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SBT Chapter 29 – Endangered species [Third night]

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 029    Endangered species [Third night]

… …

As for the fierce beasts like tiger and bear, how great was their strength? Wu Hao wasn’t clear about them.

Just from a man, hundreds of kilograms of force could burst out. If you were to compare this, these kind of beasts with such strength, they would at least able to exert out at least thousands of kilograms of force or even more.

In fact, according to a study done by experts, the end result had drawn a general conclusion that an adult Amur tiger’s hit could reach a maximum of ten thousand pounds and above.

A strength of ten thousand pounds is equivalent to four thousand plus kilograms of force.

It was not an exaggeration to say that any ordinary human who received a slap on the face from such beasts, there was almost no possibility to survive.

Coupled with their powerful bites and ferocious attacks, it was something even more terrifying.

Otherwise, how could tigers crush the skulls of their prey like sheep and cattle.

As for the deeper region of the forest’s bears and other large species, it was needless to say that these monsters completely relied on their brute force to hunt. The difficulty in subduing them definitely wasn’t easy at all.

As for the ones which Wu Hao had encountered in Qinling were just southern Chinese tigers, their body strength and size are not as ferocious as their counterpart, the Siberian tigers. Even so, they were still something which Wu Hao couldn’t face head on right now.

Of course, if Wu Hao wished to kill them, it still wasn’t a problem. Although his telekinetic force wasn’t able to control them, as long as he can fly up to the sky, he didn’t have to worry much about their attacks. While flying, he would just have to control his flying weapon and kill them.

Although these beasts had thick skin, they were after all, still flesh and blood. Under the situation of continuous attacks by sharp weapons, eventually their thick flesh wouldn’t be able to withstand it and eventually death would be brought upon them.

However, Wu Hao wasn’t a poacher. However, he wouldn’t ever do so, he wouldn’t kill these wid beasts which were the country’s rare and endangered species.

If it was hundreds or thousands of years ago, perhaps it was still possible to kill them to get the tiger skin etc.

But now in modern society, these species were almost on the brink of extinction especially the Siberian tiger. According to the current data, in the whole world, the number of Siberian tigers only amounted to within 300 to 400 only.

Most of them live in some remote areas of Siberia and Russia with a cold climate. Whereas in northeastern China, only about 20 Siberian tigers live in the wild.

Even if the data wasn’t correct and had some errors, its true number in the wild probably won’t be a lot either.

As for those living in southern China, the number of wild South China Tigers living in the jungle was unknown. This was because in recent decades, human had not encountered any traces of a South China Tiger in the wild.

Of course, not being encountered by humans doesn’t mean extinction of the species. After all, human wouldn’t be able to completely explore every inch of the forest. Plus, it was even needless to talk about encountering this species which was the top predator in the food chain.

As for Wu Hao, who happened to stumble upon a few of the tigers, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was filled with enormous luck.

After all, this era was not like hundreds of years ago. Where as long as you entered the jungle, you would be able to meet a tiger.

Since the birth of firearms by human, the wild animals in the forest had always been the target of the hunters.

Especially fifty to sixty years ago, the numbers of mountain tigers in China were numerous. But a few decades later, South China Tigers across the whole of China were facing the danger of extinction.

Worse still, most of the human community had thought that the wild tigers in southern region had really gone extinct.

That was why a few decades ago, the government had officially declared that South China Tigers as the treasure of the country as a measure to protect them against hunting.

It is a hard fact but yea, all the species declared by the government to be the treasured species or those which were already confirmed to be extinct; these are all single handedly caused by humans alone.

Thus, the three encounters by Wu Hao in the Qinling mountains was definitely his big luck!

However, besides the first encounter where Wu Hao took the opportunity to snap some picture of it, the found the latter two through his spiritual perception.

In fact, the reasons Wu Hao took photos of the wild animals in the forest was to show off to his circle of friends.

But later he thought; these tigers and bears weren’t something which could be casually encountered.

Especially the South China Tiger. To encounter it was definitely a huge stroke of luck. Not to mention that he was able to snap some photos of it. If it was encountered by some random ordinary people, this was definitely not a joke.

Unless the counterpart was full or one’s luck was extremely high, that person’s head would definitely end up inside the stomach of the tiger.

Of course if you had firearms and stood with some distance from it, you should be able to respond in time which would be your life insurance.

But to explore these endless desolate mountains, this was definitely not an easy task.

Even if you explore deep in the mountains, it wasn’t easy to encounter them. Wu Hao had to thank his spiritual perception which could easily detect them hidden within the tall trees.

Therefore, after considering all the trouble he might face if he showed the pictures to his friends, Wu Hao finally withdrew his idea.

As early as the year 2008, there was an incident called ‘Tiger’s week’.

The main content of the incident was someone who claimed to spent time in the wild and was able to snap photos of South China Tigers.

At that time, the media went crazy over it for a while. Even all those experts started to step up to the public.

But the end result was that it was just a photoshopped picture. In the end, this was a fake claim.

It was not an exaggeration to say that if Wu Hao uploaded the pictures he took to the internet, without even one day passing by, it would be the hot topic of the nation.

After all, the photos which Wu Hao took were not normal photos but 360 degree full range shooting!

Even when the tiger was showing its fangs, trying to attack Wu Hao who was flying, the whole incident was photographed through the camera. Even more so, a video was recorded too!

Don’t ask how Wu Hao did that. Having this cheat ability, don’t say shooting those land beasts, even the soaring bird in the sky, Wu Hao was able to take shoot every angle of aerial photography.

However, since the purpose of Wu Hao exploring the mountains a few days ago was to find herbs, naturally he didn’t take any initiative to snap the photos of the birds flying in the sky. Only that when he was searching for herbs, he happened to stumble upon rare animals. That was why he took the opportunity to snap some photos.

While videos of South China Tigers and other treasured species like pandas were able to be seen on television, they were all in the zoo.

But in the wild, normally ordinary people wouldn’t have any chance to do so.

However, it was still much easier to encounter those pandas than South China Tigers in the Qinling mountains.

After all, the number of wild pandas was still over one thousand.

This species, the South China Tiger, had been declared extinct by humans. Not to mention in the wild, even through artificial breeding, the amount of such tigers in the world was only a little more than one hundred.

This was completely less than the nationally treasured pandas and Siberian tigers. However, it was because the hunting of the South China Tigers was more numerous compared to Siberian tigers. Even if there were still some of them left, they wouldn’t leave the deep mountains to prevent themselves from being hunted.

Possibly, in this country, there were only a few or at most a dozen left. Otherwise, how could humans not have encountered them for the past several decades.

Perhaps it might be because of the state prohibits the hunting activities. After all, ordinary people would never dare to enter the deep mountains just to find these beasts.

As for those expert who study wild animals and etc, whatever conclusion they came upon, they would only dare to find clues from the edge of the forest.

… …

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