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SBT Chapter 15 – The teacher’s conversation

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 015 The teacher’s conversation

… …

Soon, Wu Xiaoxiao left the school gate to get her leave from the teacher. On the way there, Xiao Wen, who kept her mouth shut the whole time, finally asked, “Xiaoxiao, is he really your brother? Why are the both of you totally not alike at all?!”

“If not alike, then what? It doesn’t matter whether or not we’re alike. In short, he is my brother, that’s enough.” Wu Xiaoxiao replied with dissatisfaction. She hated listening to this the most.

This was because since young until they grew up, as long as she was together with Wu Hao, they would be questioned by others like this. Thus, Wu Xiaoxiao was already fed up with such topic.

“I was just a bit curious.” She noticed the annoyance of Wu Xiaoxiao therefore Xiao Wen quickly explained herself. Her home conditions with Wu Xiaoxiao were pretty similar. That was why they were both living in the same room and naturally ended up as good friends.

“Well, I am not angry with you, Xiao Wen. It was just that since I was young, I often heard this question and got tired of it.” Wu Xiaoxiao held Xiao Wen’s hand and smiled.

“En! I know, but really, your brother is so rich! He’s just passing a message to you and yet, he is willing to give so much money. Tell your brother next time, just find me to pass the message to you. Let me earn some extra money!” Xiao Wen excitedly said as she thought of this.

“You’re saying this! Until now, I still feel bad in my heart. I really don’t understand what my brother is thinking.” Wu Xiaoxiao complained once again after hearing it.

“Xiaoxiao, I think you are thinking too much about it. Your brother must have made a fortune outside or how could he be so generous! O ya, what does your brother do out in the world?”

“I’m not quite sure about his job but my brother majored in building construction. He had just graduated not too long ago from university. So, it’s kinda impossible for him to earn lots of money!” Although Wu Hao told her that he would make a fortune in the future to ensure her and her family a better life, Wu Xiaoxiao understood that in this society, to work and earn money was not an easy matter.

“Your brother just graduated from university?!” As she heard this, Xiao Wen really couldn’t guess how he made so much money. After all, a fresh graduate even if he was able to find a good job, the starting salary would obviously not be high.

Soon, Wu Xiaoxiao and Xiao Wen, while they were conversing with each other along the way,they had reached the school’s office. Then then found their class teacher.

Their class teacher was at least a 30 year old middle aged woman, wearing a pair of glasses. Usually she would wear a very serious expression but once Wu Xiaoxiao met with her, her face turned into one of happiness.

“Wu Xiaoxiao, Xiao Wen, why did the two of you come find me?”

“Teacher, I am here to ask for a leave. My brother came to the school to fetch me back home, so….” Wu Xiaoxiao somehow left a good impression on the class teacher. It was worthy to not that usually she would not show such expression to anyone. Furthermore, Wu Xiaoxiao’s academic performance was always excellent, within the few top rankings. She would always treat who excelled in their studies nicely.

“Leave to go home? It is already so late yet you still want to go home? Is your real brother picking you up?”

“Yes, teacher!” Wu Xiaoxiao quickly replied.

“Well, I will go see your brother first then!” The class teacher noticed that Wu Xiaoxiao did not seem to be lying and nodded her head.

It was not that she was suspicious, it was just that the sky was getting dark soon. Plus, Wu Xiaoxiao was so beautiful. Asking for leave at this time, what if she was going out with some bad youngster? This would mean that she did not fulfill her duty well enough as a class teacher.

In fact, the attitude they received from her was already considered good. If the other student who did not obtain good grades asked for a leave, she normally refused to do so.

“Oh! Okay, teacher!” After she heard that her class teacher wanted to meet her brother, Wu Xiaoxiao did not say much and just carefully tagged along to the main gate.

Very quickly, Wu Xiaoxiao, Xiao Wen and their teacher arrived at the main gate.

“Bro, this is our class teacher, Teacher Wu. She wants to meet you.” Wu Xiaoxiao stepped out in front of Wu Hao and with a low voice, introduced her.

As Wu Hao heard this, naturally he understood in his heart. However, he didn’t think that this was a bother at all. In fact, he agreed with what the school management and class teacher had done.

If the school just let any random outsider enter the school compound, then this management was really too loose.

“Hi, Teacher Wu. I am Wu Xiaoxiao’s brother. My name is Wu Hao. I am here for Xiaoxiao because tomorrow is a holiday, so I would like to bring her home with me.” Wu Hao smiled while he introduced himself to Wu Fang.

“Ya. Xiaoxiao is performing very well in school. I am just worried about Xiaoxiao’s safety taking a leave at such late time. So, I came here to have a look.” After she saw Wu Hao, Wu Fang no longer doubted his identity.

Because when she looked at Wu Hao’s ordinary appearance, he did not seem like someone who came to school and chased girls. (T/N: Finally his ordinary look benefits him..)

Of course, she did not consider Wu Hao as Wu Xiaoxiao’s real brother. She just thought that he should be her cousin or something like that. After all, the difference between Wu Xiaoxiao and Wu Hao was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

“Sorry for troubling you, Teacher Wu. Then, approving Xiaoxiao’s leave should not be a problem right?”

“No problem. This afternoon after finishing the school session, the holiday officially begins. It is just that the school management set up the rules for those staying back at school to self-study during the evenings.” Wu Fang nodded her head as a sign of agreement. Then, she turned to face Wu Xiaoxiao, “Be careful during the journey with your brother. Also, remember to come back to school early the day after tomorrow.”

“Yes, Teacher Wu!” Wu Xiaoxiao quickly agreed.

“Bro, then wait a while for me. I need to go and pack up some clothes.”

“Nah, you don’t have to pack up your clothes. Later on back at home, I’ll bring you to buy new clothes. You just need to bring back your homework.” Wu Hao tried to stop her.

“I’ve already finished my homework when school finished just now!” Wu Xiaoxiao was surprised for a moment before whispered to him.

“If it’s like that then we can go now!” Wu Hao had a quick laugh and said farewell to Wu Fang, “Teacher Wu, then I will bring my sister back home now. The day after tomorrow I will take her back here.”

“Be careful during the journey, pay attention to safety!” Wu Fang replied back with a smile too.

Wu Xiaoxiao. who was still in a daze. finally reacted and told Xiao Wen who was beside her, “Xiao Wen, I am going back home now. Help me keep the books on the desk.”

“Yea, go now. Be careful, ya.”

Just like that, Wu Xiaoxiao walked out from the school and followed Wu Hao. As for the guard, naturally he didn’t stop her as the class teacher already gave her approval.

“Bro, where are we going now?!” After they left the school, Wu Xiaoxiao asked him.

“Of course we’re going to buy new clothes for you. I thought I had already told you just now!”

“You really want to buy new clothes for me? At home, there’s still clothes for me, there’s no need to waste money on them.” Wu Xiaoxiao was naturally happy in her heart but since young, she was already used to refusing such things.

In order to not hurt his sister’s feeling, he carefully explained what happened with a smile.

… …

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