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SBT Chapter 1 – Mind Control

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe



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Chapter 001 Mind Control

In a room of Sanjiang Municipal Public Hospital, a guy named Wu Hao was lying in a bed. At this very moment, both of his eyes opened. He mindlessly stared at the dust particles that were floating on the glass cup in front of him. To his amazement, the supposed pain in his body had mostly disappear.

“What’s going on here?! Don’t tell me that after taking a hard hit on my head from the fall, my brain started to mutate? I was just thirsty and wanted to drink some water. All of sudden, the glass cup which was originally placed nicely on the table, started floating and arrived in front of me.”

Actually, Wu Hao, who just woke up from a coma, was feeling thirsty. Because of his head and body injuries, nearly his whole body was wrapped in gauze and plaster. That was the reason why he couldn’t move. Right now the ward nurses weren’t in the room.

He didn’t expect that  with just the thought that he wanted to eliminate his thirst, the glass cup on the table next to him would float towards him.

Luckily, there were no other patients in the room and the nurses had left too. If not, anyone who saw such an incident will surely be scared to death.

Wu Hao’s injuries could be considered work related. However, the main reason was still because of his own carelessness.

Actually the real situation was like this. Last night, Wu Hao received a message from his girlfriend who currently worked in a nearby city. They had dated for three years since their university days and now, she wanted to break up.

The reason was very simple. After they both graduated, they found work in different cities. Even though they were separated from each other for not even more than three months, their relationship was getting worse. Last night, his girlfriend finally asked him to break up officially.

Earlier this morning, Wu Hao whose broken heart still hadn’t recovered, went to work absent-mindedly. That was why when he went together with his colleague to the construction site for inspection, he accidentally slipped from the steel frame. From a two story high steel frame, he fell. His body and head were hit back and forth like a pinball between the steel frame before he landed. As soon as he touched the ground, he instantly fainted.

After the shocking accident, his colleague rushed him to the nearest public hospital. A detailed and complete examination of his whole body had been done. It seemed that Wu Hao only suffered from a minor concussion. Besides those injuries in his limbs, there was nothing else worth mentioning. After ensuring that he was not in any danger, his colleague left him there.

The company and hospital notified Wu Hao’s family regarding this incident. It was just that Wu Hao came to Sanjiang city not too long ago. Thus, he had no friends and family in the city. All of his family members of his stayed in the rural area of Sichuan. His parents were just ordinary farmers. Even if his parents received the news now and started to rush over to Sanjiang city, it would take at least two days to arrive.

Lying on the bed, Wu Hao started to experiment with his power. His original shock turned into amazement instead.

Escape a great calamity and you will find yourself a fortune. Because he was now a ‘mutant’, this seemed to confirm the rumor. After the accident, he surprisingly could use his thoughts to control objects. This was the legendary telekinesis.

Not only that, when he closed his eyes, he was able to see anything within a radius of five meters. Coincidentally, five meters was the range of his mind control too.

“Oh shit! Is it because I used my mind control for too long?” After a few minutes of continuous usage of his mind control, the originally amazed Wu Hao now felt weak all of a sudden. He felt a pain inside his head that wanted to crack open his head.

This pain was not from his head injury, but rather from a certain region deep inside his brain. This sudden pain immediately made Wu Hao stop getting any ideas to continue using this ability.

In addition to his earlier experiment of manipulating the cup and those small objects which were readily available on the table, he vaguely felt that controlling those large objects wouldn’t work though. Thus, he didn’t have any desires to test it out.

His sixth sense told him that he could currently only control up to items weighing about 100 catties. If the weight is too large, for example 1000 catties, logically this wouldn’t work.

Moreover, Wu Hao was still getting used to mind control. This ability seemed weak and very limiting. Even controlling small objects for just a few minutes already made him so weak and painful in his head.

Soon Wu Hao just laid down in his bed with both eyes closed. After closing both eyes, he took deep breaths for a few minutes to rest himself. The sense of pain tingling his brain gradually weakened.

“Seems that my mental strength is really weak, such a short duration and I could already feel the strain in my head.” With these changes, Wu Hao somehow started to understand more about his ability.

While he was concentrating on his breathing, in that moment, he sensed his mind was now in a unique place. This region had an endless night sky with stars sparkling beautifully. It then started to form threads of some particle which then condensed into a violet airflow.

