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SBT Chapter 23 – Entering the mountain to search for medicine

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 023    Entering the mountain to search for medicine

… …

In the evening, when Su Hao reached home, he spent his evening doing his normal routine; activating his telekinesis and recovering his power back with the special breathing technique. As long as he had free time, he would keep repeating this cycle.

In his mind, it was very clear that the most important asset to him right now was his own brain. He was able to obtain this telekinetic ability all thanks to the mutation of his brain.

Since he could continuously repeat the cycle to improve his telekinetic ability, he naturally wouldn’t miss the chance to keep enhancing his ability to a higher level.

For the following week, Wu Hao stayed at home to manage the matters regarding the road and the construction of their new home. With Wu Hao who kept throwing money towards it, the road leading to the village was nearly 50 percent done.

As for the remaining road and other structures like fences, in half a month’s time, they should be completed.

As for Wu Hao’s small villa, it didn’t follow the usual common standards of those rural styled villas. It was instead built according to the designs by a professional architectural team.

The entire building covered almost 500 square meters. However, if the surrounding courtyard was included, the sum would be in the thousands of square meters. The villa consisted of three stories and the offered price from the construction team was five million Yuan.

After Wu Hao looked at the designs of the villa, he became satisfied with the price they offered him.

This was because for such large villa, if it was built in the city, the minimum cost would be at the at least ten million.

It was only in rural areas like their village that the price would be so cheap.

After all, in the rural areas, by spending around 300 thousand, you would be able to get a small but nice villa.

As of now, he didn’t need to spend extra money on the land for the new villa’s construction. Most of the costs were for the construction materials and the cost of labor. In the city, half of the cost of a villa was used to purchase the land in the city and a portion of the remaining costs would be for the middleman’s profit.

Thus, the final sum would obviously exceed ten million.

At first, Wu Hao had ten million in his bank. He spent about two million each for his car purchase, the road repairs, and the mountain contract. The remaining stuff which he had spent accumulated to hundreds of thousands.

Therefore, there was still five million left in Wu Hao’s bank account.

Fortunately, he didn’t need to pay for every little thing for his family’s new villa. Wu Hao was just required to pay for the materials and labor costs.

As a matter of fact, he just paid as the construction progressed. The estimated time for the construction to finish would need at least three months. Even if halfway during the progress he lacked the money, there would be enough time for him to prepare it.

That night during dinner, Wu Hao told his father, “Dad! I’m planning to go out for a few days. I want to explore other places to see which parts of land in the mountain are suitable for a plantation.”

“Oh! Then you go and explore. Make sure you don’t make any rushed decisions or else later if the plan fails, then we’ll lose money. Instead this would bring us a lot of trouble.” Wu Hongguo nodded his head as he replied.

Planting herbs and planting crops were two entirely different matters. The growth cycle for herbs was relatively long; they required about a year. Some species even needed to be grown for two to three years before they could be harvested.

Therefore, in Wu Hongguo’s point of view, selecting a fertile land which suited the nature of the herbs was a critical matter.

“En! I know. My main goal in exploring other places is none other than to understand more about the land.” Wu Hao obviously wouldn’t go and explore the land as he didn’t care much about the herb plantation at all.

After all, leasing the mountain land was the very reason that he stayed in his own hometown.

His primary goal in entering the mountain and exploring around the place was to find any valuable herbs to exchange for money. Sanyuan city was surrounded by mountains. Although these mountains weren’t very large size-wise, they were a part of the Qinling mountain range.

In the northern direction from the village, about two to three hundred kilometers away, this was where the heart of the Qinlong mountain range was located. The mountain range was magnificent as if they were like the dragon veins. There, valuable herbs should be in an abundance.

Early in the morning on the next day, Wu Hao drove his car away from the village. Although the road was still undergoing reconstruction and ordinary cars still couldn’t pass through, it wasn’t at all problem for Wu Hao’s car, the G500.

Wu Hao drove his car all the way to the other town. After he found a place to park his car, he packed all the outdoor equipment and his backpacks to get ready in entering the mountains.

After confirming that there were no humans around the area, Wu Hao activated his telekinesis to use on his body and travelled along the mountain range in ease.

After travelling through the jungle for about a day, Wu Hao finally reached his destination, the heart of the Qinling mountain range. Although this area was full of mountains and rivers, there were still parts which became a tourist attraction.

However, those parts only occupied a very small part of the region. A vast majority of this area was still covered with primitive forests.

The purpose of this trip for Wu Hao was to find ginseng and other valuable herbs. Although ginseng was very popular in the northeast region where the border of China and Russia was located, wild ginseng still existed in places around the Qinling mountain range and surrounding provinces.

“In this vast mountain, it’s really not an easy feat to find any ginsengs or valuable herbs. Although I have the advantage of telekinesis to help me travel and spiritual perception for detection, after searching for so long in these two mountains, I’m still unable to find the valuable herbs that I want.” After searching for a whole day, Wu Hao had encountered a number of herbs. However, they were only around ten plus years old. As for the herbs above 50 years old, Wu Hao didn’t have the luck to encounter them yet.

Although these medicine would be able to be exchanged for quite the sum of money, this was not what Wu Hao wanted. His goal was to harvest herbs more than 100 years old. After all, harvesting the herbs at such an early age would seriously disrupt the balance of the herbs!

Two days later, Wu Hao finally found a wild ginseng which had aged for more than 200 years.

This wild ginseng was found by Wu Hao at the border of the forest. This location was very difficult for an ordinary person to get to.

Luckily, Wu Hao had his telekinesis to help him to fly and the spiritual perception to detect his surrounding. If not, he wouldn’t have been able to notice the wild ginseng which grew in the border of the forest.

According to Wu Hao’s own research on the internet, the price of this 200 year old wild ginseng would cost at least three to five million on the market.

In other words, he had just earned himself several million just by staying in the mountain for a few days.

Of course, although the duration seemed short, it wasn’t an easy task at all. Because his spiritual perception only covered a range of tens of meters together with his telekinesis, his powers weren’t infinite. Thus, when he explored the mountain range, he still needed to spend quite an amount of time to restore his energy at least once or twice.

During the process of searching for the wild ginseng pver the past few days, Wu Hao also encountered many rare species of animals and plants. Of course, when he saw them, Wu Hao grabbed the golden opportunity to snap some photos of them.

… …

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