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SBT Chapter 25 – Having a load in mind!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 025    Having a load in mind!

… …

The next step was very simple. After he heard the yes from Su Hao, the old man then requested a staff to get him the checkbook to sign a check worth 25 million.

Apparently, this old man was the boss of the store. Usually, he wouldn’t manage much regarding store matters. Only when the store encountered some important matter would he would personally step forward.

After the completion of the transaction, the old man then exchanged contact information with Wu Hao. He told Wu Hao to contact him when there was any such long year old herbs. Naturally, Wu Hao would agree to do so.

However, as for the future whether he would continue making money by selling herbs, that would depend on the situation.

This was because from Wu Hao’s point of view, as long as he had enough money to spend, he wouldn’t need to be in any rush to make more money.

For now, he might just concentrate in training his telekinesis and spiritual perception. After all, what he had today was all thanks to his ability.

Therefore, to improve his telekinesis and spiritual perception to a higher level was also an important matter to him.

The bad news was, in recent days, the growth rate of his ability had slowed down significantly.

Wu Hao had this kind of weird feeling that his telekinesis and spiritual perception might stop growing forever another few days. During his days in the forest, the progress was extremely fast.

After all, he was searching for medical herbs all the time in the mountain. To travel around, he constantly used his telekinesis to fly and repeatedly restored his fuel tank with the breathing technique. Naturally, his improvement would be multiple times better than the usual growth.

Currently, Wu Hao’s telekinesis could almost lift up 900 kg objects. Whereas for his spiritual perception, he had reached a radius of 100 meters.

However, in recent days, he felt that his ability growth had slowed down significantly compared to last time. Perhaps this was the so-called bottleneck or his ability could only grow to such an extent.

No matter what kind of situation he was currently facing, Wu Hao had decided that after dealing the matters at home, he would seriously increase his understanding about his ability.

After leaving Baicao Hall, Wu Hao directly drove his car to the car dealer. The one who welcomed him naturally was the same salesgirl, Li Xiaoyun.

“Mister Wu, I still haven’t properly thanked you the last time you bought the car! Thus, I would like to invite you for dinner tonight to express my gratitude.” After changing the official plate number, Li Xiaoyun was acting hesitantly. During the very last moment when Wu Hao was about to leave, she bravely gathered her guts to utter out the statement. (T/N: Smooth~ operator..)

Wu Hao, who was about to start moving his car, was slightly surprised for a moment. “Okay! Looking at the time now, you must be about to finish your work. I’ll wait until you get off work then. We can go together!” (T/N: Smooth~ smooth~ like a butter) (E/N: Like a butter…..no comment)

Although Wu Hao was ready to go home, this time around, when he came here, he felt that today’s Li Xiaoyun was somehow different than the last one.

Also when Li Xiaoyun invited him just now, he noticed that she had hesitated and needed to gather courage to muster out the statement. Therefore, Wu Hao felt that she must have some reason to invite him. Thus, he wasn’t willing to refuse her good thought. Plus, Li Xiaoyun was a beauty!

“Thanks. Then, I would have to bother Mister Wu to wait awhile.” Li Xiaoyun seeing that Wu Hao had agreed, was somehow in the mixture of happiness and shyness. In short, it was such a rich expression on her face.

Soon, when not even 30 minutes had passed, Li Xiaoyun came out from the car store and headed towards the direction of the parking lot of Wu Hao’s car.

And this scene happened to be seen by a few colleagues of Li Xiaoyun.

“Never have I expected that this little girl had found herself a target. And here I thought how innocent she was!”

“The owner of this car was that youngster who brought along big and small bags while buying the car. It was just that we overlooked him that she was able to pick him up cheap.” Such sales people like themselves when dealing with customers, they would inevitably encounter a variety of requirements and conditions. In order to sell the car, most of them would just go with the flow to meet the customer’s request. This situation had already become the norm in various industries.

Of course, that wasn’t entirely the case. There were still some girls who stuck to their bottom lines to the very end. Li Xiaoyun was one of them. But now, she was about to fall into the same category.

When Li Xiaoyun entered the car, he noticed the appearance of Li Xiaoyun; as if she had something on her mind but hesitated to say.

To encounter such a situation, Wu Hao was more than sure in his heart that this girl must have some matters. Although his heart had such speculations, Wu Hao didn’t say anything or ask about it. He just continued the flow with the small talk.

Just like that, the car began to exit the automobile centre and reached the main door of a restaurant. This restaurant was nowhere luxurious and could only be considered as a popular family dining place.

Entering the restaurant, Wu Hao requested for a private room and casually ordered several dishes. Although it was supposed to be Li Xiaoyun’s treat, Wu Hao never thought to let her pay at all.

During the meal, Li Xiaoyun unexpectedly ordered a bottle of red wine. At first, Wu Hao decided to not drink due to having to drive later. However, considering that Li Xiaoyun obviously had something on her mind, he just went with the flow and accompanied her for a few glasses. (T/N: usual tactic…haizzz)

Li Xiaoyun usually didn’t consume alcoholic drinks. With just a glass, her face began to glow red.

Although Wu Hao in the past hadn’t had red wine before, he still managed to drink several bottle of beers at once. Now with his telekinesis and spiritual perception, one or two glasses of wine wouldn’t affect his ability to drive.

Moreover, even if there was a roadblock by the police, Wu Hao had nothing to worry. This was because during the moment of inspection, Wu Hao could just use his telekinesis to control his air puff to not have contact with the breathalyzer. Everything would be fine then.

Plus, the roadblock was for drunk driving, the probability of encountering it was still very low. Unless it was during a specific holiday season, the traffic police wouldn’t bother much to detect drunk driving usually.

After dinner, Wu Hao obviously didn’t let Li Xiaoyun settle the bill. After all, letting a girl to treat wasn’t a problem, but regarding settling the bill, forget about it! (T/N: So a girl can treat you but you pay the bill? LOL sad life as an asian. Such culture in the community)

“Where do you live? Let me send you back!” Leaving the restaurant, Wu Hao wanted to do so as he saw Li Xiaoyun was dizzy and unstable when she walked, due to the drink. (Smooth, smooth)

“Then, I will have to bother you!” Li Xiaoyun didn’t refuse his offer. Usually, she didn’t drink and with the high alcohol content in the red wine, she was somehow a bit dizzy. Moreover, the ‘reason’ which she wanted to meet Wu Hao; she hadn’t said it yet!

Entering the car, Li Xiaoyun told him her home address and began to show that hesitant expression again. This time, maybe due to the alcohol’s influence, within a few minutes, Li Xiaoyun gathered her courage and said to Wu Hao who was driving.

“Mister Wu, be my sugar daddy!” Having said that, the originally red face of Li Xiaoyun became even redder. She kept her head low and didn’t dare to look at Wu Hao.

Wu Hao who was driving heard the statement; his body showed a slight flick reaction as he was very surprised and didn’t expect it coming.

Never had he expected that one day, he himself would use this phrase ‘be my sugar daddy’. The most unexpected part of it, it was a girl who took the initiative on him!

… …

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