Wu Hao was actually using a breathing technique at that moment. When he was still in college, he stumbled upon it on Internet. This breathing technique was a way of practicing qigong.

It was absolutely simple to practice. Whether he sitting or lying down, he could still practice it effortlessly. This type of deep breathing technique could actually enhance internal organs and strength.

It was too bad Wu Hao didn’t have much perseverance. When he came into contact with this method, he would practice it during the mornings and the evenings everyday for two whole months. Then the next few years in university, he would just practice it randomly without any schedule. Whenever he occasionally thought of it, only then would he practice it for a few minutes.

Even though this breathing technique didn’t grant him any extreme qigong skill, at least his body and health did indeed improve compared to last time. As long as you used this technique, even when encountering small colds or when your body felt uncomfortable, you would surely recover by the next day.

In Wu Hao’s opinion, even if he disliked those people who tried to learn all those nonsense magic or achieving whatever “soul realm” on the internet, learning some skills to improve his body health was already sufficient for him.

After all, the breathing technique which he had gotten from internet, with all those benefits verified by a Taoist monk, he did not believe in them entirely. Even so, it was not like he could practice it continuously everyday.

However, this technique had been proven that it could quickly restore his weakened mind. By practicing it everyday, such problem should have been solved.

When you have the power, the telekinesis power which was so imbalanced, if you do not diligently train in how to use it, then such an ability on that person was really just wasteful.

“I didn’t expect that with such a method, the thread would form the airflow in the brain at such great speeds. Just in about ten minutes, I’m already nearly fully recovered.”

“Don’t tell me this accident with my head had any relation with the breathing technique? Previously I couldn’t feel a damn thing!” At this moment, the violet thread in his brain had started to bunch together. They almost reached their saturation point. Wu Hao started to ponder about the origins of the violet airflow.

Unfortunately, even cracking his a brain million times wouldn’t let him find any answers. It was better that he just put it aside instead of stressing over such matters. He allowed himself to continue the recovery before using his ability again on the small objects in the room.

However, this time Wu Hao did not use it carelessly like before by moving the objects around here and there. After all, this was still a hospital ward. Even though the bed beside him was empty, who knows when the doctor or nurse would come and open the door suddenly!

Thus, Wu Hao hid himself in the corner of the bed to prevent himself from being seen by anyone who entered into the room.

This time he not only tested the manipulation of objects to float, but also the maximum weight of the item that he could control. Now finally, he could control up to three different objects simultaneously. The weight was about five kg while the control range was about five meters.

After continuous usage for two minutes, the violet airflow in his brain had nearly been depleted. His head started to swell slightly. Obviously, this was the limit point.

If Wu Hao continued using his ability, he was certain that the previous weakening would happen again. By experiencing it himself, of course he wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again.

Anyway, as long as he practiced the breathing technique, he could recover back in roughly ten minutes. Then, he would continue practicing his ability. Wu Hao closed his eyes like before and breathed deeply using the technique.

At this very moment, the door was pushed open. With a medical trolley, a twenty plus year old young nurse with her face covered by a mask came in.

“You’ve regained consciousness? Does anything feel uncomfortable?” It was a young nurse doing her routine inspection. Wu Hao with his eyes opened widely and started to evaluate her.

Looking at the nurse with a mask, although Wu Hao couldn’t observe the full features of her face, he could still estimate that her beauty level wasn’t really that high. Her looks could only be considered ordinary. After all, in reality, those high standard nurses were still rare.

Although this hospital did indeed have those kind of nurses, most likely they were responsible for those in the VIP rooms. Since he was currently staying in the general ward, of course he won’t have such a privilege.

Also, he didn’t think that he could attract any attention from the nurses here. After all, he wasn’t a guy who earned a living with his face. His height was only about 1.75 meters nor did he a good body figure with an eight pack. Even worse, he was a nobody without any rank.

The only thing he had? Something very common, a degree in construction management. A few months before he graduated, with extreme difficulty, he found a construction company to do his internship. Now, it was only a few days left before his internship ended. Whether or not he could stay in the company, it was still unknown.

“Nope, everything is fine. I’m feeling quite good.” Wu Hao smiled. Of course he was in a good mood. In the past 20 years, he had never been on cloud nine before.

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