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SBT Chapter 18 – A little lesson

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 018 A little lesson

… …

At first, she thought Wu Hao was just saying it without putting any real meaning into it. Apparently, Wu Hao was not joking and was really serious in buying all of them. Thus, the salesgirl quickly wrapped everything up and prepared to ring them up at the cash register.

After they reached the cash register, a colleague whispered to the salesgirl when she was preparing Wu Hao’s payment matter. “Juan jie, do you really believe that that man could afford our store’s clothes?! If he really didn’t have that much money, then it will be such a big joke instead.” (E/N: pronounced joo (like too)-anh and jie is chinese for sister or for younger people when referring to older/higher ranked women).

“You don’t understand. People nowadays can’t be judged from only their appearances. Some of them are really low key.” The salesgirl was indeed a bit nervous in her heart but her words did not show that at all. She was even pretending to explain it to her colleague.

Soon, the salesgirl wrapped everything up neatly and was ready for Wu Hao to pay. She then walked towards Wu Hao and respectfully said, “Mister, your items have been wrapped up. Please follow me to pay for the clothes.”

“Oh! Okay!” Wu Hao nodded as if he did not care and then followed the salesgirl to the cashier counter.

“Mister, the total here is 315 thousand, are you going to pay with card?” Of course as she said these words, it wasn’t like she was expecting him to pay with cash. . After all, nowadays, who in the world would bring out so much cash to shop for clothes?

“Oh, the swipe card then!” As for the price, Wu Hao was not surprised at all since, in his heart, he had somehow already estimated the cost of the clothes. Thus, he happily brought out his bank card for her to charge.

Soon after the successful payment transaction, the few salesgirls in the store who originally doubted Wu Hao now saw him in a new light.

Their heart were exclaiming, “Indeed how low key! They were such normal clothes.”

As for Wu Xiaoxiao who was beside him, she was already in a daze by herself when she heard the figure of 310 thousand. Although she had expected that these few sets of clothes would not be cheap in her heart, never had she ever imagined that they would actually cost more than 300 thousand.

“We’re done here, Xiaoxiao. Stop blankly staring over there. Let’s go. We still need to go to other places and have a look!” Wu Hao called his sister and then, took the initiative to hold those big bags.

Of course, before he left, he would not forget about that noisy and cheap mouthed woman. Through his perception, he was able to pinpoint the exact location of the woman. Apparently, she was dragging around the big bellied middle aged man to see her change outfits!

“Honey, what are you looking at? Help me pull the zipper up from behind!” As she had noticed the man was diverting his sight to the store entrance, her heart was indeed very dissatisfied. But, she still whined at her man.

It turned out that this woman had tried on several sets of clothes. The reason she did so was an intentional one. Her aim was none other than to attract the attention of the man.

“Oh! Good!” The man looked at the entrance every few moments but still couldn’t see the figure of Wu Xiaoxiao and then, unwillingly replied back. Apparently, his feelings towards the shadow of Wu Xiaoxiao was still beaming around non stop in his heart.

However, with this woman beside him and Wu Hao who only stayed next to Wu Xiaoxiao, although he indeed had some ideas, he dared not to act upon them in real life.

Wu Hao, who had already exited the store, noticed the scene through his spiritual perception. This made him pay attention to them immediately. The moment when the man helped pull up the zipper from behind the woman, he activated his telekinesis ability in a timely fashion.

“Krrkkk!” With just a sound, the clothes on the body of the woman had torn into two halves by the man in a blink of an eye. Even the woman’s bra was also torn into pieces together with the clothes.

“Ahhh!” A scream could be heard from the woman’s mouth. In that moment, her upper body was entirely exposed to the air. Several customers who were looking at the clothes and the salesgirl were completely shocked by the scene in front of them.

“What’s going on here? Are they trying to emulate that wild version of ‘UNIQLO’ in such a public place? Seems that the two bosoms of her front have gone under under the knife quite a few times! There’re still some bruises present.” This was the voice of a man who accompanied his wife there to buy clothes. (T/N: UNIQLO refers to the case of a Chinese couple having their d*ggie style in the store’s fitting room while recording it.) (E/N: Either the author likes pop culture or huehue there’s some other fantasies here.)

Whereas for the female staffs and customers in the store showed faces full of disgust. In their hearts, they were cursing this dog couple who were really shameless.

This ‘culprit’ middle aged man was somehow in a dazed state. Although he was indeed brave enough to so in private, he would naturally not do such things to a woman in public.

“Honey, you……” As she was being stared at by countless pairs of eyes, the woman’s face flared up. She quickly covered the two lump of fats on her chest with her two hands and complained to the man.

“I didn’t…..I was only trying to help you pull up the zipper….” Frustration could be seen on the face of the middle aged man when he noticed that those around the scene were looking at him.

Wu Hao no longer paid attention to them as he laughingly give a little lesson to the woman. Although this woman’s body wasn’t considered bad, just based on that black lump of excess fat on her chest, Wu Hao didn’t even need to guess that this woman was indeed a sinister woman. Furthermore, she was the type to have a very dark personality.

As for such woman, Wu Hao obviously wouldn’t even have the slightest interest towards her. If it was Qin Sisi from a few days ago, Wu Hao wouldn’t be able to hold himself to have a couple peeks at her. As for this woman, forget about it.

After left the clothes store, Wu Hao brought Wu Xiaoxiao to a shoe store and then to a jewelry store. Finally, when they passed by a lingerie store, Wu Xiaoxiao with rosy cheeks, told Wu Hao that she wanted to get herself two new pairs of undergarments.

As he noticed the variety of designs and colors of the underwear hanging all over the store, Wu Hao naturally felt shyness in entering the store. Thus, he took out the cash he brought with him from his wallet and passed them over to Wu Xiaoxiao. He chose to just wait outside the store entrance. (T/N: Why so shy?)

As for Wu Xiaoxiao, she did not take much time before she exited the store. Then, both of them went to a men’s clothing store. There, Wu Hao bought several pairs of clothes for himself and also let his sister pick two for their parents.

This shopping trip took them at least an hour in total. Wu Hao who was carrying the big and small bags, left the shopping mall with Wu Xiaoxiao. After he placed all their purchases into the trunk of the car, Wu Hao started the engine and headed towards the direction of their home.

The car which Wu Hao bought was a white G500 4X4^2, a recently released version in the market. Compared to the normal G500, the appearance was even more domineering. The car was even higher which made it suitable for off-road driving.

From Sanyuan city to their hometown, those old roads, especially the last several kilometers that led to their home, those roads were like  jungle roads.

If it was a normal car, most likely it wouldn’t be able to get there. Fortunately, Wu Hao bought this off-road monster, the G500. Thus, during the whole journey to the village, they sat in the monster of a car and didn’t feel any bumps at all.

Only on the mountain road, the little road which led to the village, had they started to feel some shaking.

When they were approaching the village, Wu Xiaoxiao, who was sitting in the passenger seat, curiously asked Wu Hao, “Bro, this time coming back home, do you intend to go out again?”

… …

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