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SBT Chapter 17 – All I want

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 017 All I want

… …

Soon, Wu Hao and Wu Xiaoxiao took the mall’s escalator to the third floor which housed women’s clothes. There, it had a vast majority of domestic clothing brand as well as several internationally renowned brand stores.

Of course for Wu Hao, he wanted to get the best for his sister. They then entered into one of those international brand stores.

“Can you please recommend several sets of clothes which suit her.” As they entered the store, Wu Hao asked for help from the salesperson.

This salesgirl took a look at Wu Hao and Wu Xiaoxiao’s way of dressing. She did have some hesitation, though out of courtesy, she did not say anything.

“Okay, mister and miss. Please come with me.”

As he saw that his sister was somehow awkward, Wu Hao comforted her, “Go then, after you finish buying clothes, we still need to rush back home!”

“Okay then!” Wu Xiaoxiao hesitated for a moment and followed the salesgirl inside the store. Naturally, Wu Hao also walked behind their backs.

“Miss, these are the new products from our store. Have a look and see which ones you are fond of.” As they came to a row of showcase clothes, the salesgirl smiled at Wu Xiaoxiao while she introduced the products.

However, Wu Xiaoxiao still had not opened her mouth; yet Wu Hao who was following behind interrupted them, “Wrap up all of them up for me! I think these clothes suit her very well.” Wu Hao was actually telling the truth. After all, his sister was a natural beauty with her height nearing 1.7meter. Compared to this brother, her height was not far behind his.

It would not be exaggerated to say that she was a natural-born clothes hanger. No matter what she wore, she would still be good looking. Plus, Wu Hao knew that though his own sister did not know how expensive the price of the clothes in the store were, she would still know the clothes were certainly not cheap from the decoration of the store.

“Bro! This is too much. Just buying one is enough for me.” Wu Xiaoxiao told him in a blameful tone. No matter how much money Wu Hao won, in her point of view, he should not be so extravagant and wasteful!

After all, the winning money was limited. If it was spent recklessly, sooner or later all the money would be gone. This was not something that Wu Xiaoxiao wished to see.

However, when Wu Hao was about to open his mouth after he heard the complaint from his sister, from the side, a peculiar and non-harmonious voice traveled through the air.

“Yo! Who are they! They didn’t look at their status and still want everything? Do you know how much these clothes cost? Can you even afford them?” A 20 year old plus young girl with nice make up appeared behind Wu Hao with a big belly middle aged man. (T/N: Fatty 2.0 but a female instead)

The girl then looked at Wu Xiaoxiao who was in front of her, wore ordinary clothes, but still looked prettier than her with eyes of dislike and jealousy. In contrast, the middle aged man observed Wu Xiaoxiao with his eyes that brightly shined. There was really no need to guess that this man must have thought something dirty in his mind right now.

As he heard her voice, Wu Hao’s expression changed but he did not directly confront her. Instead, he faced the salesgirl and told her, “Why in your store is there a chicken(Chinese slang for prostitute) making noise as she likes. Those who don’t know would have thought that they entered into a chicken farm!”

“You jerk, who are you scolding?!” As she heard the word ‘chicken’, the girl reacted as if someone had stepped on her tail and she jumped out immediately. Then, she said to the middle aged man beside her, “Honey, he is scolding me. You need to give him a lesson!”

The salesgirl beside the scene and others further away in the store having seen such scene, they knew that if they did not do something, certainly the scene would turn ugly soon.

“Mister, do you still want these clothes?” The salesgirl quickly shifted the topic.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I want them? Wrap everything up for me!” Wu Hao actually did not want to bother with those two bastard.

“Impossible! Those white clothes, I like them.” After she noticed that the man did not react to her whining, the girl then stared at Wu Hao with flaming eyes. Her own man surprisingly stared at the other girl. Although she had long known about the nature of her man, still at this very moment, she could not bear the insult.

“This miss, I am very sorry but that mister was the one who looked at them first. Lets see, you can have a look at the others too. There are still many new products in our store.” Although the salesgirl could not withstand the arrogant look of the girl, she could only smile as customer was always right.

Plus now she could clearly see that Wu Hao and co were not ordinary people who just entered the store for some window shopping. She was afraid they were the low-key type. After all, once Wu Hao opened his mouth, he requested to wrap up it all up. This was not something an average person would dare to say.

“No! Those clothes, I want them! Also, do you think that these country bumpkins would be able to afford them?!” With a change of expression, the girl continued to whine to the man beside her, “Honey, I really want that!”

“Okay, okay, okay, let’s buy them then!” The man looked at her with a generous expression.

Too bad Wu Hao could no longer ignore the words from the girl who scolded him and his sister. It was still fine if she just cursed at him. He would consider that as a bark from the random dog. However, even his sister was included too. It did not matter whether she was a female or not, Wu Hao decided to give her a good lesson.

As he was thinking this, Wu Hao suddenly burst out and laughed “Since these clothes had already been fancied by a ‘person’, then we don’t want it anymore. Xiaoxiao, let us see the others!” As he was facing the salesgirl, he asked, “Miss, this store still has other new arrival right? Take us to see the better ones!”

“No problem, mister! Here!” Hearing this from Wu Hao, the salesgirl was somehow relieved. If Wu Hao decided to compete with her then it would be endless.

“Heng! Still trying to act! Lets see when you pay your bill, how you’re going to act then!” As she was watching Wu Hao leave, the girl looked like a hen with its victorious look; she had a pretentious face of a winner that looked down upon the losers from a pedestal.

“Mister, these are the best new arrivals of this year, all of them are made by famous foreign designers….” Very quickly, the salesgirl led Wu Hao and Wu Xiaoxiao to the other side of the store and began to introduce the products.

“Ah! Not bad, indeed they look better than the others just now!” Wu nodded, “Xiaoxiao, pick one and try it!”

“Oh! Okay then!” Since Wu Hao insisted on buying luxurious clothes plus the incident a moment ago, Wu Xiaoxiao no longer tried to reject him.

As a result, with the help of the salesgirl, Wu Xiaoxiao selected a set of clothes and went to the dressing room to change. Moments later, Wu Xiaoxiao came out from the room with the new clothes on.

“Miss, you look so beautiful wearing these clothes.” Even as a fellow girl, the salesgirl could only sigh and admitted that Wu Xiaoxiao was indeed a natural born beauty.

“This is a matter of facts. My sister would look great no matter what she wore.” Looking at his newly transformed sister, Wu Hao laughed while he gave her a praise.

“Bro…..” Wu Xiaoxiao started to blush as she heard the comment from her brother. Although she herself felt that these clothes looked good, she had never worn such expensive clothes before. As she heard her brother mention this in front of stranger, this somehow made her feel shy.

“Hehe!” Wu Hao just smiled. Then he continued by asking the salesgirl beside them, “Please wrap up these few sets of clothes too!”

“Ah! Okay mister. Please wait for a moment.” The salesgirl was extremely surprised when Wu Hao really wanted to get all these clothes too. This was because they were among the most expensive ones in the store and the price would certainly not be cheap.

… …

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