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SBT Chapter 24 – Selling wild ginseng

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 024    Selling wild ginseng

… …

After a few days, Wu Hao once again had a new harvest; this time his harvest seemed to be more than the one from two days ago.

Not only was he able to find two more 100 year old ginsengs, he was lucky enough to stumble upon one nearing 500 years old, the king of wild ginsengs.

According to Wu Hao’s estimation, if this ginseng was to be sold in the market, it would at least reach the tens of millions.

After all, in this era, let alone a 500 year old ginseng, even a 100 year old ginseng was extremely rare. As for the so-called thousand year old ginseng, it was never heard of.

This treasure, even if it really did exist, most likely it was handed down from the previous generation a long time ago.

“This time my trip lasted over a week. It’s about the time for me to go back home. After I settle all the matters at home, I’ll come back to this piece of land and live here for some time!” Wu Hao who was standing beside a cliff, enjoyed the beauty of the scenery in front of him.

His main purpose here was to find ginseng to make money, besides taking some pictures of rare wild animals, he truly didn’t enjoy the experience of living in the jungle wilderness.

Even these few days, his meal was basically those biscuits and ready made food which he bought from the town.

Although he could have enjoyed himself by making himself a barbeque or something, this would bring him too much trouble. Thus, these few days, he only made roasted meat for himself three times.

However, Wu Hao decided that the next time he came back here, he would make sure to enjoy the jungle life to the fullest. Unlike these few days, his mind was only occupied with searching for valuable herbs.

In fact, Wu Hao could’ve just gone to the northeastern mountain region if he wanted to harvest ginseng in exchange for money. After all, the area is mainly famous for wild ginsengs.

However, the northeastern region was a bit too far from his home. Although he could just fly to and come back, Wu Hao thought that it was too troublesome.

As for the Qinling mountain, although it’s not the main area that produced wild ginseng, there were still quite a few there. If not, how could he have found himself several ginsengs in the span of a few days.

Moreover, Wu Hao only concentrated on a small area for his search in the Qinling mountain, mainly at the peak of the Taibai mountain and the area around it.

After leaving the dense forest, Wu Hao’s mobile phone began to receive signal. Notification of messages began ringing consecutively. Apparently there were several missed calls too.

When he opened his phone, besides his own sister’s phone call, there was one unknown number.

However, after seeing the message content, a figure emerged in Wu Hao’s mind.

It was actually from the car dealer at Chengdu, the beautiful salesgirl Li Xiaoyun. As for this girl, she had left an impression in Wu Hao’s mind. The content of the message was the matter of asking him about changing the license plate. It had been two weeks since the day he bought his car, and the official license plate already came out since the process had been completed.

After seeing the content of the messages, Wu Hao first replied to his sister, Xiaoxiao. As for Li Xiaoyun, he also messaged her back by saying that he would go to the car shop for a trip in two days.

After he reached the town, Wu Hao drove back his car back home first.There, he left some one hundred year old ginsengs as he planned to keep them for his own parents who had overused their body these past years.

As for the remaining two older ginsengs, he decided to find a buyer in Chengdu and sold them. As for ordinary people, centuries old ginsengs were too rare and too hard to be harvested. Usually, they would only eat it after cutting them into thin small slices.

Therefore, leaving some one hundred year old ginsengs at home for his parents should be enough to improve their health. Besides that, you couldn’t just simply eat them in excess.

These few hundred year old ginsengs were usually used for those who wanted to extend their life and for drug purposes. Ordinary people generally wouldn’t need the ginseng.

The following day, Wu Hao drove his car to Chengdu. He intended to sell these two ginsengs first. As for the license plate change, it wasn’t worried about it.

Baicao Hall was Chengdu’s largest Chinese medicine chain. Even in other cities in the country, you could find several stores of Baicao Hall. Wu Hao then stopped his car at a parking lot near the store and walked into it; carrying a plastic bag.

As for the salesperson in the store, since she saw Wu Hao come down from the domineering Benz, she of course greeted him with a smile when Wu Hao was still far away.

“Mister, welcome to Baicao Hall. May I help you with anything?”

“I am here not to buy stuff. I just want to ask if you here buy ginseng here? I have two wild ginsengs in my hand to be exchanged.” Wu Hao said while pointing at the plastic bag in his hand.

The salesperson looked at the plastic bag in his hand and was stupefied. Her heart was very suspicious whether the plastic bag really contained wild ginseng.

However, since she saw Wu Hao came with a big Benz, she still respectfully replied to Wu Hao although her heart somehow didn’t believe his words.

“Our store here doesn’t only sell herbs. We do accept a variety of herbs too. If mister is here to sell wild ginseng, please come with me here.”

“No problem.” Wu Hao nodded and then followed the salesperson to a counter. At the counter, there was a middle-aged man who was in charge of identifying herbs.

The moment when Wu Hao took out the two ginsengs and placed them in front of him, the middle-aged man’s eyes immediately stared fixedly at them without blinking.

“Mister, these are indeed wild ginseng. However, we still need to confirm the specific year for them.”

“Okay, please identify them then.” Wu Hao nodded indifferently. Although he had learned a lot information about ginseng from the internet, he still wasn’t an expert. Therefore, he could only estimate their age.

Baicao Hall was such a huge store. It certainly wouldn’t lack any professionals in this area.

As a result, the middle-aged man went inside the interior of the store and called out a man. A few moments later, a man of at least 60 years came out.

“These are indeed wild ginseng. From the look of them, they should have been unearthed not long ago. Their origin should be from the central region. Mister, do you intend to sell these two wild ginseng?”

“Old men do indeed have good eyesight. These wild ginsengs were unearthed a few days ago. I intend to sell them provided the price offered is reasonable!” Wu Hao replied with a smile.

“Hehe! Mister, you don’t have to worry. Our store, Baicao Hall, will definitely offer you a fair price.” The old man smiled while touching his beard. “These two ginseng, one of them should be about 225 years old while the other should be around 553 years old.”

“This 225 year old ginseng I could offer you 5 million; the other one, the 553 year old, 20 million. I wonder if mister is satisfied with the price we offered?” In fact if these wild ginseng were to be put in auction, the price would definitely be higher than the one the old man offered. However, since it was through a direct transaction, the price offered definitely wasn’t low.

Hearing such an offer from the old man, Wu Hao was satisfied with it. With a smile, Wu Hao said, “Alright, I’ll go with this price.”

… …

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