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RNGM Chapter 52 – Life Snuffing Stab Gets Snuffed

Chapter 52 – Life Snuffing Stab Gets Snuffed
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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“Sly little bastard!” Lin Fan frowned with annoyance. This little prick is clearly preparing for a long war.


With regards to someone who could constantly stay hidden, Lin Fan was helpless. Especially currently. Archers hadn’t gotten the Search skill yet, so there was no way to reveal an assassin in stealth.


“Dammit, just what’s he using to hide himself so long!?” Lin Fan frustratedly murmured to himself. An item like this was terrifying when in the hands of his enemy. This was downright broken for assassins. If it wasn’t for Life Snuffing Stab being unable to contain his killing intent,, even Lin Fan would’ve been taken out..


“If it was Chaotic Sky or Night Wraith using this, I might’ve been down for the count. It’s truly a pity! That dumbass isn’t good enough to make full use of it.” Lin Fan said as he watched his surroundings. That damn feeling is getting annoying.


“Since you won’t show yourself, I’ll just force you out!” Lin Fan said. After thinking for awhile, he had come up with a solution. Then, he ran towards the Wild Plains.


Along the way, Lin Fan constantly sensed Life Snuffing Stab’s presence. All according to plan, Lin Fan snickered in his mind as he went towards the Evil Locust area.


Lin Fan cut through the Wild Horse area, and step-by-step lured Life Snuffing Stab to the Evil Locust area.


I was actually giving you a chance to escape. Your fault for not taking it. Lin Fan thought to himself as he glanced at the sky.Currently, after 2 days of respawning, it was filled to the brim with Evil Locust. It was in no way less than when he had first cleared it.


The locusts swarmed to Lin Fan, completely surrounding him and blocking his way out. In all of this, there was a single empty space.


“There!” Lin Fan’s eyes shone when he saw the empty space in the midst of the locust swarm.


“Let’s see you try and run now!” Lin Fan chuckled as he shot a lightning bolt at the area followed by a stream of flames.


“Ah!” Right after seeing the locusts, Life Snuffing Stab had wanted to tear a return scroll and head back to the city. Unfortunately for him, Lin Fan’s attacks stopped that from happening.


“Dammit!” Life Snuffing Stab was sent to half HP by those shots. In response, he charged at Lin Fan. After all, he knew there was no escape. One of them had to die. Besides, Lin Fan was a mage, making his defence and health extremely low. This bolstered Life Snuffing Stab’s confidence.


“Ground Spike!” Seeing Life Snuffing Stab rush at him, Lin Fan didn’t even try to dodge. Instead, he cast Ground Spike, taking out another chunk of health.


“Throat Slash!” a cold light flashed by Life Snuffing Stab’s eyes.  His dagger slashed Lin Fan’s neck, causing over a hundred damage.


Then, he kept up the pressure and stabbed Lin Fan’s neck.


This attack did 123 damage. But, Lin Fan was still standing. This sight basically made Life Snuffing Stab piss himself. He simply could not have expected 2 attacks that did a total of roughly 300 damage wouldn’t be enough to deal with a mage.


“Wrathful wave!” Indifferent to his target’s emotions, Lin Fan placed the last nail in the coffin. Those 2 attacks of his revealed that he was near Lin Fan, so since he couldn’t see Life Snuffing Stab, Lin Fan just burned everything around him. And in a flash of fire, Life Snuffing Stab’s life was snuffed out.


By the time the fire stopped burning, the body was already gone. Only two items were left. Life Snuffing Stab had clearly chosen to return immediately upon death.


When he saw the two items, Lin Fan chuckled uncontrollably. There was a purple dagger and a blue necklace.


[Hidden Shadow Dagger(Purple): P.ATK 55, CRIT+2, 10% chance of ignoring armor. Required level:13]


[Reclusive Necklace(Blue): P.ATK 9 , P.DEF 6, ATK SPD +2, VIT +3. Required level: 14, Required class: Assassin]


After placing the items in his inventory, Lin Fan cleaned out his surroundings, then head back the city. This time, without taking on the BOSS.


He was worried that Life Snuffing Stab would focus on others because he couldn’t take down Lin Fan. With his skills, Liu Mengxiao and the others definitely wouldn’t fare well. And to top things off, there were still Merciless and Messy War.


Right as he arrived in the city, a piece of news quelled his worries.


“Big brother Blameless, we’ve arrived at Holy City. We’re currently at the north gate.” The sender, was the head of Clandestine Kill, Shadowed Nightmare.


Clandestine Kill was a group created by Chaotic Sky. Before Chaotic Sky met Lin Fan, he was their head. Back in the Tyrant, they were the most famous studio. But, they only accepted one type of request. Asssassinations.


In Clandestine Kill, apart from two people who focused on their subclasses, the rest were all assassins. There were 13 of those. And they were all personally trained by Chaotic Sky. Their prowess could be seen from that fact alone. The year Chaotic Sky left, they followed suit. They didn’t appear in the next game, Legend, either.


Those 13 assassins, while unable to beat Life Snuffing Stab in single combat, were more than enough in a group. When they worked together, not even Chaotic Sky could take them down. With these people around, even if Life Snuffing Stab and Merciless came at the same time, they’d be taken down all the same.

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