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SBT Chapter 10 – Equipment purchase

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 10 Equipment purchase

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After watching the scene with a spectator-like attitude, Wu Hao quietly left the casino. To him, winning 3 million Yuan was more than enough. After all, he did not put too much hope in fishing up a fortune via gambling. Using such methods to generate mountains of profit would only cause unnecessary trouble instead.

With his telekinesis and spiritual perception, gambling was not the only way for him to earn money. After leaving the casino, Wu Hao did not immediately return to the hotel. Instead, he went to a large shopping mall in Macao to buy some equipment. On the way to Macao, Wu Hao had already decided to buy a set of high quality outdoor equipment. It was just that he had no money at that time. Now, with 3 million Yuan in his bank, he would definitely get himself nice and good quality outdoor equipment. At the same time, he planned to buy some gifts for his parents and sister at home.

Macao, besides being recognized as one of the places with the best casinos, it is also a shopper’s paradise. Just name any international brand you know and as long as it exists, you will be able to find it in these large shopping malls in Macao.

“Welcome to our shop, mister. Is there anything you are looking for?” After reaching the destination and walking towards an outdoor goods shop, a salesgirl greeted him with a warm welcome.

“Yea, I want a set of the best outdoor equipment.” Wu Hao was not picky about his outdoor equipment set. Since last time, Wu Hao was very interested to explore the wilds but due to certain circumstances, he had to just keep it in his heart. Never did he imagine that one day his dream would come true. Although he did not understand much about outdoor equipment, he knew that picking up the most expensive one won’t be that terrible in quality no matter what.

After hearing such words from Wu Hao, the salesgirl’s face immediately shined. She treated him even much better than just now. Just like that, after half an hour of introduction and selection, Wu Hao finally managed to get himself a full set of outdoor equipment. The equipment which he bought included several sets of outdoor attire, tent, backpack and also common surviving tools. Not only that, Wu Hao also got himself the latest rugged smartphone and a satellite navigation tool.

The reason he bought a navigation tool was as a precaution if he became lost while flying. Although his smartphone did have a GPS feature, how could it compete with the accuracy of a tool specialized in navigation? In addition to a navigation tool, Wu Hao also bought an outdoor high definition camera which could take photographs and record videos. With this, when he explores the wild, he could keep a memory of the beautiful scenery and animals. Finally, he came across a very cool gadget in the shop. It was a notebook with 3 in 1 features, shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. This kind of notebook, Wu Hao had only seen it in movies.

Moreover, even if he came across it Wu Hao would still not able to afford it. This was because this type of notebook costs at least 200k Yuan. From a brief introduction by the salesgirl, Wu Hao immediately like this notebook. His main interest was its durability during outdoor activities. Besides that, the performance of this notebook compared to current top laptops in the market was better by several times. And the most important features it has was besides being waterproof and dustproof, it had a long battery life. But this made the notebook very thick. From Wu Hao’s estimation, at least half of its volume was occupied by the battery cells.

In the end, after finishing up his purchase in the shop, the account bank of Wu Hao had shrank in a blink of an eye. In this trip, he had spent more than a few hundred thousand Yuan.

All the newly purchased equipment had been stuffed inside the backpack until it was packed. He was then forced to buy a slightly smaller backpack before finishing storing all the equipment.

Of course, Wu Hao had removed all the wrapping. If the wrapping was included, perhaps another two backpacks would be needed before being able to store them completely.

The weight of all the items summed up would be roughly 60 kg. When the store boss and staff saw how easily Wu Hao carried the backpack, they were very surprised.

“This man has such a monstrous strength. He is indeed worthy to engage himself in outdoor adventures.”

In fact, Wu Hao’s strength was just ordinary. It was thanks to his telekinesis that he was able to carry the two backpacks with ease. In his current condition, Wu Hao could carry a maximum of 300 kg by using his telekinesis. He estimated that in a few days, he would be able to increase his maximum weight to 400 kg. With such an abnormal ability, carrying stuff which only weighed 60 plus kilograms, it was too easy a feat.

After finishing his purchase there, Wu Hao went to another store in the shopping mall to get some presents for his parents and sister.

Clothes are just too common as a gift. Furthermore, it was not easy for him to buy that. After all, he had not gone back home for more than a year. Even his sister must have grown up quite a bit by now. Thus, he did not want to risk buying something which might not fit them.

In the end, Wu Hao decided to buy a mechanical tool for his parents. The price was not that expensive, only about few tens of thousand. Wu Hao was not reluctant to spend more money on them. He was just afraid that his parents might know about the price tag and would then be unwilling to use the tool to aid their work. Instead, they would carefully hide it.

As for his own sister, he bought her the latest ‘Fruit’ smartphone, smartwatch and laptop. Wu Hao had to admit that the laptop model of ‘Fruit’ was really stylish and suited to be used by females. They not only beautiful appearance, their performance was also on par with the other top laptops in market.

“Mister, do you need us to help deliver these products? We can ask the mall’s staff to send them to your hotel free of charge.”

Inside the ‘Fruit’ concept store, the salesgirl noticed that Wu Hao was already occupied with the two backpacks and asked him.

“Nah, it’s alright. Just remove the boxes and help me to put them inside the backpack. So that I can still move around while carrying them.” Wu Hao smiled and politely declined her goodwill.

The watch and phone did not occupy much space. Only the laptop was a bother. However, in the smaller backpack there was still some space left. It should be enough to make some room for the laptop.

“Alright” The salesgirl was surprised after hearing Wu Hao’s remark. However she did not ask any further. She quickly removed the boxes and put them carefully into the backpack. Although this backpack was considered small in size, if it was compared with other backpacks in market, it was not small at all.

It was just that the length of the other backpack was 1.5 meters. As for it, it was just barely over 1 meter in length. Naturally, it would be regarded as small.

After the salesgirl carefully stored the laptop into the backpack, she secretly tried the weight of the backpack and found that it was so difficult to lift even for abit.

In her heart, she could not help but to be shocked at how powerful Wu Hao was. Soon, Wu Hao carried those backpacks and left the store. The salesgirl then exclaimed to the other staff.

“This guy has extraordinary strength. You know, those two backpacks are extremely heavy and yet, he carried them as if they are nothing.”

“Real or not?! I thought in those backpacks were just filled with cotton!” Those other staffs were not clear about it. Thus, they did not expect that the backpacks of Wu Hao were actually loaded with heavy objects.

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