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SBT Chapter 36 – Building a Wooden House

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 036    Building a Wooden House

… …

However, at present, the first thing which Wu Hao wanted to do was to get this little bird a nest first.

With Wu Hao’s current ability, building a nest was just as simple as ABC. He didn’t have to leave his current spot nor use his own hands. With just his spiritual perception, he would be able to detect the branches and leaves in the surrounding area. Using his telekinesis, he would then control them to move all the way until they were in front of him and automatically, a nest would appear before him in no time.

As for the current spiritual perception of Wu Hao, besides able to scan a certain range in circumference, investigating the situation in the surrounding environment; it could also be used like before, acting as his third eye to search for the things that he wanted.

After all, whenever his spiritual perception was activated, what appeared in front of his sight would be endless, a variety of signal waves and also X-ray versions of animals and plants. If he used this for a very long time, it would be very likely for him to suffer from a mental illness!

Therefore, Wu Hao could now could control his spiritual perception very well. Not only could he scan the whole circumference, he could also aim at a specified target.

Just like that, in a period of less than ten seconds, a simple nest was completed by the cliff.

Wu Hao then used his telekinesis to put the baby eagle into the nest. However, this little bird kept chirping non-stop. Seeing this, Wu Hao seemed to understand what it was trying to say.

“It should be hungry right now, I guess!” Wu Hao smiled and leaped forward to fly into the sky, finding some food for it to eat.

The current ability of Wu Hao had increased by a total of ten times. From 1000 kg, it had been enhanced up to 10,000 kg which also meant a force of 10 tons.

Such force is of course extremely powerful; even flying a car would be as easy as playing with a toy for him. Also, his flying speed had also been boasted as a result of his increased strength.

Last time, his top speed was about 200 km/h and his stamina couldn’t last that long. However, now it was totally not the same anymore. According to Wu Hao’s estimation in his heart, his current top speed should reach at least 1000 km/h. Such a speed was comparable to a normal commercial airline, it would be almost close and they could match each other.

Plus, if he maintained such speed in flight, Wu Hao could last for about two hours without any problem. In other words, he could travel within his motherland from the north to the south within a few hours.

Even going overseas would be an easy matter for him. Of course, if he wanted to visit the United States, it would still be a bit troublesome. After all, he could not fly over the whole Pacific Ocean at once. Even if he wanted to do so, he would have to fly along the coast.

Just a few minutes later, Wu Hao reached somewhere a few kilometers away and hunted a hare and pheasant. Then, he returned back to his base.

At a quick speed, he removed all the inner organs of the hare and with a sharp knife, he used his telekinesis to control it, removing all the meat cleanly from the bone.

“En! Feeding this little one, it would be better if I personally do so. Only then would it recognize me.” Thinking of this, Wu Hao immediately gave up the idea of using telekinesis to feed it. From a bag nearby, he took out a pair of chopstick to pick up the hare meat which is still reeked of fresh blood to feed the little young eagle.

To feed this wild animal, he naturally could not clean the meat like he did for himself. After removing the meat, he could directly feed it to the baby eagle. After all, the adult eagle also directly fed the prey it caught without any preparations.

Anyway, Wu Hao didn’t directly use his own hand while handling this hare. Using his telekinesis, he controlled the knife to remove the meat from the bones. All the internal organs were removed too. He didn’t have any plans to feed this little one inner organs. At most, he would only leave out the heart and the liver for it.

“Seems that this little one is hungry then. It seems to have never eaten its fill before!” Watching this little young eagle eat the meat in such violent and energetic manner, Wu Hao somehow found this scene funny and laughed.

However, he didn’t plan to feed it at once until it was full. This was because for this bird which had never eaten until it was full, if he was to feed it too much at once, it would instead do more harm than good.

This principle is the same for humans. If a man hadn’t eaten for one whole day, at first, he should eat a small quantity. If he overate, perhaps he would burst from food. (T/N: Failed logic from author?) (E/N: The author obviously has never had all you can eat korean bbq as a poor college student.)

After he finished feeding this cute chick, Wu Hao looked around the surrounding environment of the platform. Soon, an idea came across his brain.

“Well, from how this platform looks, building a small wooden house is definitely a good idea. After I finish building it, the next time I come back here, I no longer need to bring a lot of stuff.” After he had this epiphany, Wu Hao immediately acted upon it. In fact, this time coming deep into the mountains, he had decided to build a stronghold in the wild.

Thus, this time in addition to buying tableware, he also specifically bought himself a few saws, an axe, and a wood chopper. Even though he had a military knife, using it to chop a tree would be too vexatious. Although he had his telekinesis as an added bonus, chopping down the tree definitely wouldn’t be a problem. However, after such a tedious usage of this military knife, its lifespan would be greatly reduced.

Now, with an axe and a wood chopper, it would be a different scenario here. Whether he wanted a wooden plank or wooden beam, he could definitely use these two tools to make them.

After all, all this work didn’t require him to do it all manually. With his telekinetic ability, he would be able to master the perfect balance of various tools. Since his ability was now ten times stronger, starting this job off was obviously quicker.

Just like that, Wu Hao brought along all of his tools and went to a forest within one of the mountains. There, he found a large tree with a diameter of one meter.

Cutting down this tree, it could directly be made into about one meter long wooden planks. This length of wooden planks were very suitable to be used for the roof and sidewalls.

According to Wu Hao’s plan, he wanted to build a wooden house about 10 square meters. Cutting about three of such trees should be sufficient enough to build the wall, roof, and floor.

After gathering all the needed wooden planks, he just needed to find some smaller trees to use them as support beams.

Wu Hao who already had a plan within his heart, in order to not affect the nearby trees, he was ready to cut the trees from the top.

First, Wu Hao controlled the axe and the wood chopper to remove all the branches of the tree. Then, he used the wood chopper to cut according to specific lengths from the top.

After cutting down three trees at the same time, Wu Hao used this telekinesis to control three saws and simultaneously split the tree into wood planks. This process was without a doubt, less time-consuming.

… …

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