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SBT Chapter 31 – Going to the forest for a trip! [Fifth night]

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 031    Going to the forest for a trip! [Fifth night]

… …

These days in his home, Wu Hao would spend his free time wandering around in the inner regions of the mountain behind his home. And yeah, it wasn’t anything to mention that these places had nothing interesting.

However, here you could at least find some wild hares roaming around. In fact for the past ten years, the government had begun to take preventive measures to restore the forest which had been used for agriculture purposes.

The original land which used to be plantation sites had been replanted back with new trees. With the reforestation process in effect, wild hares also began to flourish in this area.

In many rural areas of China, even where there wad no high altitude places like mountain etc, as long as there were some areas with lots of trees and rarely had humans go to such places, with just some clips and a cheap net, almost every few days you would be able to collect your harvest.

Especially with a mist net. It was used to capture those creatures which can fly like birds. As long as they could fly, when they get themselves tangled in the net, it was almost an impossible feat to escape anymore.

Not to mention ordinary birds, even the eagles which are larger in size could be captured too.

Moreover, whenever you captured an eagle, it would always come in a package of two. Sometimes if you were lucky, you can even harvest three to four eagles at once.

This was because eagles loved to travel in a family (E/N: A group of eagles is called a convocation); two youngling and two adults.

Plus these kind of birds, like the eagle; they are very intelligent. When they see their companions being trapped, they would definitely want to rescue them which ends up getting themselves trapped in the net too.

These mist nets are the nemesis of birds. The more the bird tries to struggle with their wings, the more they get tangled in the middle of the net.

Thus, as long as there was a bird entering the net, it could only helplessly wait for its death.

This piece of land which Wu Hao contracted could be considered the peripheral region of the Qinling mountains. The mountain behind his home, a lot of them still haven’t been explored yet so you could still find quite the number of wild animals there in their natural habitat.

However, besides birds and wild hares, the other animals like wild boars were quite rarely encountered. After all, there was no ‘retard’ who dared to provoke these wild animals.

Not to mention a wild boar, even a large pig with 100kg in weight, if it has been provoked, no one would be able to subdue its rampage.

But since Wu Hao had his ability, he was able to provide his family extra meat with his harvest. Every other day, he would return back home with one or two boars. This harvest was definitely enough for the whole family to enjoy a joyous meal. (TLN: All these just to explain his ‘hunting’ ability which he mentioned in previous chapter)

Although Wu Hao’s harvest wasn’t much, in the eyes of the villagers, it was already an incredible feat.

Subsequently, after Wu Hao gave a very good explanation and assurances, his parents finally reluctantly agreed to his wish to backpack with others in the mountains.

After getting their approval, early morning the next day, Wu Hao brought two huge backpacks and drove to the town. As for the matter regarding the villa’s construction, Wu Hao just entrusted this job to his father to take care of.

As for the mountain, Wu Hongguo naturally would find people to take care of it. A few days ago, Wu Hao had saved five million for his parents.

As for the money which he obtained through selling the wild ginsengs, Wu Hao had already explained it to his parents. Anyway, his parents were able to accept these facts from him. At most, he would just underreport by just stating tens of thousand to his parents for them to be familiar with such amount.

Plus since the time when he won the ‘jackpot’, when he later told his parents about the sale of the wild ginsengs, although his parents were still surprised, they were now able to quickly accept it.

And of course, they were more than glad to keep the five million which Wu Hao gave them. But, this money was kept by them for Wu Hao’s future marriage instead.

Of course, Wu Hao completely ignored the matter of marriage. Even if he really wanted to marry a wife, there was no need for his parents to save any money for him at all!

This time, Wu Hao didn’t intend to park his car in the previous town. Instead, he drove his car out of the province and arrived at a small town which was just a short distance away from the Qinling mountains.

This little town was obviously not large. There were only two small hotels in the town. As for Wu Hao travelling from his home to this town, he only spent about two hours to reach it.

Because his home was located within the borders of the Sichuan and Shaanxi province, if the distance was measured in straight line, with just ten kilometers you would reach either one of them.

However, in reality, the road was completely different especially in the region in Sichuan. The roads there would constantly bend here and there like a maze. Even the places that were just a few kilometers away, travelling by car on such roads will eventually increase the distance to dozens of kilometers.

Comparing Sichuan roads to the northern parts of China, the roads were like hell and heaven! In most parts of northern China especially the town areas, the roads there were all straight.

Especially in the big cities, if there was no need for you to turn onto other roads, even if you traveled dozens of kilometers, the road will lead you straight into the destination. In other words, there was no need for you to play around with the steering wheel at all!

However when you reached the areas within Sichuan and Chongqing, if you were a newcomer and don’t use the navigation device to guide you, it would be very unlikely for you to reach your destination! The complicated bridges and highway, no need to mention about outsiders, even the locals might sometimes get themselves lost if they weren’t careful.

“Boss, I will park my car here. Most likely I won’t be back for one or two months. Yea, I will have to trouble you here to take a good care of it!” Only when the the sky was getting darker, Wu Hao checked out from his room while giving ten red to the hotel’s boss.

“Don’t worry, young one. You can rest assured that I will strictly take good care of your car’s safety here.” The hotel’s boss showed a bright smile looking at the tips she received.

The most expensive room in her hotel only costed 68 per night. As for the parking spaces, there were still a lot of empty lots. Even here, usually not many people would park here.

Therefore, the tips given by Wu Hao for parking his car here was definitely a huge amount of profit!

In fact, when Wu Hao reached this small town, he already attracted a lot of attention from the people who just passed by. After all, the external look of Wu Hao’s G500 looked so badass and mighty.

Forget about these few small towns, even in certain big cities, such domineering models were rarely seen on the road.

Of course, if it was in the coastal regions like Guangdong, things will be different. In such cities, you could easily see cars worth millions pass by the road every ten minutes.

After asking for the favor of the hotel’s boss to take care of his car, Wu Hao casually carried his two giant backpacks and an ordinary travel luggage, leaving the town.

… …

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