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SBT Chapter 37 – Future uprising of hacking

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 037    Future uprising of hacking

… …

However, Wu Hao didn’t decide to build this wooden house in a day. Even if he had the idea to do so, it was definitely an impossible task.

This wooden house or cliff-house of his, he planned to build it suspended on top of the cliff. He needed to cut and dig a deep groove on the cliff for the stability of the house. And of now, he didn’t have any tools to do such a job like cutting the rocks and etc.. He could only wait until the sky grew dark before paying a visit to the nearby town to buy the tools.

Moreover, besides the tools for cutting rock, he also had to buy a gasoline torch for surface carbonization of the wooden plank and piles.

Otherwise, these wooden planks and piles won’t last for long under the direct sun and rain. Since Wu Hao had to spend so much energy on building this wooden house, he naturally won’t wish for it to decay that quickly.

Also, in order to maintain the original feeling of wooden house, he decided to go with no metal and modern paint. The whole wooden house’s structure was built by fixing each component together like a lego. This type of construction was adapted from the ancient housing technology.

However, this wooden house of Wu Hao was just a small one. Thus, it didn’t have that complex structure of ancient buildings.

Just like that, a day had passed. Earlier on, besides hunting for some food for the young eagle, all the remaining time was spent on cutting wood.

These wooden planks which Wu Hao had obtained, they were all thick. Each wooden plank had a thickness of around 5cm. Because of his telekinetic aid in the process, there weren’t many errors in cutting the wood.

As for the wooden planks which would be used as the floor base, their thickness was naturally higher. Although these would increase the overall weight of the house, as long as the base was stable with a deep impale on the mountain wall, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

When the day started to turn dark, Wu Hao temporarily halted the work he was doing. Considering that going into a small town to buy stuff might not be convenient, Wu Hao flew directly towards Chang’an City which was more than 100km from here.

If he was just buying the tools for cutting the stone and etc., he should be able to get those with ease. But, a gasoline torch might be a bit difficult to find in such a small town.

Anyway, with the current flying speed of Wu Hao, going to Chang’an City with a distance of more than 100km wouldn’t consume much of his time. Besides that, even the nearest town from here would need at least tens of kilometers too.

Because it was now night, Wu Hao didn’t have to worry much flying in the sky. With his fastest speed, he directly headed towards an unpopulated place within the outskirts of Chang’an City.

Wu Hao’s luck was good that day. With just a few minutes of walking, he managed to stop a passing taxi which then drove him to the urban areas.

Along the way, Wu Hao began to search for nearby hardware stores. About 20 minutes later, Wu Hao finally managed to find his target.

Half an hour later, Wu Hao bought all the items on his checklist. Besides the cutting tools for the rock and the gasoline torch which was to be used for wood carbonization, he also bought a few bottles of tung oil and a whole set of woodworking tools.

Although he had finished cutting wood during the day, the surface of the wooden planks and piles were still rough. Since he was here to buy tools, he might as well get himself a set of woodworking tools too. With them, the newly cut planks and piles will definitely have a better finish.

After he finished his shopping, Wu Hao didn’t spend any longer in the city. Through the connection of the shop owner, and very quickly at that, he got himself a car to deliver those tools to the outskirt of the city.

When the car reached the road at the city’s outskirts, Wu Hao immediately asked the driver to stop. After paying the fees, he directly carried all the items he bought into the nearby forest. After confirming that nobody was around, Wu Hao began his journey back to his base, flying up in the sky.

Due to low visibility at night and additional things that needed to be carried along, Wu Hao’s flying speed was quite fast but his altitude wasn’t that high though.

If he is to fly at a high altitude while he was carrying a lot of items, he was afraid that he would be killed by the country’s lighting. As long as he flew at a low altitude and within the range of mountains, even the world’s most advanced radar wouldn’t be able to detect Wu Hao.

The only possibility would be Wu Hao following an early warning aircraft system. With the radar waves directly projected from the top to the bottom, only then would Wu Hao’s presence be detected.

But for such a possibility to happen was extremely low. This early warning aircraft system in the country could be counted with one hand. How could they randomly fly here without any reasons!

Back at the camp base, Wu Hao placed all of the tools at the side of the platform. Then, he began starting the fire for his barbeque cooker.

As a result of starting a campfire on the platform at night, this scene can be seen even from a distance away. However, since within a radius of a dozen kilometers away there were no other animals except birds, Wu Hao wasn’t afraid of being discovered.

This trip to Chang’an, in addition to the tool purchase, he also bought himself a box of canned beers. Drinking beer while enjoying delicious roasted pheasant meat, such a feeling was naturally very wonderful.

“En, such a life isn’t bad! But, when my wooden house is completed, it will be even more perfect. That time, I no longer have to stay in this tent.” Feeling satisfied, Wu Hao smiled.

After he finished eating and drinking, Wu Hao opened his laptop to continue learning about hacking.

However, the moment when Wu Hao tried connecting to the network with his laptop, he suddenly felt the changes within the laptop. It was not because of it but Wu Hao detected a very strong receiving signal.

“This should be the direct connection with the signal from a communication satellite. If not, how would it be possible to have such a strong signal strength.” Outside of Earth, in outer space, in addition to phone connections and some signal base stations, other devices wouldn’t be able to directly connect to the satellites.

However, because this laptop of his was a military-level gadget, it of course had the ability to directly receive signal from the satellites. As for the reason why there was no connection, that was mainly because of an absence of open access.

Using his spiritual perception to detect the changes within the laptop, Wu Hao’s heart moved. He didn’t do anything but was able to forcibly connect the satellite signal with the laptop.

Then, his fingers quickly tapped on top of the keyboard for a moment and casually obtained a permanent access. “This should be the so-called hacking technology!” Wu Hao’s mouth raised up, laughing slightly as a result.

This was because he found that it was quite easy to hack other gadgets and obtain the highest authority.

This ability, besides understanding all sorts of magnetic fields and signals with his spiritual perception, there was also knowledge regarding computers which he had never come across before. And just now, he took the opportunity to learn about the knowledge through the Internet.

It was just like a domino effect, as long as he managed to open the main door, the rest like knowledge and information, he could easily understand in little to no time.

“En. Since I can easily gain the access permission of the satellite, if I publish something in the Internet, no one would be able to know that I’m the one who released it right?” Thinking of this, Wu Hao became more excited.

Because if this was the case, he would be able to freely upload all the videos and pictures of rare wild species without having to worry about his identity being leaked!

… …

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