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SBT Chapter 26 – First come, first serve

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 026    First come, first serve

… …

Prior to this, although Wu Hao had speculated Li Xiaoyun to have something on her mind, he thought it would be something like breaking up, losing love; that sort of matter.

But he really hadn’t expected, even the tiniest bit, to be in current situation. This was because from Wu Hao’s perspective, Li Xiaoyun wasn’t the gold-digging kind of woman. If not, Wu Hao wouldn’t even bother to have any contact with her.

Therefore, from the way Li Xiaoyun stated her desire in such hesitant tone, it wasn’t naturally difficult for Wu Hao to guess that this girl certainly was in a pinch and facing some huge wall of difficulties.

However, in order to not hurting her self-esteem, Wu Hao didn’t try to get more information from her. Instead, he just casually replied, “I can do that, how much do you need?”

Seeing Wu Hao agree in such straightforward manner, Li Xiaoyun no longer felt shy. She hesitated for a moment and said, “500 thousand, can you do it?” After finishing her statement, she secretly took a peek at Wu Hao.

“No problem!” Wu Hao smiled.

Hearing Li Xiaoyun asking for 500 thousand the moment she opened her mouth, Wu Hao was more or less assured that this girl seemed to encounter some difficulties.

Otherwise, if it was a simple usual sugar daddy request, it wouldn’t be something like how Li Xiaoyun acted.

At the same time when Li Xiaoyun saw that Wu Hao just agreed without any hesitation, a feeling of reprehension at herself began to linger in her heart. However, as for the current her, this was the only method for her to raise such a huge amount of cash in a short amount of time.

“Thank you!” Although she had to betray her own morals in order to raise the money for her mom’s surgery, Li Xiaoyun didn’t regret at all.

Because of that, it became awkward and embarrassing in the car for her. Soon, Wu Hao broke the silence atmosphere. “Your house should be somewhere around here!”

Li Xiaoyun moved her sight. Through the door, she noticed that the car had arrived at a street near her house.

“Yea! Why don’t you come over to my house?” Li Xiaoyun said with some blush giving a hint.

Actually, to say such words, she had to gather lots of courage. However, since Wu Hao had agreed to her request, she would definitely fulfill her commitment.

When Wu Hao heard her invitation, if he still did not understand the meaning behind it, then he really did waste his life of more than 20 years. Although he was tempted by the invitation, he decided to not take advantage of someone’s crisis after some consideration. (T/N: No!!!) (E/N: Guess he’s a white knight)

This time he had to spend 500 thousand to have a sugar baby. From Wu Hao’s perspective, even if he really was serious in becoming a sugar daddy, there wasn’t a  need to rush.

“Tonight I have something to do, let’s just wait for another day! Oh yea, give me your card number.” Wu Hao smiled while he declined such a good invitation.

“Oh! Okay then! Then when you need it, just give me a call!” The current feeling of Li Xiaoyun was somehow relieved yet mixed with some hint of disappointment. She was relieved because she actually hadn’t prepared herself at all for such an event. She was disappointed because of Wu Hao not showing much interest in her. She felt that she wasn’t attractive enough.

However, although it was such a complicated feeling in Li Xiaoyun’s heart now, she still gave her card number to Wu Hao.

After Wu Hao dropped her off at the building downstairs, he then drove away. While driving away, at the same time, he transferred the money to Li Xiaoyun’s bank account through his smartphone.

However, the money transferred was not 500 thousand. It was 600 thousand instead. After he finished the transaction, he felt that he needed to leave a message to her for some explanation.

On the other side, Li Xiaoyun who had just reached her home not long ago, received two text messages. One of the text messages was about the bank transfer. The other one was from Wu Hao which stated, “The extra 100 thousand is for you to get some nice clothes. I have to go back home first. If there’s anything, just give me a call.”

As she finished reading the text message, Li Xiaoyun’s heart was moved. She naturally knew that the matter of Wu Hao giving her so much money was entirely just to help her. Before that, he didn’t even ask for her reasons regarding the request; he must have not wanted to hurt her pride.

Otherwise, how would Wu Hao just casually give money to her plus an additional 100 thousand of his own will without making any demands yet.

Li Xiaoyun was definitely moved by the message and quickly replied back. “Thank you! I will fulfil my promise!” Her words were definitely true since Wu Hao had promised to give her money, then from this moment onwards, she belonged to Wu Hao.

After all comparing to the other guy who was a playboy, offering himself to be a sugar daddy, Wu Hao gave a much better impression to her. Before this, she didn’t hate Wu Hao and now, her feelings had turned into never-ending gratitude.

When Wu Hao was driving on his way back home, he received the reply from Li Xiaoyun. He only smiled and didn’t put this matter into his heart.

On the other side, Li Xiaoyun who was lying down on the bed, waiting for Wu Hao’s reply. As she noticed that Wu Hao hadn’t replied back for quite some time, she began to hesitate in sending another message or calling up him. When she was in a dilemma, a telephone number which made her fed up appeared on the screen. Looking at the number, Li Xiaoyun, who originally wanted to reject the call, stopped for a moment. In order to prevent any future harassments, it was better for her to clear this up.

“Xiaoyun, regarding the matter which I mentioned last time, had you finished considering? As long as you agree to be my lover, I’ll pay for all the expenses on your mother’s operation.”

The moment the call was connected, Li Xiaoyun began to hear such uncomfortable sounds.

“Zhou Rongxing, you don’t have to call me anymore. As for my mom’s surgery costs, I have gathered it.” Li Xiaoyun immediately ended the call once finished her statement.

“Hey……….” On the other side of the phone, Zhou Ronxing, who was about to pursue her, didn’t have any chance to open his mouth and was hung up on by Li Xiaoyun, his facial expression changed. “F*ck, this smelly bitch dares to close daddy’s call.” Zhou Rongxing cursed; his heart was filled with anger.

Then he recalled something like, “This bitch said that she had raise the money for her mother’s surgery? That’s impossible, her family’s economic conditions I have already investigated clearly. How could she raise that much money in one or two days? This is 500 thousand! Don’t tell me……..” Thinking of this, Zhou Rongxing began to show a dark face.

“Hmmm. I‘d like to see who dares to destroy my hard work.” After carefully thinking, Zhou Rongxing naturally knew that Li Xiaoyun had definitely agreed to other people in order to gather 500 thousand in such a short amount of time.

When he thought of such a situation, Zhou Rongxing was bursting in anger. After all, Li Xiaoyun had always been his target for a long time. Now such a huge opportunity for him to succeed had been taken away by another man, how could he not be angry?!

Zhou Rongxing only knew Li Xiaoyun for a short period of time. It was just less than six months. At the beginning, he tried to pursue Li Xiaoyun countless times but he had been rejected by her.

However, the situation began to change. This was because through the investigations, Zhou Rongxing knew the current situation of Li Xiaoyun’s family; that her mother was very ill and needed a large sum of money to pay for an operation.

… …

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