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SBT Chapter 16 – A white lie

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 016 A white lie

… …

Even after she heard all this, Wu Xiaoxiao still mumbled to herself, “If you have money, you still must not waste like that!” It was obvious that she was still thinking about the errand fee given by Wu Hao just now.

Wu Hao, who walked in front of her, did not respond. In his opinion, by the time his sister saw his car, she would the understand why was he so generous back then.

A few moment later, Wu Hao led Wu Xiaoxiao to the place which he parked his car. Here was the parking lot at the corner of the road beside her school.

It was just that when they were about to enter the parking lot, they saw several men pointing at something and talking among themselves.

“You all recognize what kind of car this is?”

“What bullsh*t are you talking about? Didn’t you see the logo in front of the car, that big Benz? Who wouldn’t recognize it?!”

“I know this is a big Benz. Then, do you know the price of this car?”

“En! From the model design, it should be within 700-800 thousand!” This man was obviously clueless and could not recognize the G500. That was because he thought that even though this car was new, the design was somehow old and square shaped. He then concluded the price tag about 700-800 thousand.

In those third tier cities like Sichuan, millions of cars could be seen on the road. However, any Benz cars were still quite rare. And this G500 model was even more uncommon.

In fact, G500 was not beautiful from its appearance. Plus, compared to the city SUV, Audi Q5, it seemed to be on the rough and wild side.

“Chi……700-800 thousands! Let me tell you, this model you better not look down at it due to its old design. This car should cost at least 2 million Yuan.”

“2 million? F*ck! Such an expensive car! It’s even almost within the same price tag range as some sports cars.”

While these men had been discussing with each other, Wu Hao brought along Wu Xiaoxiao to the side of the car. He looked at the middle aged man who was beside the seat door and Wu Hao said with a smile, “This big brother, could you please step aside?” Then, he took out the car key and pressed on it which then caused the car doors to unlock.

The middle aged man who was told by Wu Hao to step aside subconsciously stepped backwards. It was not that he didn’t see Wu Hao just now but he never linked Wu Hao and this car together. Now, after had seen Wu Hao unlock the car, his old face started to turn red.

After all, this was indeed too embarrassing.

“Xiaoxiao, why are you still standing there day dreaming? Hurry up and get in the car!” After he had opened the door, Wu Hao had noticed that Wu Xiaoxiao was still stunned on the roadside and quickly called her.

“Ah! Oh!” Wu Xiaoxiao’s face turned red and her nerves were shaken. This was because several pairs of eyes were staring at her!

It the street, there are two things in particular which attract the attention of people’s eyes. First was luxury car and second was beautiful women. Now, a beauty appeared together with luxury car. There really was nothing more to say about such a combination.

Not only had the pedestrians continuously raise their eyebrows, even the passing vehicles could not help themselves from having a second look.

During this moment, numerous ideas appeared in Wu Xiaoxiao’s heart. Although she did not understand much about cars, BMW, Benz, and other such cars; she still knew about them.

Moreover, she faintly heard the conversation from the men that the price tag was at least 2 million.

“Hehe! Don’t you have many questions to ask bro?” Starting the engine, Wu Hao looked at Wu Xiaoxiao who seemed to have lots of question but hesitated and he asked her.

“En! I sure have a lot of questions. Did you do anything illegal outside? If not, how could you be so rich in such a short amount of time? I still remember you were hospitalized just several days ago.”

“Does your bro look like someone who would do something illegal? Ah! Actually it is really nothing. It’s just that several days ago, I accidentally bought a lottery ticket and won the jackpot prize. Thus, next time you don’t have to worry about our family not having money. From now on, bro will let you wear and use the best.” Obviously, Wu Hao would not tell her that he had won all of his money from gambling in Macao. After thinking here and there, he still ended up with using this lottery winning excuse. Although this reason did not seem to be convincing, it was still better than gambling. At the very least, it would not let his family worry about him.

“You hit the jackpot? Bro, am I still dreaming?! There really is someone who would win the jackpot?!” It was still hard to believe for Wu Xiaoxiao. However, her brother’s word to give the best for her really touched her heart.

“En! Even though the probability of winning the lottery is very low, this could still not stop your bro who is kind and has a good character! It doesn’t matter how low the probability is, I still hit the jackpot.” Wu Hao deliberately put on a good appearance and replied.

“Brother! You are the best under the heavens. Of course, mum and dad are also included!” Wu Xiaoxiao said and then gave a peck to Wu Hao who was driving the car.

Wu Hao touched his cheek and then pretended to complain, “We’re already so big, why do you still treat me as if I’m still a kid? Plus, I’m still driving right now!”

“I’m just too happy!” Wu Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue with some shyness building up. (T/N: This sister would not appear in real life, a sister is just an annoying creature)

As he looked at her, he just pleasantly smiled. He didn’t blame her intentions at all. This was because with his telekinesis and spiritual perception, he could still let the car go in auto pilot with hands free and still not cause any accident.

“Oh yea! Xiaoxiao, I bought you a smartphone, a smartwatch and a laptop. Have a look and them. See if you like them or not.” Wu Hao said so while he had been using one of his hand to get a small bag from the seat behind; inside contained the smartphone, the smartwatch, and the laptop which he bought from Macao.

“Wa! Isn’t this the latest ‘Fruit’ smartphone and laptop?! This is so expensive, bro!” Although Wu Xiaoxiao had never used them before, she still knew how valuable they were. Moreover, she had seen many students in her school use ‘Fruit’ smartphones but so far, she had yet to encounter those who used the smartwatch and laptop from this brand.

Compared to the smartphone, these smartwatches and high end laptops were still somewhat less popular. At least in this city’s middle school, not many people used them yet.

“En! As long as you like them, it doesn’t matter how expensive they are. On the way home, I will get you a phone sim card. With that, if you have anything important at school, you can just give me a call.” Wu Hao laughed. If it was the previous him, he had of course thought such things were indeed too expensive. As for now, with a different mentality, of course he would look at things differently.

In reality, Wu XiaoXiao really wanted to have her own smartphone deep in her heart. It was just that she knew about the family’s financial problems; thus she always replied that it would affect her studies and to only buy it for her when she entered university.

With so many gifts from Wu Hao, she was naturally touched. “Bro, you are so nice to me!”

“Hehe! You are the cutest little sister. If I am not nice to you, then to whom do I have to be nice to?”

Along the journey, with them having been chatting and laughing together, the car quickly arrived at the city’s largest shopping mall. After they found themselves a parking lot, he then stopped his car there. Wu Hao led Wu Xiaoxiao to the floor downstairs to get herself a sim card from the mobile store.

Then as they entered the mall, he was ready to buy new clothes for his sister. At the same time, he thought that he should get himself some decent clothes too.

… …

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