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SBT Chapter 3 – Method of earning money

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 003    Method of earning money

…  …

After personally seeing his dad off to the station, Wu Hao went back to the company’s construction site.

Of course, when his dad was about to leave, Wu Hao forcefully stuffed the 5000 Yuan compensation from his company into his dad’s bag.

Either way he did not have any intention to continue in the company any longer. This was because even though he had passed his internship period, the monthly salary was only 3000 Yuan.  If it was before he received his powers could still resignedly accept it.

But now he had such an abnormal telekinesis ability, why should he still work for them? He would be better off doing something else than staying in the company, and receiving the fixed salary!

Of course, he won’t do anything illegal.

What are his options with the power of  telekinetically  controlling  300kg in a 30 meters radius? There are many  answers. The most direct would be going to mountain and doing some hunting or finding rare medicinal ingredients which can be sold at high price.

Being able to control 300 kg’s of weight, Wu Hao believed that even if he entered a deserted mountain, it wouldn’t be dangerous for him.

After all, he was able to control his own body so that he can fly.

Although his telekinesis could only last for about an hour, as long as he used the telekinesis on his body efficiently, he would be able to travel back and forth in the mountain with ease.

Furthermore, he had the spiritual perception range of 30 meters. If there was any danger, he would be able to discover it before it could cause harm.

However, till now he had not been able to experience the fun of flying. Because of his stay in hospital, even he wanted to test also he couldn’t carry it out.

He just used his telekinesis to float his own body and hovered for a while. This was only carried out when his dad and the nurses were not around.

Since he had telekinesis and spiritual perception, he could just leisurely go to the mountain to hunt animals and gather valuable herbs.

However, with these abilities, there was one more much simpler and quicker method. That was to gamble.

Because he had the magical spiritual perception to cheat, as long as he activated his ability, all objects within 30 meters will be under his command.

Even if it was separated by wall or blocked by other objects, he would still be able to perceive the situation clearly.

Of course, his spiritual perception was not a see through ability. It can only see through hollow objects. For example, what’s inside a lid or the situation in a room.

A see through ability was different. See through ability can instantly see what is inside an object. Even a solid rock, its internal structure will be able to be seen.

Wu Hao’s spiritual perception was not able to do so. His kind of ability was like installing surveillance camera which covered 30 meters and was able to survey from any point of view.

In the hospital, using his spiritual perception, he had seen a lot of scenes which he shouldn’t have. For example, when the nurses were changing their clothes, he was able to observe everything thanks to his ability.

But he wasn’t trying to peep, it’s just that once he used this ability, the entire situation within his range is seen.

As a result, he had a vague guilt at first regarding the accidental peeping. Afterwards having kept accidentally peeping on the nurses, he no longer had any feelings about it anymore. He felt that it was similar to God’s omniscient point of view, this kind of situation would be common.

Moreover, living in the hospital, there were not as many beauties as one would expect based on certain ‘adult sources’. If he kept on using his spiritual perception randomly, it will actually bring danger of polluting his eyes instead. Thus, under normal circumstances, he would not use his ability.

“Wu Hao, this time you were too careless to cause such injury. Next time be extra careful. This time you were considered lucky. Since, you have finished your internship period here. Work hard at the company and don’t burden your mind too much.” The manager of the department Zhou Tao, who is charge of Wu Hao, told him so.

“Thanks for your concern, Manager Zhou. However, the reason I  looked for Manager Zhou today is to hand in my letter of resignation.” Wu Hao was somewhat grateful to Zhou Tao. During his internship period, Zhou Tao did not cause any difficulties for his interns but instead taught them a lot regarding their roles.

Such a working environment was hard to find nowadays. Most of the bosses and managers would always blame the juniors, scold and berate them. As if they were going to take time and  teach anything to the juniors.

“You want to resign? I thought you were doing great here during the internship. Why did you suddenly think of resigning? Is it because the compensation for your injury was too little?” Hearing Wu Hao’s request to resign, Zhou Tao asked for the reason.

From Zhou Tao’s opinion, the compensation for Wu Hao’s injury for just 5000 Yuan was indeed too little.

However, Wu Hao was still an intern at the time of injury. Being paid fully for his medical bill by the company and also receiving 5000 Yuan compensation is considered quite a good policy.

“No manager. That’s not the reason why I want to resign. I think this job just doesn’t suit me, I want to go back to my hometown and try my luck there.” Wu Hao just randomly threw out a reason.

“Ah! If it’s like that, I won’t persuade you any longer. Wish you all the best then!” Zhou Tao, after hearing his reason, was shocked for a moment and then replied with a smile.

He could guess that Wu Hao was just making up a random reason. Since Wu Hao already had his own plan, Zhou Tao naturally wouldn’t force him to stay. Besides, he had already said what he could, and the final decision was up to Wu Hao..

Zhou Tao made a phone call and said a few words. He then told Wu Hao, “I have informed the financial department. When you are on your way out, just claim your remaining wages there!”

“Thanks Manager Zhou!” Wu Hao politely thanked him and then left Zhou Tao’s office. He went to the financial department to get his last month’s salary and said goodbye to a few of his colleagues. Then, he just went back to his hostel and packed his luggage before leaving l.

“Now, in total I have 3000 Yuan. With this money I am afraid that I can’t afford a ticket to Macao. It seems that I have to accumulate some money first!” Wu Hao, who was carrying his luggage while walking alone on the street, started to ponder.

With the remaining wages that he had collected from the financial department and his remaining cash, the total money in his possession was just 3000 Yuan. Although Sanjiang and Guaongzhou are neighbouring provinces, Wu Hao wanted to go gambling at Macao. This seemed very unlikely to happen with such a budget.

This was because, besides accommodation and travel costs, he still needed to apply for a  Hong Kong and Macao pass. To apply for the pass, you need quite a duration for the whole process. By the time he reaches Macao, he won’t have any capital to gamble right?

…   …

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