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SBT Chapter 30 – What is backpacker? [Fourth night]

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 030    What is backpacker? [Fourth night]

… …

In a blink of an eye, one week had passed. For the whole week, Wu Hao didn’t stay at his old home the whole day. Instead, he went to the city to visit a company which specialised in herbal plantations. There, he ordered a batch of herbs and fruit seedlings.

Ordering such things was definitely for the plantation on the mountain land which he contracted. However, to settle this huge piece of land wasn’t something which could be done in a few days.

Fortunately, Wu Hao had no intentions to make money by planting these things. Planting fruit trees was just to add some variety to the land surrounding the new villa.

As for planting herbs, he was just trying his luck. As long as the seedlings have been planted, not much care would be needed to be given to them.

Regarding the family crop and the seven to eight big pigs which they reared, Wu Hao let his parents to settle them. As for their harvest this year, Wu Hao had nothing to say about it. One thing which he was very sure of, that from next year onwards, he wouldn’t let his parents do such hard work anymore.

After all, not only fieldwork could not earn much but it was also very tiring too. For a family to raise seven to eight pigs, this was not an easy feat. Everyday, they would need to spend a lot of time feeding the pigs. Usually, it would take at least a half day’s time to do so.

But these few fat pigs were easy to be settled. This was because these pigs were about to be ready to be sold. Even the smallest one already reached about 180kg.

Currently, two of those pigs had been slaughtered. Their meats were used as the daily meals for the workers in the construction team. From Wu Hao’s estimation, by the time the new villa was completely built, all the pigs would most likely have been slaughtered for food.

Until the new year arrived, his parents would be able to officially stop doing all the field work. As long as they spent some time supervising the orchard and planting some plants, their job will be done.

After all, Wu Hao’s parents have been doing farm work all year round. Plus with their poor lifestyle in a rural area, any little activity could easily trigger illness for them.

Perhaps his own parents had already gotten used to such a lifestyle, they were able to be completely relaxed and comfortably lived through such days!

Now, Wu Hao’s telekinesis had also stopped growing. His telekinetic strength had halted at the border of around 1000kg.

At present, the situation in his home could be considered cleared. Regarding the matter of the cement road to his village, the construction had finally been completed two days ago. The villa was still in the middle of construction and under the command of his father, many villagers had been hired to clear off the mountain land which he contracted.

“Dad, mom! I intend to travel for some time with my friends.” That day after dinner, Wu Hao told his plans to his parents.

“Going out with friends? You already have a girlfriend?” Once Wu Hongguo heard the statement from Wu Hao, he was a bit curious.

“Son, why do you wait till now before telling your family that you already have a girlfriend? Who is she?” Hearing such a thing, Wu Hao’s mother was very happy.

After all, Wu Hao had graduated from his tertiary education (university). He was now over 20 years old. However since then, they had never heard him mention anything about him being in a relationship.

“Mom, not a girlfriend! I’m just going out for a trip to the mountains with several backpackers.” Wu Hao bitterly replied. He was now single. Although during the trips in recent days, he had the chance to get closer to two girls, that didn’t mean they were at the stage to be in any relationship.

The one whom he had brushed up with on the bus, Qin Sisi, besides the early few days when they still kept in touch in Wechat and QQ, they hadn’t been contacting each other in recent days.

However, whenever Wu Hao opened the social media site page, he would still be able to update himself on the latest developments of her life.

Qin Sisi was an impeccable beauty. Within her circle of friends, whenever there was any status updates or new photos uploaded, the comments below would be very long.

Wu Hao would occasionally look at her latest developments (E/N: He’s such a creeper). He would only casually look and as for the comments below, he wouldn’t bother with them. As for private messaging her, he would naturally wouldn’t do such things.

This was because Wu Hao didn’t have any intentions to become closer with her. After all, they only had a very little contact between each other. Even though both had the other’s Wechat, they could at most be considered good online friends!

As for the other one Li Xiaoyun who he had some contact with, he was more familiar with this girl.The main reason, it was something easy to guess. Wu Hao had given her hundreds of thousands of fees to be her sugar daddy!

Even at later times, Wu Hao did have some contact with her and explained to her several times that the money was considered as a loan. He told her not to worry much about it but her response really made him speechless. No matter how he persuaded her, she kept insisting that the promise which she had made, she would naturally fulfil her duty!

Facing such a situation, what can Wu Hao say to her anymore! He could only act accordingly by following the flow. Although Li Xiaoyun could be considered a beauty too, Wu Hao still didn’t have that kind of feeling being in love with her. Perhaps the sugar daddy matter was the culprit of all this!

Of course, to talk about his feelings was a different matter! He still had some but that was just the normal male hormone secretion.

No matter what, this girl was a beauty who took the initiative to offer herself to be a sugar baby. To say that Wu Hao wasn’t feeling anything in his heart was naturally a lie. He wasn’t a eunuch so how could he not have any reactions to a beauty!

But it was clear that he was just taking advantage of someone’s difficulties. When Wu Hao thought of this, he still couldn’t make himself do it.

Plus with the fact that he didn’t go to the city these past several days, he naturally couldn’t do anything like dating or etc.

However, Li Xiaoyun would always send him a text message. The content was very simple; the usual common greetings, goodnight etc.

Wu Hongguo and Zhang Huilan were feeling strange when they heard that this was not his girlfriend. “Backpackers? What backpackers?”

“Backpackers! They’re a group of like-minded friends who are invited together to go on a wild adventure!” Wu Hao replied.

Of course, Wu Hao himself actually didn’t quite understand what these backpackers were all about. His intention to go to the mountains was true but he was planning to go alone.

Although there were quite a few forum networks and sites about these backpackers, Wu Hao didn’t bother much with them. After all, to survive in the wild was not something which he needed to worry about.

Instead of saying he was exploring in the wild, it would be a more accurate statement to say he was going to the wild for a vacation!

When Wu Hongguo and Zhang Huilian heard such words from Wu Hao, they naturally understood their son’s intention to explore deep in the mountains. However, deep in the mountains, it was a very dangerous place. Let’s not mention other places. Even the mountain near their house, if they were to casually explore it, the risk of danger it posed was extremely high.

Although in the mountain, there were no ferocious beasts like tigers, there were still the presence of wild boars there. If you were without any weapons when you encountered a large wild boar, then the risk of danger would be quite high.

“Why do you want to go the mountain out of nowhere?! That place is not somewhere that you can casually go!” Zhang Huilan complained.

Once Wu Hao heard that, he knew that if he didn’t come up with a reasonable excuse, he would certainly not be able to go.

“Mom, rest assured! I’m going with a group of people, I’m not going alone. Plus, we will only explore the edge of the mountain and not deep inside the mountain.”

“Also, regarding my ‘hunting’ ability, you must have seen them already. As long as I’m careful and pay close attention, there won’t be any problems.”

… …

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