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RNGM Chapter 9 – I’m Level 10

Chapter 9: I’m Level 10
Translated by: 狗不理
Edited by: Last
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“Howl!” The Advanced Wild Wolf didn’t care what Lin Fan said and directly pounced towards him. It’s bloody mouth carried a fishy scent as it arrived closer and closer.

“Fireball!” Lin Fan directly casted a fireball at the Advanced Wild Wolf’s head, then retreated a few steps. Afterwards, he launched another fireball.

“Ao!” Finally, the monster succumbed to the relentless barrage and took it’s final breath.

“Shaa!” Upon the death of the Wild Wolf, Lin Fan finally reached level 10. He was finally able to leave Beginner Village! When he looked at the drops from the monster, he was a green spear. It seemed his luck wasn’t bad!

[Breaking Slaughter (Green): P.ATK: 20 VIT +1 Required LVL: 10]

“A level 10 longspear, not bad!” Lin Fan smiled. Although this spear was suited for knights, in the early game, this weapon would even be pretty good for warriors!

“I’m now level 10. I can now equip the Scepter of Darkness!” After equipping, Lin Fan’s Magic Attack was now something that people would envy. Testing it out, he launched a fireball at a nearby Wild Wolf.

[-80] surprisingly drifted out. The damage almost took half of the Wild Wolf’s HP, Lin Fan quickly finished the monster off and headed back to Beginner’s Village.

“Look… Quickly look. What is that guy holding?” Near the entrance of the village, a group of people were hunting level 2 Snow Rabbits. Seeing Lin Fan’s equipment that emit light, a guy couldn’t help but quietly ask the other.

“Ho-Holy shit!” After being pulled over and turning around to look, he immediately became amazed. His complexion made a 180 degree change. The blue light shining from the item made the other players take a deep gulp.

“It can’t be. It’s only the first day yet someone obtained a blue item?” Within Beginner’s Village, every player was looking at Lin Fan’s arrival with shock.

“This damned light! Why doesn’t it stop!” Lin Fan could only helplessly look at the blue light, scolding the game company’s lack of ability to conceal it.

“Young warrior, your growth has shocked me. In this small village, there doesn’t seem to be anything able to stop you. You should think about heading to further lands. Are you willing?” The chief of the Beginner Village smiled and asked

“I’m willing!” Lin Fan nodded.

“Very good. Brave warrior, take this letter to the portal operator. He’ll help send you to where you want to go!” The village chief laughed and handed Lin Fan an envelope.

Only after Lin Fan received the envelope did he finally relax. Although the transfer array could be activated and he could leave Beginner’s Village, the fee of 1 gold coin made Lin Fan shrink back abit. After level 10, players could receive a letter from the village chief, waiving the 1 gold coin fee. Otherwise, such an astronomical cost would trap more than 90% of the players here.

“Brave warrior, I’d never imagine you’d already obtain the village chief’s approval. Very good. Now you can leave this place! Please decided which city you would like to go to!” The portal operator asked after taking the letter.

In front of Lin Fan’s field of vision, a menu appeared. There were more than 10 cities to choose from on it. Within the list, Lin Fan searched for Holy City and directly chose it. Holy City was the destination that he and Liu Mengxiao agreed upon. After everyone made it out of Beginner’s Village, they would all converge there.

[System Message: A player has reached level 10. Game update has started. 2 hours until the end of update. Please safely log off!]

“What the hell! Someone has already reached level 10?” Chaotic Sky cursed, hacking at the Demon Wolf in front of him. He disregarded the items it dropped and directly checked the leaderboards. “Old Blameless, wait for me. I’m almost level 10 as well” Chaotic Sky couldn’t help but laugh.

“Devil May Cry has to be Blameless!” Focusing his gaze upon the name, Limitless turned somber. Besides Blameless and Chaotic Sky, who else was able to surpass him?

“Is it you?” Rainwalker asked himself. Displaying a curious expression, his beautiful face stirred up in excitement.

As Lin Fan logged out, he forced a smile. He never thought that the system would announce the first player entering the city. This time, it seemed things would get noisy.
(TLN: How the fuck do you not anticipate that)

“Lin Fan!” someone knocked. Hastily standing up and opening the door, he saw a girl and his eyes filled with tenderness.

“What are you looking at? It’s time to eat!” Liu Mengxiao said. Her cheeks were blushing.

Looking at the time, unexpectedly, it was already 7PM. He didn’t think that he played for 7 whole hours already. No wonder he was hungry the moment he logged off.

Arriving at the dining table, Hua Feng and the rest were also coming out from their rooms. They all sat down at the table.

“How are things progressing?” Hua Feng smiled while patting Lin Fan on the shoulders.

“Pretty good!” he nodded, showing a faint smile.

“What level have you guys reached?” Liu Mengxiao asked, looking towards everyone.

“I’m already level 7!” Ye Mengru proudly boasted. Compared to other players, reaching level 7 was already extremely impressive. RIght now, many people on the leaderboards were already level 7. If Ye Mengru could reach that level, then it truly would be something to boast about.

“I’m also level 7!” Liu Gang continued, his tone somewhat trying to provoke Ye Mengru.

“Level 6!” Ye Yun laughed, nodding her head.

“I’’m also level 6!” Xia You happily smiled. At the same time, she asked, “Older Sister
Xiaoxiao and Hua Feng, what about you?”

“Just before going offline, I had just hit level 8!” Liu Mengxiao faintly smiled, taking a spoonful of soup. “Right now, I’m 7th on the leaderboard!”

“Hiss!” hearing what she said, everyone collectively sucked in a breath. They never thought that Liu Mengxiao had unexpectedly already charge to the top 10. Although in the early game, spellcasters were weak, Liu Mengxiao had unexpectedly succeeded! This was sufficient proof of her strength.

“I’m rather tragic. The priest spell Judgement isn’t even comparable to Fireball. I’m only level 5!” Hua Feng could only bitterly laugh. Shaking it off, he immediately looked towards Lin Fan, asking “Lin Fan, what level are you? Oh right, i still don’t know your in-game username!”

“Level 10, I’m called Devil May Cry” chuckling, Lin Fan looked towards everyone.

Hearing what was said, everyone immediately stopped laughing and froze in place. They looked at the faintly smiling youngster and grew dazed as astonishment showed on their faces.

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