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SBT Chapter 19 – Villager’s amazement

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 19 Villager’s amazement

… …

As he heard the question from his sister, Wu Xiaoxiao, Wu Hao then thought for a moment. “En! Temporarily, I think I won’t go anywhere. I’ll wait until we finish renovating our house. Only then will I decide!” This time around, he would go back home and not go out anymore. At least for these several months, he didn’t have any intention to do so.

“Oh! Bro, though you are now rich, you must still save some for the future. The best way would be if you invested money in some business or whatnot, or else one day you would spend everything till you’re bone-dry.” Hearing the words from Wu Hao, Wu Xiaoxiao just nodded and gave him advice like a housekeeper would.

“Hehe! I know! Acting like a little housekeeper, you!” Wu Hao made fun of her.

“What! I did this for your own good also!” Wu Xiaoxiao snorted with some dissatisfaction.

As the G500’s bright headlights shined into the village, those villagers who had not slept yet, discovered such a scene from afar.

“Now it’s already so late at night. Who would drive into our village?” The old man Zhang began to ponder as the headlights were getting closer and closer to the village.

In their village, forget about at night, even during the day, when the sky is still bright, the number of vehicles entering the village would be something negligible. That was because of the road leading to the village could not be traveled on by any ordinary cars.

Unless there was someone in the village renovating their house, only then would they purchase the building materials from the town which would be transported here by a huge truck. Moreover, it must be under the condition that there was no rain to be able to get into the village.

Once it became a rainy day, forget about cars, even those several villagers that had a motorcycle would rather choose to walk to the town rather than to ride into town.

This was because once your vehicle was stuck in the pit, it would not be people riding it but the vehicle riding people instead.

Soon, from the perspective of the old man Zhang, the car’s headlights were getting closer. Then, the car stopped at an open space in the village entrance.

Since Wu Hao’s home was not at the roadside, the car obviously couldn’t be driven into their own small courtyard.

From the place where he parked his car, the distance to his house, by following the little field road, was about two to three hundred meters away. His house was just a single story house with three rooms.

Of those three rooms, one was for his parents. Another one was the central room. The last remaining room was obviously the room that both siblings shared. (T/N: Wow, this just sound wrong coming from a Chinese family.) (E/N: Don’t worry, i gotchu baby.)

However, since Wu Hao went off to college, this room basically became his sister’s own personal room.

“Uncle Zhang!” Wu Hao greeted old man Zhang, who was curiously looking from the roadside, as he was getting out of the car.

“You, you are Wu Hao?” Old man Zhang said with some uncertainty.

At that moment, Wu Hao’s sister, Wu Xiaoxiao also got off from the car. She then looked at old man Zhang with some courtesy and greeted him, “Uncle Zhang, he’s indeed my brother, Wu Hao!”

“So it’s Xiaoxiao! The sky’s so dark; for a moment I wasn’t able to see clearly.” Once old man Zhang saw Wu Xiaoxiao, he immediately noticed her. (T/N: I dare to bet that this old man is a pervert.)

Then, a few villagers who were still awake came to the side of old man Zhang. As they noticed the one who drove the car into their village was Wu Hao and his sister, they were greatly surprised.

After several greetings, and after seeing the enthusiasm from the villagers, Wu Hao didn’t dare to act cold and thus, he politely said, “Uncles, aunties, the sky isn’t bright anymore. My sister and I want to go back home now. If there is anything, let’s have a chat tomorrow.”

“Okay, okay!” A few old men and women replied back immediately.

At first, they were curious because it was already so late at night and yet, somehow drove into their village. Now that they knew the driver, they were indeed surprised at why Wu Hao drove home, but nobody dared to directly ask him.

Soon after, as he carried those small and big bags, Wu Hao accompanied Wu Xiaoxiao along the narrow field path to their home.

After Wu Hao brought Wu Xiaoxiao and left, a few old villagers, some young men, and several young women didn’t leave immediately. Instead, they began to admire the car.

“Zhao Dong, you have left our village before. Do you recognize this car?” A 40 year old plus uncle asked the youth beside him who looked around 25 years old.

“What other car could this be?! This is a Benz! This is a serious car, freaking expensive!” Zhao Dong could be considered in the village’s younger generation. He was older than Wu Hao by a few years. When he hadn’t even finish his junior school (E/N: probably like junior high, intermediate, or middle school), he had already left the village to find a fortune.

Two years ago, he married a young woman and decided to stay at his old home. There, together with a few of the villagers, they made a living by doing house renovations. Although he didn’t know the specific model of this Benz, that big sign in front of the car, how could he not recognize it?

In today’s society, although there are people who didn’t understand much about cars, the two brands Mercedes-Benz and BMW were basically known everywhere.

In the eyes of most people, the Benz and the BMW represented luxury cars. Although these brands are indeed internationally renowned brands for luxury cars, besides those model which reached millions, there were still some mid-range models.

“So this is a Benz! No wonder it’s such a huge car! How much is it worth?”

“This, I’m not sure about the specific price. However from the looks of it, it should be at least a few millions!” Zhao Dong wasn’t entirely sure of the price so he could only give a vague estimation.

Indeed, this price gave them a huge surprise. This was because in their San Xi village, there were only about 100 plus villagers. The wealthiest one would be the household of Yao Shixiong, but he only bought a truck.

This Yao Shixiong was more than 30 years old. Only in recent years, had he started to make quite a fortune. In this area, he could be considered as a small contractor.

And now, Wu Hao drove back a Benz, which was worth millions, home. This was indeed San Xi village’s very first time for such thing to occur.

Whereas on the other side, after walking through the narrow field path, Wu Hao and Wu Xiaoxiao reached their home courtyard. Wu Xiaoxiao then shouted to the direction of the house.

Now the night had already reached about 10pm. Due to having to wake up early tomorrow for the farm work, their parents would generally sleep very early at night.

“Mum, dad! Brother and I are back!”

In the house, Wu Hongguo and Zhang Huilan heard the voice from the outside and in a few breaths, opened the door. Seeing Wu Hao and Wu Xiaoxiao in front of them, they were indeed surprised.

“Xiaoxiao, how did you two come back?”

“Mum, dad, let’s enter the house first and brother will then tell you!” Looking at her own dad and her mom behind him, Wu Xiaoxiao grinned.

After placing all the big and small bags nicely in the house, Wu Hao then briefly started to explain about his ‘lottery winnings’ and about him fetching his sister back from school.

“You mean you bought a lottery ticket and won the jackpot?!” hearing Wu Hao’s explanation, Wu Hongguo began to ask as he found this hard to believe.

“En! Yea!” Although he was indeed not too confident with such excuses, Wu Hao really couldn’t find any other ideas to explain his source of money. He couldn’t be honest to his parents as it might make them worry instead.

“Then, this time coming back home, what’s your plan? Also, about this money, you already have any idea about what you’re going to do with it?” After calming himself from the initial shock, Wu Hongguo then asked Wu Hao.

… …

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