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SBT Chapter 33 – Two young birds

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 033    Two young birds

… …

Reaching the back of the mountains, Wu Hao didn’t spend much time to stumble across two hares weighing a full ten catties each.

As for these wild little hares, with Wu Hao’s ability, he could naturally control them with ease, making them unable to move. He didn’t need any weapons to kill them.

One hare that weighed ten catties was already sufficient to last a whole day. Thus, it wasn’t necessary for him to hunt for more prey. Even if he did so, it would just end up being a waste.

After capturing two fat meaty hares, soon Wu Hao reached a small stream. One of them was washed and prepared by Wu Hao and the remaining hare was just killed without any preparation.

After he finished dealing with the hares, Wu Hao then flew back to the platform at the cliff. In order to avoid dealing with the early morning fog, since yesterday evening, Wu Hao had already prepared a large pile of firewood which was sufficient enough to last for a few meals.

“En! It has been quite a while since I’ve eaten roasted meat. This rabbit, I’m going to roast it then!” When he was at home, the hares he hunted were all used to make meat stew. Thus, this time he wanted to change his food preparation.

To start a fire was very simple for Wu Hao. He didn’t even have to use his own hands to do so. By just using his telekinesis, one pile of firewood beside him began to light up in flames.

A lighter in the bag flew towards the firewood at a high speed. After igniting the leaves and firewood, the little fire gradually began to grow bigger.

After successfully starting the fire, various spices were spread all over the hare. Like before, without his hands, the whole body of the hare fully covered with spices automatically flew on top of the fire and it slowly rotated while being roasted.

This was simply too convenient, even much easier than a roasting machine. Now, he had trained to the stage where he could easily use his telekinesis to control many items at once. While watching the fire, he rotated the hare without any sweat. This job was just a piece of cake.

Time quickly passed by. The golden hare which had been kept roasting had finally been successfully cooked. However this hare, even after skin and bone removal, still had around four to five catties of meat remaining. Wu Hao definitely couldn’t not finish all of that at once.

Thus, he took out a knife and divided it into half to keep it inside a pressure cooker. This would become a readied meal for him to eat at noon.

“Alright, now it’s time to go the other side and search for the eagle nest!” After satisfying his appetite, he carried along the other hare and flew to the opposite side of the mountain.

His current telekinetic ability allowed him to control up to 1000kg. Even if he was really unable and had to encounter attacks from such a large bird, he would still be able to handle it. In fact, bird predator like eagles actually weren’t that powerful strength-wise. Instead, their advantage was their sharp claws and hard strong beak.

Sure enough, when he arrived at the opposite side, a large bird noticed him and stared at him. It then began to scream as a sign of warning to Wu Hao of a potential confrontation.

“This eagle’s nest is really close by!” Watching this scene, Wu Hao’s mind became more determined now.

Facing the about to come attack from the eagle, he was not panicked at all. When the opposition was approaching him, his telekinesis immediately took control of the bird’s body; hovering it in the air for a few laps.

This large bird that was over two meters in size, facing such sudden attack on itself, was definitely startled. However, it didn’t give up at all. After being forcefully hovered around for a few laps in the air, it tried hard using its wing to stabilize its posture and began its counterattack again.

“Wow, such strong determination!” Watching this bird starting to attack him again, Wu Hao knew that one lesson was not enough for this foe to quit.

Only by doing this a few more times would this foe start to become afraid, begin to quit, and stop attacking again.

Therefore, Wu Hao immediately repeated his attack. Again, he used his ability to take control of its body and shuttle it in the sky for a few laps. After experiencing another lesson from Wu Hao, this eagle obviously began to feel some fear. Only after it stabilized its body, it just flew around Wu Hao and didn’t attack him.

“Hehe! Little guy, I won’t do anything to do; I only want to take some photos of you!” Wu Hao shook his head while laughing. He no longer bothered about this eagle anymore.

And at this time, Wu Hao was finally able to find the eagle’s nest at this huge mountain wall.

This was a cave located about fifty meters from the hilltop of a cliff. This cave was not huge, only about three meters in diameter. In the furthest reaches of the cave, there was a large messy pile of stones.

Outside the pile of stones was a large eagle nest. In the nest, there were two young eagles; one large, one small . This small pitiable bird was constantly being harassed by the bigger one.

“There really are two young eagles! However, from the current situation, if this continued, this small bird most likely won’t be able to survive.” Watching the scene in the nest, Wu Hao suddenly recalled a documentary about this case.

In nature, when the female eagle hatched more than one egg, usually only one would survive.

This was because during feeding session, a vast majority of the food would be obtained by the large one. Since the other young eagles couldn’t eat much, the gap between them would only grow bigger and bigger.

Over time, the weakling will be pecked by the strong one until death or was forced off the cliff.

“Look at this bird’s size and color, it should be a golden eagle. Since this little guy will have an inevitable fate if it continues staying here, why don’t I just adopt it myself! This rabbit will be your adoption fee then!” Wu Hao looked at the bird outside, hovering around the cave.

Although he had no experience at all in raising an eagle, he could still slowly learn it! As for eagles, if you start taking care of them when they’re young, when they grows up they would to listen to the commands from its master.

However, it is still quite rare to encounter anyone who would keep this large predator, like a golden eagle, as pet.

After looking at these young eagles, Wu Hao started to feel curious and inspected the messy heap of stones.

“Yi! Inside, there should still be something.” Using his spiritual perception for a careful investigation, he began to fly in that direction.

The length in this cave in total was less than ten meters. The deeper the cave, the smaller its diameter. However, this was not the most important thing. The main point was here, he stumbled upon a black stone which was about half the size of a fist.

And this black stone gave him a very special feeling. As for what was so special about it, Wu Hao couldn’t explain. In short, this stone was not a typical stone.

Since most of the space was occupied and blocked by stones, Wu Hao could only use his telekinesis to bring out the black stone from the innermost region.

“Seems like I have to settle the matter outside too.” Thinking of this, Wu Hao instantly flew back to the outer region of the cave. Holding the stone, it didn’t only give him a very special feeling but also in his heart, there was this strong desire to get stronger.

… …

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