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RNGM Chapter 8: PKing

Translated by: 白酒鬼
Edited by: FlameDragon
TLCed by: 狗不理

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Lin Fan left the Beginner’s Village and rushed over to the Wild Ox area. Most of the players in the Beginner’s Village were level 5-6. And these people didn’t dare to take on the level 8 Wild Oxen. However, there were still a small number of parties hunting Wild Oxen. After all, that area was more spacious.

After arriving, Lin Fan immediately threw over a fireball. The effects of Lin Fan’s increased INT were showing. A single fireball had taken out a fifth of the Wild Ox’s health.

A short distance away was a party hunting Wild Oxen. Seeing Lin Fan’s fireball, they gasped with surprise, “Holy fuck, that damage!”

“It’s not that strange. Look at his gear, two of them are green. It’s quite normal for him to deal that much damage to a Wild Ox!” a warrior said as he hacked at a Wild Ox, “This is the gap between us and professional gamers. But that’s not all, their skills aren’t something we can compete with either. Don’t think that equipment alone is enough to deal that much damage. If he wasn’t good enough, he wouldn’t even be able to get the equipment.”

“That’s true!” A priest behind the warrior laughed as he hit a Wild Ox with a Judgement. “Though we’re quite good, we’re still nowhere near the level of pro gamers. Right now, we’re at level 6, but look at the level rankings. Even the tenth place player is already level 7!”

“Such is the gap between us!” the warrior nodded and gave a helpless laugh after looking at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan straight up beat the Wild Ox to death with his staff. This way was more convenient, as upon its death, Wild Beef would immediately appear in Lin Fan’s inventory. Soon, Lin Fan had killed twenty Wild Oxen and was ready to turn in the quest.

“The Wolfskin Pants (Green) add SPI so I don’t have to worry about MP anymore!” Lin Fan was currently able to slay 10 Wild Oxen before emptying his MP gauge. His leveling speed had skyrocketed. A single point in SPI added 10 MP. Lin Fan’s Wolfskin Pants (Green) added 5 SPI. That was the equivalent of 50MP. A single fireball only cost 10MP. Therefore, adding on the MP Lin Fan originally had, it was enough to cast spells willy nilly and still have MP to spare.

After exterminating 10 Wild Oxen, Lin Fan started walking back towards the Beginner’s Village. Even though the quest difficulty wasn’t high, the targets were still level 8 Wild Oxen. The EXP gained wasn’t too bad.

After returning to the Beginner’s Village and turning in the quest to the butcher, Lin Fan gained 1000 EXP. He only needed a few hundred more to hit level 10.

“Time to farm!” Lin Fan helplessly laughed. Once again, Lin Fan headed towards the Wild Wolf area. He had to hit level 10 as soon as possible. The major cities were currently deserted, so he would be free to hunt the new Bosses there. When killing a Boss for the first time, the item drop rate would be three times higher. Under such great conditions, there’d definitely be great gear available.

Upon reaching the Wild Wolf area, Lin Fan sent a fireball flying over. Now that he had two pieces of green equipment on, Lin Fan’s attacks were enough to massacre these wolves. He wasn’t nearly as pitiful as when he fought that Demon Wolf. Back then, even killing a single Wild Wolf took his whole MP bar.

[System Notice: Wild Wolf killed, EXP+70]

Seeing that system notice,Lin Fan gave a bitter smile. The first time he came here, he got several hundred EXP for each wolf! It was much better to hunt monsters above his level. However, there was nothing he could do. The strongest monsters in the Beginner’s Village area were the Wild Wolves. There was nothing above them.

As Lin Fan was hunting Wild Wolves, an Advanced Wild Wolf popped up nearby. Seeing this, Lin Fan’s expression immediately brightened up. Apart from the Demon Wolf, Advanced Wild Wolves are likely the strongest monsters here. A monster of this level could probably be considered a MiniBoss

Lin Fan sent a Fireball blasting towards the Advanced Wild Wolf, causing a [-25] to appear over it’s head.This slightly surprised Lin Fan. After all, the Advanced Wild Wolf’s HP was slightly over 500. Nonetheless, this was still within his tolerable range.

