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SBT Chapter 20 – Contracting the mountain

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 020   Contracting the mountain

… …

In his point of view, since Wu Hao won himself millions in the jackpot, of course as a father, he had to fulfill his duty to ensure his son’s future plans.

However, as a father, he didn’t want to stump the growth of his child so he chose not to say anything. Instead, he wanted to hear about Wu Hao’s own ideas first.

Hearing this, Wu Hao didn’t think too deeply about it and briefly shared his own thoughts.

“Dad! Actually, I already have it planned out. Last year, you voiced out your desire to contract a piece of land in the mountains behind us to plant herbs, right? Since we have the cash now, we must act quickly to contract that piece of land before others take it. As for me, I don’t have any plans to go out for now. I’ll stay here at home and help out with the planning.”

“Also, I would like to upgrade the mountain road leading to our village. At the same time, I’ll renovate our house to be more spacious and comfortable.”

Wu Hongguo listening to Wu Hao’s idea didn’t agree nor object. “Your idea isn’t bad. But won’t contacting a piece of land all of a sudden in the mountains pose a great risk?”

“Also staying in the village won’t give you a bright future. I think you had better deposit your winnings into the bank and get yourself a nice job in the city. These winnings, keep it so that you can purchase a house later on.”

Wu Hongguo naturally did not wish for his own children to be like them. To be trapped in this nest in a mountain valley for a lifetime.

“Dad! As for buying a house in the city, let’s just talk about it later. The main reason I came back here is to renovate our old house. So that you two and sister would be able to enjoy a better life here.”

“This house actually doesn’t have many problems. Only that it’s now a bit too small as you and your sister are forced to be squeezed together into the same room.” Wu Hongguo nodded his head. This matter of Wu Hao wanting to renovate the house was something he agreed on.

“En! Since dad has agreed, tomorrow, I will find some men to take care of the house renovations. Oh yea, also regarding the road upgrade, I will need to bother you to inform the village chief.”

“Although upgrading the road would cost quite a sum of money, indeed, this is a good contribution to the village. As for this, I have no opinions about it. Tomorrow, I will visit the village chief and inform him.”

“Okay, dad! Now the day is no longer early. Mom and dad, go sleep then. Also, in this bag are the clothes and some gifts which my sister and I chose for you two. Try them on to see whether they suit you guys or not.” Picking up the large bag from the floor, Wu Hao handed it over to his father’s hand.

“This child, now that you have money, you shouldn’t waste it like that! Coming back home, why still buy this present?!” Wu Hao’s mother said with a hint of a blaming tone but her face still showed a smile.

“Mum, this is just brother’s sincerity.” Remembering her own clothes worth several hundred thousand, Wu Xiaoxiao didn’t dare to tell her parents. She worried that they would even place more blame on Wu Hao.

After their parents went back to their room next door, Wu Hao then told his sister, “Well, it is not early anymore. Quickly unpack your stuff and go to sleep soon.”

“I know! I will go unpack everything then.” Wu Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue and went into her room to start unpacking as Wu Hao told her to.

In their room, there were two beds. As for Wu Hao’s bed, it would normally serve as a place to put things on top of. Since he had returned back home, he would have to clean up his bed.

Everytime Wu Hao went back home, Wu Xiaoxiao would always help him clean up everything. Thus, Wu Hao had already been long ago accustomed to her actions.

… …

The following day, when the sky started to turn bright, Wu Hao already woke up. Of course, he actually did not sleep at all last night. Instead he had been non-stop repeating the cycle of using his power and restoring them back with his special breathing technique.

During the process of restoring his power, all aspects of physical fatigue also slowly disappeared.

Therefore, for the current Wu Hao, even if he didn’t sleep for several days continuously, he wouldn’t have even the slightest hint of sleepiness. Instead, each time after rhe recovered from the power consumption, he would be more energetic.

“Why did you wake up when it’s still early? How about you sleep a bit longer?” Noticing Wu Hao had already awoken, Wu Hongguo asked him unexpectedly.

This was because in the past, this brother and sister pair would usually sleep in until seven or eight in the morning before waking up.

“Oh, I am already used to waking up early when I worked in the city.” Wu Hao just casually answered before continued, “Yeah dad, I thought about it last night and renovating our house doesn’t seem to be the best plan here.”

“Instead, I’m going to build an even better house near the mountains at the back. The land there is next to the mountains and a river too. Building a house there would be nice.”

The place which Wu Hao mentioned was about seven to eight hundred meters away from here. The piece of land which Wu Hao mentioned was not that high in altitude and at the bottom of the mountain there was a ten meter wide river flowing.

The river flowed directly from the center of the village, passing through the villager’s houses which were condensed at the place where Wu Hao parked his car last night.

Hearing Wu Hao’s words, Wu Hongguo was somehow able to guess his idea, “Then this new house, are you going to build it like a villa?”

Nowadays, in the rural areas, these kind of villa-like houses were quite abundant, especially in the several villages nearby. There were quite a number of such houses there. As for their own village, there was such a house being built a year ago. As for the owner of the house, it was none other than the one who made a fortune in the recent years, Yao Shixiong.

“Yes! Indeed that was my plan all along. Furthermore, in our village, building such a villa would not cost much money. Plus, building in the back mountain not only provides a peaceful environment, it would also ease our work later in taking care of the herbs in the mountain.”

“You’re really serious in trying to contract a piece of land in the mountain?! Do you know how much money is needed to contract that big piece of land down? Plus the cost to plant the herbs? If during the planting process, some unwanted incident happened then what?” Wu Hongguo raised several questions consecutively.

Although he did plan to do so last time, contracting dozens of acres of land to plant herbs, after considering all the cost and risk which he had to face, was crazy. He decided to be honest with himself and engage in a small scale plantation instead.

After all, he didn’t have any savings. Plus, considering he still had to make sure Wu Xiaoxiao completed her education, he didn’t dare to take the risk. If this plan really failed, his household would be devastated by such a major blow.

“Dad! You don’t have to worry. We won’t have any losses. As long as you follow my words to contract that piece of land down, then it’ll be alright.” Although Wu Hao wasn’t confident that contracting the land to plant herbs would bring any profit, if this plan really didn’t bring much profit in the future or the herbs faced some accident during the process, they would not affect him at all.

He just wanted to find a reason to stay at home. If he really wanted to make money, he could have just gone into the deeper parts of the mountain and harvested some valuable herbs to exchange for cash.

… …

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