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RNGM Chapter 7: First Place In the Level Rankings

Translated by: 白酒鬼
Edited by: Pete
TLCed by: 白酒鬼

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“Shua! Shua!” Following these two sounds, Lin Fan’s level immediately hit 7 and if that wasn’t enough, he was now halfway to the next level too.

“System Notice: Player Devil May Cry has killed the LVL 9 BOSS, Demon Wolf. EXP +3000! Fame+200!” Lin Fan was slightly stunned. He could never have expected that he’d level up twice and get a place on the level rankings.

He picked up the items on the ground. Apart from an assortment of potions , several materials, and the Demon Wolf’s Heart, there were four pieces of equipment.

Cloak of Shadows:

P.DEF+15. M.DEF+15. INT+15. Required LVL: 9.

Ring of Wind:

ATK SPD+2. ATK: 0 – 1. Required LVL: 10”

Wolfskin Pants:

P.DEF+12. M.DEF+6. SPI+5. Required LVL: 8”

Scepter of Darkness:

M.ATK+40. INT+3. SPI+5. Required LVL:10” When Lin Fan saw this loot, his eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. B-B-Blue equipment! And it’s a staff that I can use!

“I should hurry up and turn in the quest. It’s an unique one, with a five-star rating at that, so the rewards are definitely going to be big. I can’t let someone else snatch it from me!” He took one more look at the equipment then immediately, without wasting a single second, returned to the beginner’s village. If someone else were to take this quest kill the Demon Wolf and turn it in before him, his rewards would disappear!

So he hurriedly rushed back to the village and gave the Demon Wolf’s Heart to the portal operator.

“Wow!” The man looked at the object Lin Fan gave him with surprise. Then, he exclaimed, “Young Hero, you actually managed to slay that servant of evil! Looks like I didn’t overestimate you! Without that thing around, the path to rest of the world can be opened!”

“System Notice: Player Devil May Cry has completed the five-star quest – Freeing The Beginner’s Village. EXP+10000. Fame+1000. Obtained one class-specialized equipment. Obtained one skill book.”

“Shua! Shua!” Lin Fan leveled up another two times and achieved level 9. When he opened the level rankings, he saw that he had moved up to first place. Second place was occupied by Chaotic Sky, also at level nine and most likely only a little behind Lin Fan.

“Devil May Cry. Hehe, the monster has decided to call himself a devil! What a suitable name!” said Chaotic Sky as he looked at the leaderboards while cutting down wolves. When he saw the name at the top, he couldn’t resist laughing loudly. One glance at the name was enough to convince him that it was that old friend of his. There was no other mage, apart from Spellstorm, that could reach the first place on the level rankings so soon.

“Devil May Cry actually surpassed Chaotic Sky? Just who is he…?” Limitless was looking at the level rankings too. An imposing look flashed in his eyes. First the Clandestine Marauder, Chaotic Sky and now another, just as monstrous, person…

“Is he… Blameless?” he murmured to himself as he looked at the leaderboard. Which other mage, apart from Blameless, could be so heaven-defying? Even fifth place of the Ten Great Experts, Hellfire Magister, Heaven Scorching Flame isn’t this strong.

“Specialized equipment! Skillbook!” Lin Fan was stunned for a moment. Then, he looked inside his inventory. There, he found a ring that glowed with a faint, black light.

Ring of Conversion:

[1] Allows the user to freely convert MP and HP. Required level:10.” Lin Fan scratched his head in confusion at the item description. Specialized ring? Conversion? What conversion? Wait… Could it be… Lin Fan’s eyes started to shine and he thought back to a game, from over ten years ago, called Epic. In that game, there was a divine-tier ring meant for mages called Ring of Protection. Does this… Ring of Conversion have that sort of effect?

[Think Medusa’s  Mana Shield in Dota 2]

“If that’s true, then I really hit the jackpot!” Pure bliss flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes. If I’m right, I won’t have to care about defence anymore.

