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SBT Chapter 11 – Ready to buy a car

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 11   Ready to buy a car

… …

After leaving the mall, Wu Hao quickly got on a taxi which drove him back to the hotel. Since the hotel was quite comfortable to live in, he did not bother with changing residence. After all, he won’t be staying in Macao for too long.

“This kind of speed in spending money is indeed too fast! Just a quick shopping trip, I have already spent almost 1 million Yuan. Tomorrow, should I go to another casino and win back some money?” Wu Hao, who was now lying on the bed could not help but to have a bitter laugh in his heart.

Originally, he thought that by winning 3 million Yuan should be enough for him to spend for a while. Who would have thought that in just a day, he would have already spent nearly one third of his winnings.

According to his plan, besides having some money for him to spend during his adventures, he also wished to leave a sum of money for his parents. Not only that, he also hoped to spend some on reconstruction of his old house and repair the village road leading to the nearby town.

His home was located at Sanxi Town which is nearby to Qinling mountain range. Within these recent years, with the help of local authorities, a road had been built from the village to the nearby town.

However on rainy days, this road would be disastrous. Don’t need to mention cars, even a motorcycle would not be able to pass through the road. To put it in other words, it was basically a dried river bed during normal days. Besides digging the soil to make it look like a road, there was really nothing else.

Actually, the state government had announced that they would upgrade the road. But after several years, there was still no news regarding this matter.

Thus, Wu Hao thought that why doesn’t he spend his money to upgrade the road. After all, it was only a few kilometers long road. If he builds a common village cement road, a few hundred thousand Yuan should be more than enough.

Thinking of this, Wu Hao finally made his decision. His remaining 2 million Yuan certainly won’t be enough for all this.

Furthermore, he was not going to win ton of cash at the same casino. He felt that as long as he just won a few million Yuan in every casino, that should be safe and not attract any unwanted attention.

“En! Let us decide it like that then.” After deciding, Wu Hao immediately spent the rest of his time training his ability.

… …

With just a duration of two days, Wu Hao had visited several big casinos in Macao. Carrying his two backpacks and additional of 10 million in his bank account, he came to a secluded park near a seaside. He was just waiting for an opportunity to leave Macao.

It went according to Wu Hao’s plan without any trouble. He went to different casinos every time and the highest winning he had was only about two to three million Yuan per casino. That was why he did not attract any attention from the casino management.

Then, after he won about 10 million Yuan, he immediately halted his operation. After all, with this money, it was more than enough for him to either build the road or even improve his home condition.

Moreover, Wu Hao spent his spare time during those two days to do his research online regarding valuable herbs. Now, Wu Hao had some idea in identifying some of the common herbs. For example, wild ginseng, lingzhi mushrooms etc.

He understood that Sanxi town was only located at the periphery of Qinling mountain range. But since he had the ability to fly, even if he had to travel from his home to the depth of Qinling mountain range, the journey would only take him several hours.

Thus, in the future if he lacks money, he could just fly there and find some easy money.

In the market, a few hundred years old wild ginseng could fetch up to several million Yuan.

For ordinary people, trying to find wild ginseng might be an impossible feat.

But for someone who has telekinesis and spiritual perception like Wu Hao, he just needs some time and he would definitely would be able to find it.

Time quickly flew by until it was just past midnight. After detecting that nobody was around the area, Wu Hao took this opportunity, with the help of the darkness he flew up high in the sky while carrying two huge backpacks.

With those backpacks and his weight added together, it came close to nearly 200kg. Although this weight would consume his power at quite a worrisome rate, flying from Macao to Zhuhai should not be a problem for him.

This was because these two cities were somewhat close to each other. Even if Wu Hao picked some random secluded place at the corner of the city, it would only take him about a 10 minutes flight.

Once he arrived at Zhuhai, Wu Hao did not go straight to a hotel. Instead, he just spent the night at the park where he landed. When dawn was arrived, Wu Hao then found himself a driver who ran a private car service. After paying the fees, the driver drove him all the way to Guangzhou.

Wu Hao was not reluctant to spend some cash on getting a car. Since he had too much things to carry around, travelling in a public transport was not a good idea. Anyway, he was not lacking any money now. Besides saving him a lot of trouble, a car could even travel faster too. From Zhuhai to Guangzhou at high speed with car, the journey only took a little more than an hour to reach the destination, Baiyun airport.

To reach his home from Guangzhou, the destination was exactly a full 1000km. Although he could use his telekinesis and slowly travel back home, it was still a difficult task to do so with his current ability.

Moreover, he was carrying a lot of stuff. Plus, in order to not be found out by people on the ground, he could only fly at night.

To carry such a huge load, he needed as least several days to travel such a long distance or it would be an incredibly challenging feat.

Taking into account these factors, Wu Hao naturally decided to choose the fastest and most comfortable way back home.

Since he had money, of course he would buy a first class seat. As for the treatment he received in his first class seat, it was something you don’t have to describe.

Although this was the first time Wu Hao took a flight and never sat on an economy seat before, with his spiritual perception, basically the panoramic view of the whole plane was seen by him.

Thus, the differences between the first class and economy class seats were naturally all compared by him. Just the differences in the stewardess between these two class were so obvious. The stewardess in charge of first class seat was so many times more attractive than ordinary stewardesses. Also, the food prepared for the passengers in first class seat looked more extraordinary and were abundant in choices too.

Basically, as long as your request is something within their services, any food or item you need, the stewardess will get it ready for you with a smile.

When the plane arrived at Chengdu airport, Wu Hao met some trouble yet again after getting off the plane. His home from Chengdu airport was still hundreds of kilometers away. For the trip, he would need to change cars several times.

“Seems that I need a chartered car again? However, my home is so far away. Even the road to the village is so hard to drive on. I am afraid that nobody is willing to help me deliver these backpacks home.” After thinking for some time, Wu Hao’s eyes shone suddenly.

“Ya, right! Why do I need a chartered car? I could just buy a car myself. With my telekinesis and spiritual perception, I can still manage to drive it even though without any experience in driving before. Yes, I have to buy a car!”

Wu Hao then walked out of the airport and stopped a taxi.

“Brother, where you want to go?” The driver was about 30 year old and dressed up in quite a fashionable attire. Since he could see Wu Hao was young too, he was naturally able to be friendlier.

“To the biggest automobile centre of Chengdu!” Wu Hao directly told the driver his destination.

“Automobile centre? No problem!” That middle age driver did not really care about his motive and just happily drove his taxi to the largest automobile centre.

… …
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