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SBT Chapter 12 – Act like a snob

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 012   Act like a snob

… …

During their journey to the automobile centre, the taxi driver kept conversing with Wu Hao. However, most of the time it was Wu Hao who listened instead of talking.

Just like that, about half an hour later, they arrived within the bounds of the automobile centre. As the centre covers a huge area, the driver then asked Wu Hao.

“Hey, brother! Where do you want me to drop you?”

Actually, when the taxi entered into the range of the automobile centre, Wu Hao had already started to observe the centre. Hearing the driver’s question, since he had already mapped nearly everything about the centre, Wu Hao spoke directly to the driver, “Just drop me at the car shop right over there!”

The driver then looked at the direction pointed by Wu Hao. Isn’t that Mercedes-Benz’s sales shop!!!

“Brother, you are not coming here to buy a car right?” The driver was surprised. After all, from his perspective, Wu Hao doesn’t seem to be someone who could afford to buy a Mercedes-Benz!

He just thought that Wu Hao’s house was located somewhere near to the automobile centre.

“Coming to automobile centre, if not to buy a car then come here for what?” Wu Hao sneered and replied casually.

“No, no. I do not mean anything bad. I am just a bit curious.” Fearing that Wu Hao might despise him, the driver quickly explained.

Within the duration of their conversation, the taxi stopped in front of entrance of the car shop.

After Wu Hao paid the fee and carried his two backpacks down, the driver secretly exclaimed, “This world really has any type of people. This was the very first time I saw someone carry along so much stuff to buy a car. Furthermore, he is going to buy a Benz. Even if he wanted to show off, couldn’t he tone down a bit? Rich men’s world is something hard to understand.”

Looking at Wu Hao carrying those huge backpacks towards the car shop’s entrance, the driver could not help but sigh.

Not only the driver was surprised. Even the security guard at the entrance and those salesman looking through the glass wall from inside were secretly tongue wagging with such scene in front of their eyes.

“Is this person crazy? How could he bring so many things here to buy a car? Also look at the way he dresses. Is that even someone who could afford to buy a Benz?!” A salesgirl showed a disgusted expression.

Salesman like them usually have a very good insight on someone based on their appearance. However, today these people are destined to judge incorrectly.

Entering the shop, Wu Hao found that there were a lot of staff there looking at him. However, nobody came to greet him as if he was not welcomed there.

When Wu Hao decided to walk with his backpacks towards the direction of front counter, a little girl ran with small steps to him.

“Hi, mister. What type of model are you looking for?” Li Xiaoyun asked Wu Hao with a professional smile. She was still an intern at the car dealer. Although she had worked there for more than 2 months, there were still many things which she was not familiar with. Coupled with her lack of sense in analyzing the situation, her sales performance was still a bit fat zero after 2 months plus.

Her 3 months internship was about to end. If she was still not able to make a deal, she would most probably have to say goodbye to her job.

Wu Hao looked at the young girl in front of him. Although she was beautiful, she was somehow immature. From one look, he could gues that she must have only recently started working.

“You guys here have the G500 model? I wanna have a look at it.” Since someone was there to greet him, of course he would not be shy to say his need. As for those who were masking their disdainful thoughts with polite smiles, Wu Hao was too lazy to even glance at them.

As for this G500 model, Wu Hao came across it through an online channel about risk taking. The founder of the channel apparently had two modified Mercedes G500.

This program was an instant hit in internet at launch. Basically, in the program, there was a couple, husband and wife leading a team and travelled around Middle East from the capital city with an adventure in the middle of a war.

In the past, Wu Hao had always been envious of those who get the opportunity to explore all around the world and feel the differences. He fantasized that one day he would be joining an exploration team for a risky journey.

But Wu Hao was very clear about this. Not anyone could just randomly join an expedition.

Thus, this idea was also the same as the other dream of adventuring in the wild. He could only think about it in his heart.

When Wu Hao decided to buy a car, the first model which came across his mind was the modified Merz G500. This was because in the current market, this model is the top notch among off-road vehicles.

Of course, the G500 in the program had already been modified. As compared to the stock G500, of course it won’t be as great in performance.

However, to drive through that shitty road to his home with this car would not pose any problem at all.

When Li Xiaoyun heard Wu Hao’s request, she was obviously shocked for a bit. She then proceeded to confirm with Wu Hao again. “Mister, you want to have a look at G500?”

“Yea! Is there any problem?”

“O! No, no, no problem!” worrying that she might say something wrong, Li Xiaoyun quickly explained.

However, when Li Xiaoyun was ready to bring Wu Hao to the other side of the hall to look at the car, a discordant voice came out of nowhere.

“Haha! Little girl, you wanna bring people to see car also you have to see their situation first. Look at him, girl. Does he look like someone who can afford a car? G500?! At first glance I could already guess he is a country bumpkin. I really do not understand how the security here works. Letting any random guy enter the shop. Don’t you think it would disturb us when we are looking at cars?” A 30 year old plus fat man voiced out. Accompanying him was a young lady with face full of heavy makeup.

Just one look and anyone would be able to guess she must be from some nightclub which this fatty had brought along.

“Aiyo, let us ignore this bumpkin. I thought you promised to bring me here to view car?!” That girl said with a flirting voice. Once Wu Hao heard her voice he felt like vomiting.

He really could not stand the look of this woman. With such thick makeup on her face, is she trying to scare everyone around her to death?

However, hearing such remarks from the fatty, Wu Hao naturally could not just act like nothing happened.

“Hehe! Whether I can buy or not, open your dog eyes and have a look. Then you would know right?” Wu Hao, finishing this sentence did not even spare a second glance at the fatty. Instead, he turned towards Li Xiaoyun which was next to him and told her, “I think I am not going to look at the car. Do you have the white model? If you do, I want the car then. Get it done immediately as I want the car now.”

“A! White color, I have to ask my manager to know whether we still have them in stock or not.” Li Xiaoyun hearing this somehow had a delayed reaction.

Just then, a middle aged man quickly rushed to the scene. While smiling, he said, “Mister, rest assured. We do have the white model here.”

“That’s good then. You are the manager right? Then, ask your staff to handle it faster. I still need to go home! O ya, this girl was the one promoting to me just now. Just let her handle it then.” Wu Hao pointed at Li Xiaoyun while talking to the manager.

“Okay, mister. No problem!” The manager smiled at Wu Hao and commanded Li Xiaoyun who was still dazed. “Xiaoyun, quickly go and prepare the contract for this gentleman here.”

“A! Okay, manager!” Li Xiaoyun, hearing the command from the manager immediately rushed to get the contract with a hint of a blush on her face.

However, that fatty with a big mouth showed an expression of constipation. With his gloomy face, he thought in his heart. “Act, continue acting then. I want to see later what are you going to pay with.”

… …
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