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SBT Chapter 32 – Hawk

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8-lupe


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Chapter 032    Hawk

… …

These two big outdoor backpacks contained all the stuff which Wu Hao bought during his time in Macao. The luxury outdoor equipment, tent, computer, navigation system, camera, and also several backup batteries.

In addition to these things, Wu Hao also brought along a lot of cooking utensils.

These tools were all bought by him during the day in the town. There were cutlery, pressure cooker, wok, saucepan and etc. plus, Wu Hao even bought a small bag of 20kg rice.

This time, his visit to the mountain was entirely different than last time. The previous trip was entirely just to find herbs so he only carried convenient food like biscuits etc. however, this time around, Wu Hao intended to enjoy himself and make some good explorations in this mountain trip. He wasn’t in a rush anyway. Thus, he would go as far as he could with his preparations.

He completely considered this adventure as a picnic in a primitive jungle. He even brought along a set of pots and pans.

These tools weren’t expensive. Thus, he didn’t intend to bring them back after using them.

Now it was already nearing the year’s end, November. The weather had begun to get colder. In the mountains at night, the temperature naturally dropped even lower.

Wu Hao took those few large packages, left the town, and entered the mountain range. After ensuring that nobody was around, he just waved his hand and all the packages were floating alongside him. Then, he began to speed up into the depths of the forest.

“It’s not that bad here. I’ll set up my camp here for several days then!” After about two hours later, Wu Hao had already entered the depths of the mountains. When he was nearing the edge of a cliff, he stopped there. Here, it was surrounded by several mountains, plus there wasn’t any touristy attraction spots nearby. The other reason he chose this spot was that normally, no beast would come to such a cliff side.

Coupled with the fact that the stone platform there wasn’t small, it was almost twenty square feet. To set up his tent, place the tools, and etc., it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Of course the most important factor here was that here, he was able to receive network signal. Although the signal strength was poor, it could at least barely manage to stay connected.

Wu Hao didn’t only subscribe a phone package with lots of data. He also prepared himself a wireless card for his outdoor laptop. Last trip, he didn’t bring his laptop but this time around, he made sure that he brought along every piece of equipment which he had purchased.

After all, this time, he was going to stay in the mountains for quite some time. According to his original plan, in addition to his little tour of the Qinling mountains, he also intended to take this opportunity to have a look at the Shenlongjia Nature Reserve.

Regarding Shenlongjia, there were several legends about it. Since long ago, Wu Hao had already yearned to visit such a place. From the Qinling mountains to Shenlongjia, the distance wasn’t that far. If you traveled in a straight line, they were about 200 km apart. For such a distance, Wu Hao only needed a few hours to fly there.

“Bro, where are you now? What place are you planning to go to?!” The moment Wu Hao’s phone received signal, he saw the text message from his sister.

As regarding the matter of this trip, Wu Hao of course told it to his sister. When Wu Xiaoxiao heard her brother going for a trip in the wild, she was somehow joyful yet envious.

If not because of her need to attend school, she definitely would have pestered him to bring her along. However, Wu Hao as of now, couldn’t bring anyone along into the mountains. After all, the way he entered the mountains was too abnormal!

“Now, I have reached Changan. Tomorrow, I’ll most likely enter the mountains.” Wu Hao replied back.

After replying to his sister, Wu Hao also gave Li Xiaoyun some text message. However, Wu Hao left out the fact about him coming here to play. Instead, he only told her that he was going to travel for some time.

After chatting for a few minutes, Wu Hao closed his Wechat. This was because the signal reception here was really really bad. One short message would need at least a dozen second to send.

“Let’s try the computer signal then!” Wu Hao’s heart moved. He suddenly thought of the Dell outdoor laptop which he bought.

At the time of purchase, the sales staff had told him that this laptop specialised in signal reception and was able to adapt in a variety of harsh environments. The battery lifespan was also durable and compared to ordinary laptops, they were like the difference between heaven and hell.

As for the durable battery, Wu Hao had already tested it himself. From the time he bought it, he didn’t charge the laptop at all although he did use it for quite some time. It wasn’t until yesterday that he had to recharge the laptop’s battery. In addition to the laptop’s own power supply, he also specifically purchased an external backup battery.

“This computer signal is definitely stronger than my phone!” After booting up the laptop, Wu Hao casually opened the web browser and began to search for information from the Internet.

Since several days ago when Wu Hao’s ability no longer grew, he had stopped practising day and night. After all, his cycle of practice could only help him reinstate his power at a faster rate. Even if he did n’t breath by using the special technique, his power’s ability could slowly recover by itself. Since Wu Hao couldn’t improve his ability now, and now that he had extra time, Wu Hao used that time to search for something else.

Compared  to ordinary people, his memory had at least doubled or even more. Even his comprehending and learning curve were also in a similar case. If he had such a monstrous learning ability previously, perhaps he would now be in a top-tier university.

However, now with a strong learning curve and the fact that he had a lot of free time, Wu Hao intended to learn something which grabbed his interest.

As for the thing which Wu Hao was most interested in now, was a hacking ability. But, it was just that Wu Hao was a complete newbie in this field. Although Wu Hao now had an enhanced learning ability, to enter the world of the hacker community, he dared not to imagine how long it would take!

The following morning, Wu Hao stood next to the camp near the cliff and carefully looked around the environment.

From the current mountain where he stood to the flat land, there were a distance of more than a hundred meters. As for the opposite of where he was standing, there was a wall of mountains which looked as if they had been sliced with a knife, this mountain wall was even taller by hundreds of meters.

“This canyon definitely isn’t small!” Wu Hao looked down at the endless canyon. Although the fog prevented him from seeing the bottom of the canyon and specific details, he still knew that this canyon definitely wasn’t small.

And at that time, the sound of a hawk was echoing all over the canyon. Looking at the direction where the sound of the hawk came from, Wu Hao immediately saw a hawk flying to the other direction.

“It seems that the cliff across from here should be the nest of the hawk. I’m not sure whether there are any young hawks there.” Wu Hao’s mind moved. Suddenly, a slight interest came into his heart.

Last time due to him rushing, he didn’t have any time to search for this predator. Now since he had a lot of time to spend, he naturally wanted to have a better look at this unique predator. It would be even better if he managed to raise one.

From the visual he saw just now, Wu Hao thought that this hawk was definitely quite large in size. Although he wasn’t sure about the specific species of this hawk, from the look of its body, it shouldn’t be an ordinary one. The possibility for a rare one was quite high.

However, Wu Hao didn’t immediately fly to search for the nest. Instead, he flew to the rear of the mountain. He decided to hunt for two wild animals first before making any moves.

One was for him to fill his belly while the other one was of course for him to use as bait.

… …

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