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RNGM Chapter 51 – Life Snuffing Stab Appears

Chapter 51 – Life Snuffing Stab Appears
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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“It’s something that came from a level thirty-five BOSS. There’s no way it wouldn’t be good. And I’m too lazy to have it appraised. So, you’re in luck. I’ll sell it to you at the market rate for normal purple items. One thousand gold.” Lin Fan said.


“Alright! But, even for us, a thousand gold is a bit difficult to arrange. You’ll need to wait around two hours,” Pathless immediately agreed to the terms in place of Limitless. They knew full well how important purple equipment was at the moment. 1000 gold was a lot, but it wasn’t worth more than purple gear.


“No problem!” Lin Fan nodded. Sigh, these people sure are rich. Just two hours to gather a thousand gold……


And so, the 3 people simply sat down and chatted. Soon, 2 hours had passed, and Pathless’s helper had brought over 1000 gold.


“I’ll be heading off now,” Lin Fan said. After receiving the gold, Lin Fan nodded towards the two and left the restaurant.  After finding out that two assassins on the leaderboards were targeting his guild, Lin Fan hurried back. Chaotic Sky was currently on his quest, meaning that apart from himself, there was no one left to protect the guild.


Immediately after returning to Holy City, Lin Fan informed Liu Mengxiao about their predicament. Then, he headed towards the city outskirts.


After leaving the city, Lin Fan creased his brows then looked behind him. There was no one following him. However, he kept feeling like he was being watched.


“Strange!” Surprise flashed by Lin Fan’s eyes. Right now, everyone’s level is on the lower end.  There’s no way an assassin would have a skill like this. Sneak is a level twenty skill after all. And the only one past that point is me.


But even so, that feeling only intensified. Faced with this, Lin Fan didn’t dare be careless. So, he thought about it while heading towards the Wild Plains and keeping his guard up.


After walking for around 10 minutes, the Wild Plains came into view. All along, the feeling never faded. This left Lin Fan even more wary. At the same time, it let him understand that it wasn’t because of the sneak skill. After all, that had a time limit. It would at most last for 3 minutes. There was no way it could still be active.


“Why don’t you show yourself?” Lin Fan shouted. “I don’t know if you’re Life Snuffing Stab or Merciless, but don’t you think you’ve hidden yourself for long enough?”


“You’re definitely a legend. Really formidable.” A deep raspy voice came from in front of Lin Fan. Then, a person appeared in front of him. The person was skinny, had a slightly hunched back, and in his bony arm, was a purple dagger. He faced Lin Fan with his skully-face, and glared with his triangle-eyes.


“Life Snuffing Stab!” When he saw the person in front of him, Lin Fan ridiculed, “When did the oh-so-great Life Snuffing Stab become one of Fortress’s dogs?”


“Kakaka! That second generation wastrel’s price wasn’t bad. I get ten grand each time I kill you and Chaotic Sky.” Life Snuffing Stab chuckled, “It’s higher than the current prices for hitmen!”


“Do you really think you’d get paid?” Lin Fan coldly laughed with his eyes full of ridicule.


“Honestly, I have no idea!” Life Snuffing Stab shook his head and continued, “but, I want to give it a shot. Especially taking on Chaotic Sky. But, I can’t find him, so I’m going after you instead. Killing you should be enough to prove that I’m the best assassin!”


“Hehe, let’s see you try.” Lin Fan coldly laughed.


“”Kakaka! Spellstorm, today is the day you fall at my hands!” as Life Snuffing Stab declared that, his body become ethereal and disappeared.


“Dangerous!” Lin Fan’s pupils contracted. He felt a chill down his spine, and his hair stood on end. Immediately, Lin Fan cast Fire Shield.


“Ding!” a purple dagger hit his back and was deflected by the shield, and dealt no damage. Then, the dagger faded away once more.


“Dammit! What the fuck is this!?” Lin Fan swore with a steely face. Life Snuffing Stab’s skill was just too strange. He completely disappeared, and didn’t reappear even after attacking. This was just ridiculous. If he could control his killing intent, Lin Fan would’ve been hit.


Life Snuffing Stab on the other hand, was even more surprised. He had done this trick countless times. And this was the first time it failed. Even the boss of Souls of Slaughter, second place on the leaderboards, Night Wraith, was hit by it. This was what gave Life Snuffing Stab the confidence to go up against Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky. But, at the moment, his finishing move was just blocked by Lin Fan. It was understandable that he was surprised.


“It’s definitely luck!” Life Snuffing Stab thought to himself as he silently snuck behind Lin Fan. Then, he stabbed forth with his dagger.


Right when he stabbed, Lin Fan caught on to the smell of his body, and immediately dodged the strike. Then, a huge flame appeared behind Lin Fan. It was his Wrathful Wave.


Accompanying the blaze, a huge damage number popped up. Finally got him.


Seeing the number, Lin Fan hurriedly followed up with a Ground Spike, causing even more damage. Life Snuffing Stab immediately ran away. To begin with, he was an assassin, so his HP was low. After being hit twice by Lin Fan’s spells, it was a miracle he wasn’t already dead. Continuing the battle would simply be suicide.


After running away, Life Snuffing stab caught his breath with a pale face. He simply couldn’t believe that Lin Fan managed to catch traces of him. But even so, he wasn’t an idiot. He definitely wouldn’t try the same hand yet again. He thought to himself, “I’d better just stab him in the back when his guard is down.”

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