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SBT Chapter 14 – Finding someone to run errand

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 014 Finding someone to run errand

… …

The guard of course did not believe Wu Hao’s explanation. He reacted with a ferocious tone, “Even if you really came for your sister, you still can’t enter here. Our school prohibits any outsider from entering the school compound casually. Furthermore, they are going to have self-study right now. You better get away!”

“Self-study? I thought today is Friday. The school is not on holiday?” Hearing the unfriendly reply of the guard, Wu Hao felt a bit bitter. After all, he was only here for his sister.

“Yea, it is holiday but those who stay at school will have self-study during the evening. You aren’t even familiar with our school schedule and you are telling me you’re here for your sister? Quickly get lost now.” The guard acted as if he was impatient. He was already famous for being someone hard to deal with. Every outsider could not get past this obstacle to enter the school.

Even if they are the students of this school, they would still be locked outside the gate if there is no student ID card with them. They would then have to notify others to take the card for them or classroom teacher. Otherwise, they would have to wait outside as penalty!

Encountering this old man which insisted on barring him from entering, Wu Hao felt really helpless.

Just at that moment, Wu Hao caught sight of several students watching from the sideline. His heart immediately had an idea.

“That student, can you come over here for a moment?”

Not far from the gate, there was a male student with shy looking face. Although he did feel suspicious hearing the call from Wu Hao, he still walked towards the main gate.

“You called me?”

“Yup, you’re the one I am looking for. Do you know where the year 2 class 3 classroom is located?” Wu Hao asked with a smile.

“I know!” The shy boy thought silently, isn’t year 2 class 3 classroom the one next door!

“Then do you know Wu Xiaoxiao from that class? I am her brother. This 100 Yuan is for you. As long as you inform her and bring her here, I will give you additional 200 Yuan.” Wu Hao smiled before took out 100 Yuan and directly gave it to the shy boy.

The shy boy dazedly looked at the 100 Yuan in his hand. 100 Yuan is about half of his living expenses for a month. Never did he expect that by just passing on a message would get him so much money.

“What? Boy, you are not willing? Then what about I add an additional 100 Yuan?” Wu Hao thought that the boy was complaining about such little money. He then took out another 100 Yuan note and put it in the hand of the boy.

At this moment, the boy finally recovered from his daze. “Ai! No, it is not little. I will go pass this message now.” The boy said excitedly and rushed to a distant teaching block.

This scene was seen by the guard at the side. With his big round eyes, he stared at them and could not help but to curse in his heart. “This kid, willing to spend money ya? From the way he dresses, he doesn’t seem to be someone rich!”

With an additional 200 Yuan in his pocket, the shy boy excitedly came to the year 2 class 3 classroom. Through the window, he looked around the class and not long later, he found the figure of Wu Xiaoxiao.

Although he is not in the same class as Wu Xiaoxiao, he is still studying next door. Plus, Wu Xiaoxiao is a pretty girl. Beautiful girls will always be in the middle of attention no matter where.

Moreover, majority of the second year students including male and female more or less have heard of and seen Wu Xiaoxiao before. Of course, this shy boy was not an exception.

“Student Wu Xiaoxiao, can you come out for a moment? Your brother is waiting at the school gate to find you. He asked me to pass this message to you!” The shy boy with a deep breath shouted loudly at Wu Xiaoxiao who was in the middle of studying after gathering his courage.

Of course his shout caught the attention of others too.

“Xiaoxiao, someone is calling you!” A girl with rounded face sitting beside Wu Xiaoxiao whispered to her. However, she did not feel surprised at all since these scenes had happened countless times in the past.

Hearing the shout from the shy boy saying that her brother is waiting at the gate, Wu Xiaoxiao was indeed suspicious. But, she still stood up and walked outside to clarify the boy’s statement.

“You say my brother is looking for me? Then, briefly explain his appearance for me.”

“This…….your brother’s look is much more ordinary!” This shy boy was having difficulties in describing his appearance. Plus, Wu Xiaoxiao was so pretty. The young man claiming to be her brother was so ordinary looking and did not have a big figure. No matter how you look at it, you would never be able to relate this young man to Wu Xiaoxiao who was so attractive.

Hearing the boy’s mumbling reply, Wu Xiaoxiao still felt suspicious in her heart. However, she decided to have a look at the main gate. If this boy told her that the man was tall and handsome, she would certainly not bother at all.

This was because she did not have any tall and handsome brother. She only had a loving brother with an ordinary face.

“Xiao Wen, I wanna go out for a moment.” Thinking of this, Wu Xiaoxiao informed the girl with a rounded face next to her.

“Let me accompany you, I have never seen your brother before!” The girl named Xiao Wen had a little laugh to herself and followed Wu Xiaoxiao, leaving the classroom.

Along the way, the shy boy accompanied them. It was just that during the walk, he did not open his mouth at all to start a conversation. He was originally a very shy person. To be able to shout and call someone out in front of so many students was also because of the courage that Wu Hao gave him through the 200 Yuan.

Soon, when Wu Xiaoxiao and Xiao Wen were about to reach the main gate, they saw the figure of Wu Hao outside the gate. Confirming that the figure was her own brother, Wu Xiaoxiao happily ran to him.

“Bro, it is really you! Why have you come to my school to find me?”

“Hehe! I just came back from another city. After noticing that today is Friday and that you should be on a holiday now and ya, I come here to have a look at you. At the same time, I came to bring you home.” Wu Hao smiled.

Then looking at the shy boy behind Wu Xiaoxiao, he thanked the boy. “This boy, thanks for your help. And this, the rest of the money.”

“A! No need. You already gave me 200 Yuan just now.” The shy boy immediately rejected his offer. This was because after he found out that he is really Wu Xiaoxiao’s brother, the boy somehow felt wrong to accept so much money from him.

“Bro, why did you give him so much money!” Looking at Wu Hao taking out 200 Yuan, Wu Xiaoxiao asked him in a whispered tone.

“Nothing, just that I asked his help to call you out. Help me give this money to him. Your brother has already promised him!”

“O!” Although in her heart she somehow complained about Wu Hao’s spending his money wastefully, she still took the money and handed it to the boy.

“O ya, Xiaoxiao, go quickly and pack your stuff. In a moment, we are going back home! I will wait for you here.” Wu Hao then voiced out after he saw her handing the money to the shy boy.

“Go home? It’s already so late, where are we going to find a car! Also, since I stayed back at school, I need to self-study!” Wu Xiaoxiao was speechless at her own brother’s suggestion.

“Still want to self-study? Don’t tell me you need to attend lessons tomorrow?.”

“Of course there is no school tomorrow. Just that we who stay back at school need to self-study in the evening every Friday at the classroom.” Wu Xiaoxiao explained.

“Since there is no class tomorrow, then this evening’s self-study you can just skip. Let us go home together.”

“Bro, you have a fever? Right now it’s so late, where are we going to find a car!” Wu Xiaoxiao said with a complaining tone.

“Hehe! As for this, rest assured. Your bro actually drove here. No matter how late it is, we can still go home. Go faster, I will wait for you.” Wu Hao smiled.

“You drove a car here?” Wu Xiaoxiao looked at her brother suspiciously. Since her brother did not seem like he was joking, she then opened her mouth. “Okay. Then I will inform my teacher for the leave.”

… …

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