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SBT Chapter 35 – Becoming more powerful

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 035    Becoming more powerful

… …

In addition to perceiving the condition within his own body, the surrounding plants, animals, and how their bodies functioned to absorb nutrients and grow, he could ‘see’ it clearly.

This ability was much better than the most advanced X-ray invented by humankind. Besides animals and plants, even with materials like stones and etc, he could even see their internal structure.

Plants and animals aside, he was even able to sense all the magnetic fields around him, signals and etc which were things not able to be seen by the naked human eyes. (E/N: Looks like we have another Lucy on our hands.)

In today’s Earth, besides those naturally formed magnetic fields, this world was filled with countless wireless signals too. For example, mobile phone signals, satellite signals, and others.

If these signals were all drawn out and mankind was allowed to see them, if you go to any big city, the first thing you would see was definitely not humans but various kinds of signal from the dense magnetic fields.

“Isn’t my current spiritual perception the same as the protagonist from the film with her strange ability?!” After witnessing this world from a different point of view, he felt that the current situation he was like deja vu.

In the story of the film, after the protagonist was able to unlock her brain’s domain to a certain degree, she was able to sense and control the magnetic fields and signals.

Being able to find the signal of information which you want from within the sea of information, this would allow you to control the end terminal of devices from a specific signal. With electronic equipment, within a certain range of the equipment, one would also be able to know about the surroundings as well.

This kind of ability in this world full of electronic appliances and gadgets used by the community, such an ability was never to be described as nothing besides extremely powerful.

This was because as long as the place had signal, you would be able to use those signals, you could link yourself to the end terminal of the signals like mobile phones, televisions, or even other things; you would have the power to control their functions.

If the weapons were controlled electronically, then it will be the same as they could still be controlled by the signals. Such an ability against electronically equipped weapons, it was a total nightmare!

The reason was that in this society and within such an era, whether it was a car, a ship, or an airplane, which one didn’t have any electronic equipment? Excluding the equipment from the olden days which used mechanical power and systems with no electronic usage at all, the latest weapons were all used the electronic technology of which relied on their own satellite control system.

“This……don’t tell me that I have such an overpowered ability?” In order for Wu Hao to test his new ability, his heart was moved and he tested it on the signal coming into the mobile phone of his as experiment. Apparently, he could really rely on the signal waves entering into his own mobile phone’s antenna and control it to on or off.

Wu Hao’s heart was beating fast. He suddenly had this idea to track the end terminal of receiving appliances of the weak signals nearby. The signal which he chose was most likely from the nearby satellite base receiver.

With this trial, he managed to know the limits of his spiritual perception. This was because although he was able to use this signal and track all the way to the receiver signal, somehow the process was very demanding and strenuous. Plus, the current him still wasn’t able to control the equipment from long ranges. At most, he could use this signal to send some information but he definitely couldn’t gain access to control such long distance terminals.

“Seems like I could only use the signals to control the end terminal of the receiver within the range of 1000 meters. However, this ability is still freaking strong!” Very soon, Wu Hao was able to better understand his new spiritual perception’s usage and its limit.

Plus, besides his telekinesis and spiritual perception being enhanced, there was still an additional upgrade. He was now able to recall every scene which he had seen through his eyes ever since birth. Each and every scene clearly appeared within his brain.

“Now I should have obtained an eidetic memory!” Wu Hao couldn’t stop himself from becoming emotional.

This was because when he recalled his memories, it wasn’t only his past experiences but also all the hardship endured by his parents since he was young.

Also, he was able to learn a secret of his family which was recalled from his childhood memory. That secret was that his own sister, Xiaoxiao was not the real daughter given birth to by his parents. Instead, it was when he was still a little kid, his own parents adopted her.

At that time, he was too young to remember and understand such things. With his immature brain, of course he wouldn’t be able to understand the adult’s way of thinking. However, now being able to recall every memory from even the deepest regions of his brain, it was as if he was watching a very long documentary film about his life of 20 years. Naturally, with the memory from the childhood which he didn’t understand at that time, the current him definitely understood everything.

However, after he learned such an event which actually couldn’t be considered a secret, he had no intentions to inform that his sister nor parents. Instead, doing so would only make his sister feel awkward and wouldn’t benefit his family at all. Moreover, although she was not his true sister, he would still treat her like usual and definitely wouldn’t be changing any attitudes towards her.

After recalling all of the past experiences, Wu Hao no longer thought much about it. He turned his head and looked at the two young eagles while he showed a smile, “Since you have taken my hare, then I will help you take care of this little cutie and raise it well!”

Directly using his telekinesis, he controlled the small young eagle’s body and together they left the cave. In just a single breath, both of them safely arrived at the other side of the mountain where the platform was located.

The moment when Wu Hao left with the smaller young eagle, the adult guardian golden eagle naturally noticed his actions. Besides crying a few times, it didn’t go to stop him. This was because it knew that such actions would be futile.

However, when Wu Hao left the cave, the golden eagle immediately flew back to the side of the nest. Besides chirping a few times, it didn’t do anything. This was because in the nest, there was still the bigger and stronger young eagle.

“Well, I should make you a nest!” Inspecting the surrounding of the platform, Wu Hao picked a nice spot.

He intended to build a nest in the innermost region of the nearby cliff. Also, Wu Hao was proud of himself for finding this platform as a base for his camp. This was indeed a very good location.

Besides animals like birds and snakes, other animals simply wouldn’t come near such a place. Furthermore, a few hundred meters away, there was a large pond too. Since this place was a remote location, usually there wouldn’t be any humans coming to such an area. Under careful planning and construction, this spot was definitely a good one for a basecamp.

There was also one very important factor which was that this spot was capable of receiving network signal. Such a factor alone was already a sufficient reason to make this spot a long-term stronghold.

… …

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