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SBT Chapter 28 – Raising budget [Second night]

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 028    Raising budget [Second night]

… …

The following two days, Wu Hao found himself a construction team for his new villa. He told them that it was fine for them to increase the budget for the construction.

Facing customers who allow increasing of the budget, the construction team definitely loved such propositions. Thus, that very day, a new plan had been drawn out and determined.

As for this plan compared to the original villa’s plan, not many changes had been made. They just replaced the construction material to a better one and improved the interior decoration design and facilities.

The most important change was the plan regarding the garden surrounding the villa. According to the previous plan, the villa would only occupy a small portion of the land; being surrounded by large garden. The garden was also very simple with nothing more than flower plants and trees planted all over.

But now with Wu Hao’s own initiative to increase the budget, things were heading in a different direction. Plus, Wu Hao was the contractor of that piece of land coupled with the fact that there weren’t as many regulations in rural housing construction.


Since Wu Hao had sold more than 20 million yuan worth of ginsengs, he didn’t lack any cash at all. That was the reason he was fine with redrawing the plans for the big piece of land surrounding the villa.

After having a talk with the construction team designer with some sketches down, Wu Hao didn’t ask much about what the final results would look like. Instead, he just approved the plans without much consideration.

What the changes were all about was they will dig at one spot of the land to build a pond. Also included in the new plans, a garden which gives a similar vibe to those of western villas; linked by pavilions and small bridges with a man-made stream flowing in between, these were not left out.

As the western garden surrounded the villa, a swimming pool would be built too.

This kind of planning definitely resembled a small estate’s design and planning. Plus, the garden of the villa was even bigger than most ordinary villas. Well, who was the one who didn’t restrict much on building construction in rural area!

If there was one thing to complain about, it would be the villa itself. Although the villa was a three storey villa, the total rooms all together would reach a dozen; this definitely paled in comparison to the real estate.

However, the main purpose of Wu Hao building this villa was none other than letting his parents and sister have a better place to stay. Thus, not much area was needed to fulfil the purpose.

As for his himself, although he would temporarily stay at this villa, it was hard to say regarding his future. As long as he had his own room in the house, he would be satisfied. The most important factor here was to have a nice environment surrounding the house.

As for such the large garden plans, even if this was constructed at the price rate for rural areas, the overall cost was about 10 million. In other words, including the original budget with the current additional 10 million plus the furniture and other facilities, the total amount of money spent by Wu Hao on this villa was close to 20 million.

But! Even if this seemed to be a huge amount of money, it was definitely worthy it for every penny spent. Because for such a large scale building, if it was built in the city, the cost would at least need 100 million.

“Hao er, I heard from the construction team that you have added quite the budget into the villa’s construction. Even if you’ve obtained this money easily, you still mustn’t spend as you like without any regard!” This day, Wu Hongguo came to find Wu Hao and couldn’t hold himself back voicing out his dissatisfaction.

Since Wu Hao was single-handedly in charge of overlooking the whole construction process, Wu Hao had told the team leader of the crew to hide the real cost from his father from the very beginning.

Thus, Wu Hongguo had always thought that the cost of this villa was only a little over one million!

Now with the additional budget from Wu Hao, although Wu Hongguo didn’t know the specific amount, he knew a little bit about this matter from some of the construction workers.

After all, the new planning from the additional budget required some digging work on the previous supposedly empty land surrounding the villa. Even if Wu Hao wanted to conceal it, it would be an impossible task.

“Dad! There is nothing to worry about! You don’t have to worry about matters regarding money. I forget to tell you that few days ago, I found some wild ginsengs in the mountain and earned quite the sum of money from there.” Although Wu Hao didn’t intend to inform his parents about the price of the villa, as for his source of money,he still had to briefly explain it to them.

“Wild ginseng?” Wu Hongguo said with some frown in his face. Even though he didn’t know much about the price of wild ginseng, he had at least heard from other people that it wasn’t easy to find and harvest wild ginseng. Thus, this herb was extremely valuable.

“Yes, wild ginseng! During my trip to the Winling mountains, I happened to stumble upon them by chance!” Wu Hao casually said.

“Alright then! As for how you managed to find it, I won’t ask you any further. As long as you are not wasteful and manage the money properly, I will have no complaints.” Wu Hongguo looked at Wu Hao and no longer bothered him with any more questions. He just sternly warned him for the last time.

In fact, from the time Wu Hao returned back home, Wu Hongguo had noticed that his son had became different from the past. As for what the difference was, he couldn’t yet tell. Anyway, he at least knew that his son was more capable now than ever.

Seeing his own dad speaking with such a serious tone, Wu Hao naturally understood the meaning behind his father’s statement and nodded his head. “Dad, I know what I’m doing.”

In fact, Wu Hao wasn’t unwilling to tell his parents about his current circumstances, but because he was afraid they would be worried about him when they knew about it. This was because his ability was too monstrous. If this was accidentally leaked outside from his family members, he didn’t dare to imagine what kind of trouble would be awaiting them!

Although Wu Hao now had telekinesis and spiritual perception,he was after all still a newbie and fresh blood. With his control over his abilities not being great enough, there were still many things in this world which could threaten him.

Forget about advanced human firearms, even deep in the mountains, Wu Hao didn’t dare claim to be invincible.

Of course, if it was to ensure his own safety, Wu Hao’s ability could still barely manage to do so.

As long as he didn’t face any attacks from heavy firearms, Wu Hao would be able to completely resist those common guns and bullets.

As for deep in the mountains, excluding a number of toxic creatures and large beasts, Wu Hao would be able to deal with any creatures. Even if he wasn’t able to deal with them, to self protect himself wasn’t too difficult. After all, he had the telekinesis to help him fly.

If he really couldn’t go head on and face with bigger beasts like: tigers, bears , large wild boars, and etc, he could have just calmly escape the scene by flying.

This was just like the case when he went and explored the Qinling mountains. In the depth of the Qinling’s jungle, although it wasn’t often, he did  indeed encounter those big beasts like, tigers, and bears those kind of animals.

When Wu Hao encountered them, he didn’t try to provoke any such beast. After all, his brain could only control several hundreds kilogram.

Those kinds of beasts like tigers and bears, they had very explosive force which would definitely not be just a few hundred kilograms. Thus, Wu Hao thought that it would be completely impossible to control such beasts. If there was even one single mistake, they would definitely bolt towards him and destroy him with their bite. Wu Hao definitely wouldn’t do such a dangerous thing.

… …

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  1. Nicklas says:

    The only problem i see is a tiger only weighs like 200-300 kgs right? at MAX weight? so even if it would run very fast towards him just by having 900 kgs of stopping force would be enough to stop a tiger… hell even a bear.. Why? because either he can lift them up (maybe not in the case of a bear) or he cant use 900 kgs of force on them when they charge towards them and they will be force to stop cause otherwise they will be like push with a ton but lose 900 kgs, meaning pushin a very heavy object… and id say a tiger would in no way be able to run against a stoping force of 900 kgs…, boars as well, the only creature i thin k would be able to sort of handle it would be bears and large bulls… sure a horse has higher force BUT not nearly as great muscles as bear or a bull, meaning a tiger and horse = a car whilst bear and large bulls are like tractors… in a fith of pulling something a tractor will win 100%…. sure a car can drive several times faster but do they have as strong muscles? 😛

    • Nicklas says:

      What i mean with a horse has highjer force is because speed + weight of the horse is a lot, what i know higher than a bull att full charge, but the bull is heavier though slower + is stronger.

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