Having experienced facing the Demon Wolf, Lin Fan naturally chose to use the same method on the monster in front of him. Seeing the Advanced Wild Wolf charging forward and opening it’s bloody snout, Lin Fan sent a Fireball flying right inside it, dealing 50 damage.

Afterwards, Lin Fan immediately retreated a few steps and sent forth another Fireball. This sort of kiting was the mage’s main modus operandi!

“Fuck! That mage is soloing a Boss!” a sharp shrill voice came from far away. Soon after, 3 people appeared behind Lin Fan.

“So? Should we steal it?” the three people softly discussed. That he could solo an Advanced Wild Wolf showed that the guy in front of them was much stronger than they were. To make things worse… he was equipped with two pieces of green equipment, a cloak and a pair of pants. This was enough to scare some players to death at this stage.

“Of course!” the warrior among the three said with a grin. Lin Fan dealt insane damage, but he was still a low HP mage. If the three of them cooperated properly, they could likely take his life. And if Lin Fan dropped some of his gear upon death, that’d be even better.

“Alright! I’ll go hold off the wolf. Muscles, remember to attract their aggro! And Little Mo! Go harass that mage. Make sure he doesn’t have time to cast any spells!” said the shrill voice to Little Mo, an assassin. Its owner was a knight called Total Anarchy.

“Got it!” the assassin said as he dashed towards Lin Fan. His goal was to distract Lin Fan. As long as Lin Fan was unable to attack the monster, then there was a chance that they could get it.

“Just three? Too little!” Lin Fan laughed coldly when he saw these three people. His scorn for them, especially the assassin rushing at him, was shown in his laugh. Before reaching level 10, assassins couldn’t use stealth. All they had was a skill that caused bleeding called Pierce. Lin Fan couldn’t care less about assassins like them.

“Clang!” when he saw the assassin’s dagger stabbing towards him, Lin Fan deflected it with his Beginner’s Staff.

A [-7] appeared above Lin Fan’s head. When that happened, a faint grey light also appeared around the bodies of the three bandits.

[System Notice: Player Little Mo has attacked you!]

“It’s my turn now!” Lin Fan snickered. Then, he sent a Fireball flying towards Little Mo’s head, taking out half of his HP, and scaring him half to death. Little Mo charged forward regardless, and fiercely stabbed at Lin Fan.

Unfortunately for him, Lin Fan dodged the blow and a [Miss] appeared.

“Boom!” Lin Fan struck him with another Fireball, pushing him to the brink of death. The assassin was terrified. That Lin Fan could empty his HP bar in two attacks showed just how strong he was.

“Bye bye!” Lin Fan smiled as he finished him off.

“What the fuck!? Little Mo just disconnected!” Total Anarchy’s eyes were filled with shock when he say the party notice. It’s only been a few seconds and Little Mo’s gotten killed?

“Muscles, up the damage! Hurry!” Total Anarchy screamed as the Advanced Wild Wolf bit him, taking out a quarter of his health.

“Fuck! How am I supposed to up it? All I have is the basic attack! Tell me, how am I supposed to up the damage?” Muscles bitterly smiled as he swore.

“That Mage is coming! We’re screwed!” Seeing that Lin Fan was returning, Total Anarchy knew that they were going to die.

“Boom!” Lin Fan had thrown a Fireball at him. This was the brick that broke the donkey’s back. Total Anarchy had already been struggling with the Advanced Wild Wolf, so when Lin Fan’s Fireball came along, that last sliver of his health disappeared.

“Run!” Seeing that things weren’t going his way, Muscles started running for his life. After all, dying came with an experience penalty, and if he was unlucky, he could lose a full level. Knowing that he couldn’t beat Lin Fan, he didn’t even try to put up a fight.

“Awoo!” After Total Anarchy passed on, the aggro moved to his last remaining party member. The Advanced Wild Wolf dashed forward and bit Muscles. Following this, Lin Fan tossed a couple of Fireballs over, sending Muscles over to join his friends as well.

“With that done, let’s continue!” Lin Fan laughed as he saw the Advanced Wild Wolf charging towards him.

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  1. Mark Llasos Villa says:

    Before reaching level 10, assassins couldn’t use stealth. All they had was a skill that caused bleeding called Pierce. Lin Fan couldn’t care less about assassins like them.

    He knew the skills when its not posted on the official site, and no player have even reached level 10 yet.

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