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RNGM Chapter 53 – Clandestine Kill

Chapter 53 – Clandestine Kill
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After reaching the gate, Lin Fan saw 15 people patiently waiting there.  All of them looked pretty average. But in actual fact, they were Clandestine Kill. An extremely powerful group that caused serious headaches for the big guilds.


“Big brother Blameless!” Shadowed Nightmare immediately recognised and called out to Lin Fan.


“Nightmare, it’s been awhile!” Lin Fan said with a smile as he pat Shadowed Nightmare on the shoulder. With them here, his worries had all faded away. No matter how troublesome his enemies, Clandestine Kill would be able to deal with them.


Even he and Chaotic Sky combined wouldn’t be able to handle everything. As long as Merciless and Life Snuffing Stab ignored them and focused on their guild members, that’d be a serious problem. But with Clandestine kill around, things were different. They were model assassins that showed their true potential during chaotic battles. During those times, they were basically killing machines.


“Boss Blameless, we came rushing over as soon as we heard news about you and big brother. From now on, Clandestine Kill will be at your beck and call!” a youth behind Nightmare laughed.”


“Shade!” Lin Fan broke into a smile when he saw the youth behind Shadowed Nightmare. “It’s been so many years and you still feel like a kid!”


“Hey!” Shade instinctively snapped back, “I’m not a child! I’m twenty three!”


“Hahaha……” Everyone broke into laughter at Shade’s words.


Lin Fan contacted Liu Mengxiao and told her about Clandestine Kill. This news greatly invigorated her. At the moment, Empire was severely lacking in core members. Apart from the people in the Villa, there was no one that would qualify. While the 30+ people following her looked like they had been won over, Liu Mengxiao was clear that they’d sell out the guild at a moment’s notice if things turned south.


In other words, the flourishing guild, was actually a mere house of cards that could crumble at any time. Chaotic Sky’s group on the other hand, was another story altogether. They were completely loyal to him. This in turn meant that as long as Chaotic Sky stayed in Empire, they would be loyal to empire as well. And best of all, apart from the two crafters, everyone else was an expert. They’d bring the guild’s strength up by at least 1 level.


The group patiently waiting for Liu Mengxiao’s arrival. Only after she arrived with Ye Mengru and the others, did Lin Fan finally go about his business with ease of mind. He trusted that with Clandestine Kill around, the party would be safe.


After sending off the group, Lin Fan fell into deep thought. Right now, our strength is too far from those big guilds. Apart from me and a few others, there’s no one else to handle things. Just us isn’t enough to manage a full guild. In terms of personal strength, there’s me, Chaotic Sky and Clandestine Kill. So we can probably suppress those big guilds in that department. But… overall power is a different story. Plus, we don’t have many people able to take charge of the members during a war.


There’s Mengxiao and Hua Feng, who are first rate players, but the others don’t have much if any experience commanding others. It’s manageable right now, but if the number of players get larger, these problems will become very big weaknesses. After all, those guys haven’t commanded large troops before.


“Looks like we don’t have enough commanders,” Lin Fan grimaced. Even if we count Clandestine Kill, only Nightmare has experience commanding people. Just three commanders won’t cut it. Especially not if they don’t have any experience with large units.


“Ugh… this is a real headache!” Lin Fan helplessly cried out. Then, he took a glance at the level rankings. Currently, Limitless was at level 18, just 4 levels shy of him. As for Chaotic Sky, because of his quest, he wasn’t getting as much experience, resulting in him dropping out of the list. And Liu Mengxiao, because of constantly bringing people into the instance, she managed to stay on the leaderboards. Albeit, she had dropped to 9th place.


“Ahhh screw it. With Clandestine Kill around, I don’t have to worry about anything for now. I’ll worry about it when it happens. For now, I should just finish my quest!” Lin Fan exclaimed. Now’s the time for questing! Besides, with the Divine Magic Source in my inventory, I’m way stronger.


Then he took a look at the time. Eh… It’s about time I logged off. I guess I’ll work on it tomorrow. Besides, I could probably use some more time to prepare for this quest. It looks like it should have some things in common with what Chaotic Sky is dealing with.


The difficulty is extremely high, but it should be something I can handle. Besides, it’s pretty much the only way for me to really grow stronger. And lord knows I need that boost. I spent so much time here because I was worried about the guild that I’m starting to lose my lead. With Clandestine Kill here to handle things, I should be able to finally work on that quest. And, in two days, Chaotic Sky should be out. When that happens, even if I’m not here, things should be fine.


But even so, after logging off, Lin Fan’s troubles could be seen from his gaze. Before even dealing with Fortress, he had to deal with Eternity. And in Holy City, Eternity was the only top guild. This basically meant that they were fighting Eternity on their home turf. *Sigh* If only things were that simple. If Fortress knows about what’s going on with Mengxiao, he definitely won’t stay still. When that happens, we’ll have to deal with both Willowed Moon and Eternity. There’s no way the current Empire can handle that. Whelp I guess the only thing I can do is get stronger and attract more players.

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Brief explanation about 2 day absence: Sunday was my birthday so I didn’t want to work. On Monday I got rejected indirectly before I could even ask the person to be my valentine. No mood to work. I may or may not make up for it with a double release on Tuesday. Don’t hold any hopes tho.

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