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SBT Chapter 2 – Discharged and planning

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe



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Chapter 002 Discharged and planning

… …

After the ward inspection nurse had a brief inquiry with Wu Hao and left the room, a moment later, a middle aged doctor wearing a white coat with glasses came into the room together with two nurses.

“Your situation now is that you’re not in any sort of danger anymore. However, to completely recover, you need to be hospitalized for quite some time.” The middle aged doctor began to speak after he finished his inspection on Wu Hao.

“Alright, seems that I am in your care, Dr. Wang.” Wu Hao, who was in a good mood, looked closely at the doctor’s name tag and smiled while replying back.

Although this injury appeared serious from the outside and even caused him to not be  able to move his body at all currently, it was a blessing in disguise. Thanks to this accident, he obtained the magical telekinesis. He could totally forget about the accident.

Moreover, there weren’t any serious problems with his body now. Not being able to move was because of the bandage and plaster on his limbs. In fact, Wu Hao thought that if he removed the bandage and plaster, he would be able to walk freely like he used to.

Wang Wendong smiled back at him since Wu Hao was so polite to him. “Well young man, rest well. If you have any problems regarding your body, just let Nurse Zhang know about it. She will immediately inform me.”

Wu Hao heard that and then nodded as a sign that he understood. Wang Wendong and the two nurses then left the room. Only the nurse who was previously in charge of Wu Hao’s room remained. She helped to change his IV bag and gauze.

Soon, when even that nurse left the room too, Wu Hao continued his experiment regarding his telekinesis. He used his mind control for a few minutes and waited until his mind power neared depletion. Closing his eyes, he began practicing the breathing technique to recover himself.

After several cycles of training and recovering, his maximum duration in using his telekinesis had increased tremendously compared to first time.

“Apparently my telekinesis could somehow improve. As long as I keep repeating this cycle of training and recovering, my endurance will surely increase little by little.” With this proven hypothesis, Wu Hao’s heart was getting more pumped up.

After all, although he had this power now, the manipulative force was not strong at all. He could only handle five kilograms of weight within a radius of five meters.

If his ability remained static as it was now, then it wouldn’t be able to help him much in his daily life.

However, now he found out that he could improve his ability by repeating his training and recovering afterwards in a cycle. Then his current situation would be completely different.

“I wonder, what’s the limit of my telekinesis? If I could be as powerful as the protagonist in the movies, my life would be so wonderful.” Wu Hao stared at the ceiling with his eyes lit up, murmuring while he was lying on the bed.

At the same time, his mind began to fantasize that one day, his telekinesis would be as powerful as a protagonist in the movies. He would be able to control his own body to fly or even cars and tanks.

Thinking of the scene, Wu Hao’s facial expression showed a bright smile.

However, Wu Hao quickly recovered back himself into reality. He began to quietly repeat the cycle of training and recovering over and over again.

The next day, after continuously repeating the cycle for whole night, his original ability to control a five kg item had increased to about ten kg.

It took him just one night to double his mind control ability. Of course Wu Hao felt very excited right now as his ability grew so fast.

Surprisingly, Wu Hao found out that after spending one whole night’s time of repeating the cycle, he didn’t feel even the slightest bit sleepy. Instead, he could feel that he was even more spirited than ever.

Thus, Wu Hao diligently practiced with excitement. Since he could use his supposed sleeping time to train and restore back his mind with the breathing technique, if his telekinesis was able to maintain this growth rate, it shouldn’t be long before he is able to control his body with his mind and fly right?

“This is great! I didn’t expect my mind control to grow this fast. Since I’m now trapped in the hospital, why don’t I use this time to keep practicing?” Wu Hao thought.

Flying is always a man’s dream since ancient times. Wu Hao was not an exception in the case either.

In today’s modern society, mankind had created technology like airplanes to soar in the sky.

However, this method did not provide the true feelings of flying with one’s own body.

And now, as long as Wu Hao continuously strengthened his mind control, then one day he would be able to achieve the true feeling of flying in the sky.

Just like that, Wu Hao stayed in the hospital for a week and as a result, the injuries in his body were close to being fully recovered.

With such a recovery speed, Wang Wendong, who was in charge of him, was greatly surprised. This was the so called 100 days to recover injuries. Although Wu Hao’s limbs were just suffering from minor fractures due to the fall, according to the usual circumstances, usually it would take at least one or two months to fully recover.

However, Wu Hao only took one week’s duration to fully recover.

Of course Wu Hao knew that to be able to recover at such a fast rate, his heart was naturally aware that this only happened due to his continuous repeating of the training and recovering cycles during this period of time.

But of course, Wu Hao wouldn’t tell others the truth about this. He just mentioned that he was always in  good health and he recovered much faster than the average human.

As for them to believe it or not, he didn’t bother much about it.

Even about this telekinesis ability that he had acquired, he didn’t dare to share it with his dad who came to visit him all the way from home.

After all, this ability was too amazing. Until he had enough power to protect himself, he would temporarily not say anything about this even to his close relatives. An additional man knowing would only bring more trouble to himself and his family members.

“Dad, I have completely recovered. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. This 5000 Yuan compensation from my company, you just keep it to improve your life back at home. Sister is already now in secondary school. I’m sure she now has a lot of expenses for her school.” Leaving the hospital, Wu Hao said to his dad, Wu Hongguo. At the same time, the 5000 Yuan given by his manager was inserted into his dad’s hand.

“This money you just keep it yourself, you’ve just recently started working. It’s not easy to live outside all alone by yourself. Our current conditions, even though we have some difficulties, I’m sure we can manage somehow. For now, you don’t have to worry about us. Your mom and I are still healthy and are able to work. Supporting your sister all the way to college shouldn’t be a problem.” Wu Hongguo with a wrinkled face slightly smiled and replied back.

On the afternoon of second day when Wu Hao woke up from his coma, Wu Hongguo  arrived in Sanjiang city. These few days he had always stayed beside Wu Hao to take care of him. At first, on the day that he arrived, Wu Hao had told him that he was fine and that there was nothing serious. He even asked his dad to just go back home and not to worry about him.

However, his dad still couldn’t stop worrying about him and decided to stay beside him to take care of him.

“Dad, you just keep this money! My company just deposited this month’s salary, it’s more than enough for my expenses. Regarding sister’s tuition in college, just leave it to me.” Wu Hao’s heart was touched. At the same time he secretly made a vow that in future, he would make lots of money to improve his family’s financial situation. He wanted to make sure his parents no longer needed to work hard at such old age and happily retire to finally enjoy their golden age of life.

As for his sister, Wu Xiaoxiao, he would not let her continue suffering.

It was hard to imagine with his ordinary looking face, but Wu Hao’s sister was totally different than him. She was a total beauty. Since young till now, he always felt depressed for such an instance of God’s injustice.

This was because whenever both brother and sister went out together, no one would recognize them as being blood related. When comparing their faces, it was like the difference between heaven and hell!

If it was in the past, he would surely have no self confidence to improve his family financial status but now, it was no longer the same.

Because currently, during his stay in hospital, he had increased his mind control ability to be able to lift a 300 kg object and had a spiritual perception radius of 30 meters.

The spiritual perception of 30 meters in range and weight limit of 300 kg let Wu Hao have such a confidence that he hadn’t ever experienced before in his life.

He believed that by having telekinesis and strong spiritual perception, he had lots of methods at the tips of his fingers to earn money.

Moreover, Wu Hao already had a faint idea about that. He just couldn’t wait to leave the hospital quickly and start implementing his idea as soon as possible.

…  …

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