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SBT Chapter 34 – An astonishing stone

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 034    An astonishing stone

* Correction for the last paragraph of previous chapter (My bad, I was drunk while translating.)

“Seems that I have to clean up these pile of stones outside first.” Thinking of this, Wu Hao didn’t delay any longer and started working. It was because this little stone made him feel something special; plus within his heart there was an intense urge.

… …

The stones accumulated in the innermost region of the cave weren’t large. The largest one only weighed hundreds of kilograms. All these stones were within the range Wu Hao’s telekinesis could affect.

Because this area wasn’t a habitation for human, even if the stones were thrown from the nearly thousand meter high cliff, it wouldn’t cause any harm at all.

As a result, the stone piles within the cave, one by one the stones were thrown out of the cliff.

Within a period of a few minutes, the stone piles within the cave were all cleared up by Wu Hao with his telekinesis.

However, such actions actually consumed one third of Wu Hao’s energy. Although the cave itself wasn’t that deep nor large, besides the little gap at the upper part, the other part was basically blocked by stones.

Therefore, the amount of work needed for such actions was still a lot. If it were ordinary people working, perhaps it would require then several days to accomplish the task.

After clearing the stones from the innermost region, the little black stone which was previously blocked by the stones flew straight towards Wu Hao.

However, the moment this black stone came into contact with his skin, Wu Hao’s face immediately changed!

“FML! What is this toy?!” Feeling that the black stone within his hand was sticking to his skin tightly as if his hand was absorbing it, at the same time, there were waves of intense pain which definitely caught Wu Hao off guard.

This black stone’s strange and formidable power exceeded Wu Hao’s own estimations. As Wu Hao was having this thought, in a flash, his consciousness was gone as his brain couldn’t accept the energy brought by the strange stone, causing him to fall down, lying on the cave ground.

And the black stone which tightly stuck itself onto Wu Hao’s hand began to undergo a drastic change. Originally, this stone which was black like carbon, gradually became red enough to be seen with the naked eye. At the same time, it also slowly began to melt.

However, Wu Hao whose consciousness couldn’t withstand the abrupt energy flowing from the stone, had fainted. Of course he wouldn’t know the scene that was happening right now.

Even now, Wu Hao’s body started to gradually turn red. Boundless energy which was like a flood began to rush forward from the melting stone within his hand, travelling along the cells of Wu Hao’s body all the way up to his brain non stop.

And this process had lasted for a full duration of half an hour and yet, there was still no sign of stopping. However, the piece of stone which now looked like molten iron had melted quite a bit.

From the rate of the melting, to completely melt such a strange stone, it would probably take another few hours to do so.

At this time, the golden eagle who kept circling outside the cave, noticed Wu Hao who was motionless, it landed outside the cave and kept staring in the direction of Wu Hao.

A few minutes later, seeing Wu Hao not show any signs of movement, its courage also started to build up. It immediately grabbed the hare which Wu Hao left at the side and and fed it to the two young eagles in the nest.

However, because of the size difference between these two young eagles, the smaller one couldn’t give into fight at all to its bigger sized brother. Finally, only after the bigger one finished its meal, only then did it have the opportunity to eat the hare.

It was just that at this time, the whole hare no longer had much meat. Thus, it could only eat a few bits of meat and had to live with it. It was helpless and began to chirp non stop.

As for the golden eagle,  after it finished feeding the young eagles, it started to clean up the remains of the hare and then flew off the mountain wall. From the beginning to the end, it didn’t bother at all with Wu Hao. Although he was now on the ground motionless, his body was brimming in red light which make it fear and dared to not approach him mindlessly.

However, this golden eagle didn’t leave but went to the nearby mountain wall to scout and patrol.

For Golden eagles, when raising their kids, usually one of them would stay at the nest while the other one would go hunting. Then, they would alternate in between turns.

While hunting, they would first devour the captured prey, leaving only a small part of it to feed the kids.

This was because an adult golden eagle couldn’t carry heavy prey while flying. Unless it was small prey like a hare, they could only eat a huge part of the captured prey before bringing the remains back to their lair.

Just like that, a peaceful two hours passed by. Within one of Wu Hao’s hand, the mysterious stone shrank down to about the size of two fingers.

At this moment, at a distance away, another adult golden eagle carrying an incomplete goat flew back to the nest. With a scream, it was as if communicating with the other golden eagle which had left the nest just now. Then, it stared at Wu Hao who was in the innermost part of the cave.

However, sensing a biological feeling of danger, it also didn’t dare to confront Wu Hao and began feeding the two young eagles.

Of course, instead of saying feeding two young eagles, it would be more accurate to say that it was feeding just one.

For the smaller young eagle, besides eating two little bits, the meat was monopolised by its bigger brother.

Like what was mentioned before, the adult golden eagle didn’t care much about this. After all, this was the natural law of survival. With their intelligence, they couldn’t manage to fairly divide the spoils amongst the two young eagles.

After all, even though they were the top predators in the sky, of course they wouldn’t be able to hunt enough food every day. Thus, under normal conditions, usually if a golden eagle hatched more than one, only one young eagle would survive until the very end.

Time flew by. After around more than one hour, the stone within Wu Hao’s hand completely disappeared. At this moment, Wu Hao’s entire body also gradually stopped undergoing changes. Like before, the body systems and blood flow were restored back to homeostatis.

After Wu Hao’s whole body restored back to normal, Wu Hao’s consciousness also came back. “Such a magical feeling!” Regaining his consciousness, he opened his eyes slowly and at that time, he felt all sorts of weird changes that occurred in his body.

At the same time, the whole situation from before, started to play like a film within his mind.

“What exactly was this strange stone? It could actually make my telekinesis and spiritual perception improve at such a monstrous rate.” Wu Hao stood up and exclaimed in surprise.

From the scene in his mind, he knew everything which had occurred in his body before and from the surroundings. This also made him understand the changes that were in his body. However, in regards to the disappeared black stone, he still couldn’t identify the identity of the stone.

In summary, with the changes in Wu Hao currently, his abilities and physical fitness levels had been enhanced by ten times compared to before the stone.

Besides a wider range and improved strength of telekinesis, there was no other change.

However, when comparing his spiritual perception the before the stone, it had became strange. Wu Hao’s spiritual perception not only increased in its coverage area, he could also detect all sort of changes occurring within the organisms surrounding him.

For example, he could clearly sense how the organs within his body worked and how the blood moved within the vessels. Besides that, he could also detect the harmful substances within his body.

Not only being able to perceive, he could also control the cells within his body to start working in eliminating the unwanted materials within his body; in essence clearing them out. Also, his metabolism became stronger by several times compared to before.

… …

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