in the laptop. The first photo which he chose to upload was the one when a South China tiger was posing fiercely in front of the camera accompanied with a simple line of introduction.

Then, following them was a few images from a sideway direction and the huge claw attacks. Same like before, each and every photo was added with some descriptions. The post had a total of nine pictures.

Each picture was captured in high-definition. Afterall, Wu Hao’s camera cost him several tens of thousands of dollars. Naturally, the quality of the pictures taken wouldn’t be bad.

After he finished editing the post, Wu Hao then clicked upload. As for the rest, he didn’t really care about them at all.

After he finished uploading them into Tieba, Wu Hao then visited the largest video website in the country, Youdao Video. Of course the reason Wu Hao was here was to upload the video of the South China tiger that he took.

And this video only had the duration of a few minutes. Since Wu Hao took this video by controlling the camera with his telekinesis, the viewing angle was aerial. All the activities of the South China tiger, jumping and running around the jungle were all recorded down.

In fact, when the adult South China tiger noticed the presence of Wu Hao, it of course started to threaten him with its sharp claws. After repeated attacks with no result, it only roared a few times before it ran away into the deep jungle.

And this video clip recorded the whole process too. If the photos he uploaded only recorded the moment of the tiger, then this high definition video without doubt did its job in recording the whole figure of the South China tiger.

Applying an account for Youdou Video was an easy task for Wu Hao. Even his username was the same as the one he used in Tieba, ‘Fighting Tiger Everyday’.

Due to the need to be reviewed by Youdou Video, after uploading the video, Wu Hao didn’t care whatever happened afterwards.

However, after Wu Hao finished uploaded the video not long ago, at the adventure forum, a few users already dropped some comments.

“F*ck! This is really a real tiger! High-definition some more, These pictures, which master snapped them!”

“Wild South China tiger? Didn’t the government already declare that such species was already extinct?”

“What shit the experts claimed, you really believe them! What people posted are all high definition pictures. Such environment, such ferocity, without doubt, this is definitely from the wild. Those tigers locked at the zoo are nothing at all compared to this. The experts didn’t explain…..”

“Such big news, I must share it!”

Not long after this post was online, many users started to comment on the page and discuss about it. Soon, Tieba had pinned the page as the top page on the site.

This was because these photos on Tieba were absolutely real. Not only were they all in high definition, even every direction of the tigers were snapped too.

Coupled with the surrounding background environment, it certainly wasn’t something a zoo could emulate, besides this being a real South China tiger, there were really no other possibilities.

After all, that time during ‘08, the ‘tiger week’ event, with only such fake boring photos, all kind of rumors and stories which even news media covered too spread nationwide.

Actually, at that time, a lot of Internet users didn’t know the presence of such things known as photoshop. Thus, many of them were fooled.

With the photo that time and if it was released now, as long as the person used the Internet, they would immediately realize that the photo was a product of photoshop. This was because the traces of the photo being edited by photoshop were too obvious.

Now, the photos which Wu Hao uploaded were all high definition with a total of nine images taken from different angle and direction. Who would still dare to say that there was a possibility of them being fake?

This was something absolutely impossible to fake! Therefore, these photos will definitely become hot. Perhaps without even taking a long time, someone would contact investigators to get the identity of the one who uploaded the pictures.

Too bad with Wu Hao’s current ability, these people simply wouldn’t be able to find any trace of him.

… …

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