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SBT Chapter 27 – The Reason for the Brain Development

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 027    The Reason for the Brain Development

… …

Once he knew about the situation, Zhou Rongxing, who originally couldn’t succeed in his pursuit, began to pay more attention to this piece of information. He decided to make a move on Li Xiaoyun from this perspective.

In fact, in the heart of Zhou Rongxing, he didn’t intend to give that much cash at once. Although he is the rich second generation young master with his family’s asset worth several millions, his monthly allowance was only up to the hundreds of thousands.

Plus with his usual heavy spending, this money definitely wasn’t enough to satisfy his craving to spend. Therefore, he only intended to make use of this situation to get his hands on Li Xiaoyun first before mentioning anything else.

As for the money, he just had to give a small portion at that point and with a little trick included, this should have been enough.

… …

On the other hand, Wu Hao who was taking advantage of the lack of vehicles on the road at night, there wasn’t a traffic jam at all along his journey. In less than four hours, he managed to return to his hometown. As usual, he began his daily routine; training his telekinesis ability and recovery via the breathing technique.

“It’s very obvious that the growth of my ability begins to slow down in its rate. By the way this situation progress, in a few days time, the growth would be completely halted. Do I really need to get something like CPH4 to stimulate my brain?” Wu Hao silently pondered by himself.(E/N: CPH4 as in the compound in the movie Lucy that makes her a god pretty much.)

As for his brain mutation which enabled him to obtain the telekinesis and spiritual perception ability, during his free time he did spend some time to do some research about the data and information from the internet.

Because his telekinesis and spiritual perception were all obtained since the accidental fall, his brain received the impact from the fall which then triggered the activation of these abilities.

As for these abilities, from his research from various information sources and resources from the internet, they were somehow similar in a way with the protagonist in the Hollywood movie named ‘Body’. (T/N: I am not sure what movie is this since I direct tl into english from the chinese title but most probably should be referring to Lucy)

They were both similar where they were involved in some random situation which then triggered the activation of their brain power which then allowed them to have some abnormal ability. Although the situation he encountered was different from what the protagonist in the movie had, the overall experience and the the way they obtained their abilities were quite similar.

The protagonist in the movie, due to her integration with CPH4, this theory stated that the strong energy from this molecule was the culprit responsible in mutating her brain. This caused her to be able to open up some new domain in her brain within the short period of time of several days.

Besides a great improvement in physical aspect, her memory and learning curve had increased by leaps and bounds. This then allowed her to control her own senses which then made her able to perceive all sorts of energy signals from various materials around her.

Although her perception and Wu Hao’s spiritual perception were quite similar, at the very beginning, the protagonist in the movie was only able to increase her physical aspects. This eventually led to her enormous improvement in memory and learning capabilities. In the early stages, she wasn’t able to manipulate objects at all.

As for Wu Hao, he was the complete opposite of her. Although his physical aspect did have a bit of improvement compared to the previous him, it was something negligible. However, his memory did improved by a huge margin. It was just that it hadn’t reached the stage where he would never forget anything he saw with monstrous learning curve.

As for these differences, Wu Hao didn’t put it to heart. After all, this was just an imaginary character created in a movie.

Although Wu Hao was convinced now that he had gained telekinesis and spiritual perception, it must have been some external factor which had evolved his brain.

After all, besides this explanation, Wu Hao really couldn’t find any other reasonable explanations to answer his current condition.

However, in the film, although the protagonist’s brain evolved at such a fast rate, it was very unstable. This part even nearly made her turn into energy molecules.

Now, Wu Hao’s telekinesis had gradually slowed down in improvement. Naturally, he would be curious about it. Although his current telekinesis was absolutely powerful and monstrous, he could only control up to 900 plus kg objects.

This kind of power compared to the character in another movie, the difference was too far apart. In the other movie ‘Chronicle’, a few protagonists could control several cars flying together all over the sky. To achieve such a feat, the telekinesis needed to be able to control at least several ten of tons!

The current capability of Wu Hao obviously couldn’t manage to control the big cars category. At most, he could only control a motorcycle or small electric vehicles.

Of course, the information and capabilities were from fictional films. Wu Hao only used them as references for their ability. After all, the way he obtained the abilities were somehow different from the protagonists in the movies.

“However, this so-called CPH4 molecule in the body only exists in movie form. I had never heard of such a name in reality so far. Moreover, even if it was true, I wouldn’t be able to get ahold of it.” Thinking this, Wu Hao helplessly shook his head. Obviously this idea was only something he thought of casually.

Because if this molecule really did exist in reality, and he would be lucky to get some in his hands, but also he wouldn’t dare to consume them!

After all, the protagonist in the movie who took the molecule, she was able to activate the domain of her brain; enabling her an almost magical and unimaginable power. But for the others, these molecules were actually poison.

Wu Hao didn’t think that he would be able to become like the protagonist, integrate with the molecules and became an existence stronger than any human.

From the theory in the film, this CPH4 was a substance produced by the pregnant mother during pregnancy. This substance was responsible for the fusion between the sperm and egg to become material for the human body to form. From the interpretation of the film, only a miniscule amount of the compound was needed for the fetus to develop the brain and bone formation.

In other words to put it simply, these kind of molecules contained a very strong and powerful energy. Even if these molecules really did exist, one wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact from the energy during the integration with the molecules.

It was due to this reason that many humans who consumed the molecules died after a moment. Because human body could never withstand such a powerful and fierce energy fusion, only the protagonist in the movie was the exception.

Using the probability of one in several millions wasn’t something exaggerated. This was because it didn’t guarantee that anyone who consumed the molecules to be able to mutate.

After pondering for awhile, Wu Hao no longer continued with his thoughts about this. Instead, he went back to his daily routine; training his telekinesis and restoring the energy through the special breathing technique.

Although the growth rate of Wu Hao’s ability began to drop, it still hadn’t stopped. Even if the growth rate was halted completely, Wu Hao still wouldn’t give up and would keep repeating the cycle.

After all, after he had used up his energy and recovered through the breathing technique, he noticed that his recovery duration kept getting shorter. This was obviously good in its own way. Thus, it was naturally a must to keep this cycle as a daily routine.

Who knows, if he kept repeating his daily routine, his telekinesis might start to improve again!

Of course, as for now, it was only Wu Hao’s personal assumption. As for his ability whether it would keep growing or through whatever method to improve, it wasn’t something he could answer now.

… …

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