“Skill: Ground Spike. An area of effect spell that costs 20MP to cast. Creates spikes made of earth to impale all enemies surrounding the user. Required LVL: 12”

“It’s actually an AOE spell, nice!” Lin Fan laughed while looking at the spell he got as a quest reward. This spell is quite good. If used right, it can be very effective. However, the range is extremely small. If I use it wrong, I could end up trapped between monsters. That’d be very bad!”

Then, he took a look at his experience level. It was only an inch away from 10. Of course, that was natural considering he had just received 10000 EXP. It took exactly that amount to get from level 9 to level 10. He just needed a mere 2000 more to level up.

“After I do that Wild Ox quest, I should be thereabouts!” Lin Fan snickered and equipped the

Cape of Shadows


Wolfskin Pants

, immediately attracting the attention of those around him. At the moment, green equipment was essentially tantamount to divine equipment, so it was no wonder he attracted so much attention.

“Hey bro, wanna party and hunt Wild Wolves? The results aren’t half bad!” One person couldn’t resist asking when he saw Lin Fan’s gear.

“Nope!” Lin Fan refused the offer and began walking out of the village.

“Friend, how much for that gear you’re wearing? State your price!” A mage said with envy as he looked at Lin Fan’s equipment.

“Hehe, I’m a mage too. There’s no way I’d sell it. But I have a green dagger that I don’t need. Do you want it?” Lin Fan laughed as he displayed the

Feline Dagger

“Good weapon!” When the onlookers saw him bring out another green item, they were filled with shock.

“How much?” an assassin next to the mage asked with shining eyes upon seeing the dagger.

“How much are you willing to pay?” Lin Fan shook his head and looked at the assassin with a smile. It was very difficult to name a price for the dagger. When it came to real money, it’d be about 1000RMB, but, in terms of in-game gold, there was no benchmark to price it against.

“1500RMB! I’ll transfer the money immediately!” the assassin licked his lips as he spoke.

“I want in-game gold, or something else I can use!” Lin Fan shook his head and laughed. He wasn’t lacking in money, what he lacked was the game currency. Even though he got two gold from killing the Demon Wolf, he didn’t believe that it would be enough to learn the skills that came with the class change at level 10.

“How about one gold along with all this stuff?” the assassin asked, as he gnashed his teeth and gave Lin Fan a recipe.

“Fierce Poison: Required materials: 5 Venomous Spider Fangs, 5 Lost Soul Grass. Effect: Sends the target into a Poisoned state, dealing 10 damage per second for 10 seconds.”

“Done!” When Lin Fan saw this recipe, his eyes started glowing. Even though concoctions like this one weren’t much to him, they were a necessity for the guild!

The assassin borrowed some cash from his friends then sent all the goods over to Lin Fan.

He looked at the assassin and his companions with surprise. To be able to piece together a gold in such a short time… These people are pretty good!

“You’re Devil May Cry?” the assassin exclaimed when he saw Lin Fan’s username in the trade window. Isn’t he the current first place on the level rankings? No wonder his gear was so good.

“Yup!” Lin Fan nodded, pressed the trade button and then walked away.

[1] Just so you know, the equip color isn’t actually pink. It just says (specialized) next to item name. So, I’m gonna go with pink as that’s not normally a color in equipment ratings

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  1. Zet Lednacek says:

    i dont really understand the mechanics of the game. an epic quest and he gets a earth spike skill book? that is a basic spell. does that mean his library of spells isnt upgraded as he levels up but all spells have to found in a form of a book?

    • Prajit3 says:

      most of the time some skills and spells are gained on lv up or rank up.
      but the best are skill book only.
      notice the spell did not show the damage done it could be a scaling spell that can work end game.

      • Prajit3 says:

        and btw that was not an epic quest.
        it was a 1 per newbie village quest it will give an advantage but not make u OP.

  2. busnuss says:

    Do silver (if you can) rather than pink
    The King’s Avatar uses that for self made equipment (same as unique i guess)
    Though this game may go white,green,blue,other colors,bronze,silver,gold…….

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