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SBT Chapter 13 – Head and face filthy with grime

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 013 Head and face filthy with grime

… …

Obviously the fatty did not believe that Wu Hao could afford such a price tag; one million plus, nearing two million Yuan for such a luxury car.

His own Mercedes-Benz car, although it was also worth more than one million, that did not mean that he was very rich.

Because in today’s society, those driving a luxury car in the street, some of them might even have negative assets! All the money spent was borrowed from the bank after all.

For example, this fatty was one of those people. Today, he brought along the girl to the car dealership without any desire in buying a car at all.

This girl was just someone fatty chatted with a few days ago through Wechat. After playing around for a few times, he could no longer stop the urge in himself. Thus, today his idea in bringing the girl to the car dealer was just to keep her in suspense.

As for buying her a Benz? He was not an idiot or a retard. How could he buy a Benz just to win the heart of a random girl? (E/N: So he’s trying to make it look like he’s a sugar daddy yet he has no money for the hunnies smh)

Li Xiaoyun worked efficiently. In just one trip, she had brought a contract in her hands in front of Wu Hao and the manager. Wu Hao just glanced at the contract and was ready to sign it. Then, he took out his bank card to pay the full amount.

“Later when I go back, I will drive it right away. That shouldn’t be a problem right?”

“No problem, Mr. Wu. After we finish our final tests on the car and attach a temporary number plate, you can just drive it right away. Just that I might have to bother mister to return back the temporary plate after settling the number plate.” The manager qas obviously willing to entertain Wu Hao’s request since he had already paid the full amount.

Moreover, Wu Hao’s requirement was something common to them. This was because all the guests in this shop were mostly willing to pay the full amount. Basically, they would also request to drive the car right away.

Thus, for the procedure and testing etc, they would definitely do it in the simplest and fastest manner. This was done to make sure that not much of the customer’s time was wasted.

“Then that’s good. Now bring me to the car for some test drive!” Although Wu Hao had obtained his driver’s license last year, he had never really driven a car on the road by himself. Plus, this G500 had a lot of functions which he needed to familiarize himself with. Thus, now was the best time for him to get used to it.

However, the whole process of Wu Hao signing the contract was seen by the fatty. Originally, he wanted to look at how Wu Hao shamed himself but he ended up standing there like a clown instead. The other customers who were looking at cars and even the staffs were quietly whispering  to each other.

“Husband, let’s go and look at the car!” Noticing his black facial expression, the girl beside the fatty started to act cute again.

“Look your mum! Move the f*ck aside!” Hearing the girl’s voice, the fatty immediately raged. He threw the girl’s hand and walked away in a rush manner.

Wu Hao, who was on his way to test his car, sneered after he heard the footstep from his rear. He just ignored them and did not add in any words. In his view, that fatty was just an ignorant clown.

Reaching at the open space behind, Wu Hao had a quick test drive accompanied by one of the staff there. He was somehow able to familiarize himself with the operations of the car. In addition to his spiritual perception, Wu Hao was able to drive the car with ease.

After the test drive ended, all the relevant procedures had been completed and temporary license plate added on by the car dealership to ease the process.

Once all the business was done, Wu Hao did not wish to stay any longer. He placed his two backpacks in the back of the car and then left the shop by driving his fresh new car.

After Wu Hao left the shop, Li Xiaoyun was still in a dreamlike state. Never had she thought that her very first deal and transaction would actually be worth two million Yuan.

Based on her performance just now by welcoming Wu Hao properly, not only did had she received a generous bonus, she was also immediately hired by the manager to be a formal sales staff.

For Li Xiaoyun, the bonus and her job were both very important.

“With this bonus, I am one step closer to being able afford the cost of mum’s operation.” Li Xiaoyun secretly thought, her heart was sincerely grateful to Wu Hao.

After all, the reason she was able to be promoted to a regular employee and get the same commission rate as the official sales staff was all because Wu Hao spoke for her.

Otherwise, although she could still get a bonus, that would only follow the rate of temporary worker.

Wu Hao left the car centre. He opened the car’s built in navigation system. Then, he punched in his address and drove his car according to the navigation system’s suggested route back.

Mercedes-Benz G500 not only had a tough domineering outer appearance, even the drive was also very comfortable. After all, this was a top of the line SUV. Naturally, all other models could not be compared with.

“En! Today is Friday, right? My sister should be on holiday then. If it’s like that, let me go visit her study place then!” Wu Hao’s sister was studying at a boarding school. Because the house was far from the school, and her family did not have a car, usually she would spend her weekend in the school dormitories.

Most of the time, she would only go back home once a month. Now, since they now had a car and tomorrow was weekend too, Wu Hao decided to take his sister for a trip back home.

From Chengdu to Sanyuan city, there were high speed expressway. Wu Hao started to depart at noon and reached Sanyuan city at only 6 o’clock. Since Wu Hao only knew his sister’s name and class but not contact number, he was forced to go to the school’s main gate and asked the security guard for help.

“Hello, uncle. I would like to ask where are the high school third year classrooms at? I want to find the third year Wu Xiaoxiao. I am her brother, Wu Hao.”

The security guard looked at Wu Hao closely. With some doubts, he said,“You came to find your sister? Then why didn’t you inform her before hand?”

“O! My sister still does not have a cellphone yet.”

Hearing this, the guard uncle didn’t believe him at all. After all, don’t even mention high school students, even almost all junior high school students have a mobile phone.

From the look of it, he guessed Wu Hao’s wasn’t that old, yet he said he wanted to find his own sister. Thus, he considered Wu Hao as someone who was coming to the school trying to hook up with schoolgirls. Furthermore, these cases were something he had seen countless times. This school was one of the best on the city. The management of the school was extremely strict about the safety of the students. In order to have access to enter the school compound, all students must show their student card. Even the staffs all had their own card too. As for the outsiders, they were prohibited from entering.

“Uncle, I really came here to fetch my sister. Really, I did not lie at all.” Wu Hao said in a very helpless tone. He knew that nowadays all students basically had a mobile phone. It was just that his sister was not someone who wanted to compare with others.

At the same time, she knew that her family economic status was not good. Thus, she said that she was still young and usually had nobody important to talk to. Plus, having a mobile phone might hinder her concentration in studying. Until now, she did not let her family get a mobile phone for her.

… …
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