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SBT Chapter 22 – Building House Preparations

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 022 Building House Preparations

After handling all these matter, specifically in the construction part, Wu Hao no longer needed to worry about it anymore.

During noon when he reached the village, Wu Hao brought along his sister to the back mountain to pick the location for the construction of their new house.

However, after looking around for half a day, Wu Hao couldn’t really decide although he had selected a few good spots.

This was because building a house could be considered a major event. As for the specific location and address, it would have been better to seek advice from a feng shui master to have a look at.

After all, whether building a new structure in a rural area around ordinary people or those luxury high rise buildings in the city, those new construction sites would always be visited by such masters specifically.

Although the old Wu Hao didn’t entirely believe in feng shui, the current him had such monstrous abilities. As for feng shui, for it to survive in China for more than 5000 years, there must be at least some truth regarding its existence.

In their village, there was one man who understood this topic well. This person was already over 60 years old. Usually, the villagers here would ask for him to have a look whenever there were any plans to renovate or build houses.

Back home, Wu Hao talked to his dad regarding this matter. Wu Hao’s dad didn’t have any opinions about it.

Thus, the next day, the both of them went to find the old feng shui master to pinpoint the final location for the new house’s construction early in the morning.

Coincidentally, the final location decided was one of the choices Wu Hao made yesterday.

Behind this location by a few hundred meter, it was surrounded by mountains. As for the other side of this location, it was facing the village’s river.

According to Wu Hao’s idea, he decided to dig out a man made pond near the small river. In the future when he wanted to rear fish or something else, it would be a nice plan.

After selecting the location, it was now the time to get service of a house designer and the specific aspects of the construction matter. It was just that in the afternoon that day, Wu Hao’s sister needed to go back to her school.

As a result, to find someone to design and decide the construction matters, this would have to be temporarily delayed for the next day.

Just like that, after lunch, Wu Hao prepared to send his sister, Wu Xiaoxiao back to school with his car. The journey back there from the village would take about two to three hours.

If they were to take bus, it would take at least twice the time. This was because halfway through, the passengers needed to change buses. Plus, the bus needed to stop at every station and it was difficult to travel on a road in such a terrible state.

With all these delays, it would most likely take half a day to reach the destination.

This was why his sister would only go back home once a month or during semester breaks. Everytime she went back home, she could only be there for half a day. As for the rest of the time, it was all spent on the bus itself.

Reaching the city, when they were approaching the school, Wu Hao stopped outside bank’s door. He then turned his head facing Wu Xiaoxiao who was besides him and said, “Xiaoxiao, give me your card. I will transfer you your living expenses.”

“Bro, I still have at least 1000! No need for such a thing!” Wu Xiaoxiao cried out. This 1000 Yuan plus was the leftover from when Wu Hao gave her money to buy undergarments.

“Just over 1000? How is this enough?! Hurry up and give me your card number now!” Without waiting for her reply, Wu Hao extended his hand.

As she saw this, Wu Xiaoxiao could only helplessly take out her bank card and passed it to him. Wu Hao took the card and sneered. “Okay, wait for me in the car. I’ll be back soon.”

“Alrighty then.” Wu Xiaoxiao nodded and no longer added any extra words.

Due to having very few customers in the bank, Wu Hao found himself an empty window in the blink of an eye when he walked into the bank.

“Well, I’ll have to bother you to deposit 200 thousand into this card.” Wu Hao said so while handing over both his and his sister’s card.

“Okay. Please wait for a moment.” Hearing this, the teller quickly finished the process. Within two minutes, Wu Hao had finished the money transfer and headed straight to his car.

“Xiaoxiao, I had just transferred 200 thousand into your bank. From now on at school, don’t be afraid to spend money. Just buy anything that you like.”

“Bro! Why did you give me so much money?! 200 thousand, how could I spend that much at school? What if I lost the card?” Knowing that Wu Hao had given her such huge sum of cash, Wu Xiaoxiao asked him in a surprised and blameful tone.

“If you can’t spend it all, just keep it for yourself when you enter university!” Wu Hao laughed. He didn’t mind at all because the main goal when he won this money was to make sure that his parents and his own sister led a better life. Plus, he took money very lightly because earning money was an easy feat for him.

Very soon, the car reached the street near the school. Wu Xiaoxiao refused to be dropped off at the school gate because she didn’t want to attract attention from the school. Since his own sister didn’t want to be the center of the attention, Wu Hao also didn’t mind. He then dropped her on the nearby street. After all, walking a distance of 100 to 200 meters was not something difficult.

“Alright. Pay more attention when you’re in school. Don’t follow others to go to any KTV or such places to enjoy yourself. You know? If you really have to go, give me a call. I’ll accompany you there.” When she got down from the car, Wu Hao still couldn’t hold himself back from warning his sister. (E/N: KTV is karaoke)

After all, nowadays, student going to KTV or such places was the norm. However, these places were always filled with devious things. Plus, his sister was very pretty. Even if she wanted to avoid any trouble, it certainly wouldn’t be easy.

“En! I know. I won’t go to such places!” Wu Xiaoxiao sweetly smiled. Wu Xiaoxiao was totally not interested in KTV, internet cafes, and other such places. Though she had been invited before to go to such places, Wu Xiaoxiao firmly stood her ground and refused the invitations.

After making sure his sister walked into the school gate, Wu Hao subsequently drove his car back home.

As Wu Xiaoxiao reached her school dorm, as her best friend and roommate, Xiaowen noticed that Wu Xiaoxiao was wearing such elegant clothes. Even her bag seemed to be expensive too. The thing which surprised the most was that Wu Xiaoxiao had a phone now. Plus, it was the latest ‘fruit’ smartphone.

“Wow! Xiaoxiao, your brother brought all these things for you?” Xiaowen asked with some hint of envy.

“En. Right.” Wu Xiaoxiao replied with happiness all over her face,

“Your brother is so good to you. Why don’t I have a rich brother?!” With an envious tone and full of regret, Xiaowen replied back.

Although she wasn’t an only child, she didn’t have an older brother. Instead, she had a younger brother who was still in primary school. She was from a rural family. At first, her family economic conditions could be considered as average. But with the addition of her little brother, her situation could now be imagined.

In rural areas of China, it was very common for male privilege. If a family had a son and daughter, most of the resources would be used for the son. This was because the son would continue the family line and the daughter would be married away into a different family. Especially in rural areas, many parents still had this concept in their mindset. Even in cities, there were still quite a number of parents who believed in this concept too.

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