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RNGM Chapter 50 – Forming an Alliance

Chapter 50 – Forming an Alliance
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Royal City, a landmark city in The Strange World. It was a fair bit more crowded. Even. after the instance opened up at Holy City, Royal City was still quite populous. This was because it was home to three giants. Dynasty, Souls of Slaughter and Sacred Alliance were all here.


Moreover, it was the biggest city in The Strange World. It’s resources were naturally more abundant than a small city like Holy City. Just half of what Royal City had, would be able to last Holy City a lifetime. This was one of the things attracting those three guilds.


After stepping out of Royal City’s transfer array, Lin Fan took in his surroundings. The sight stunned him. Royal City was much wealthier than Holy City.


Lin Fan swept his eyes around as he walked towards a restaurant. Famous cities all had restaurants. These were here to offer private places for conversations.


After entering the restaurant, Lin Fan headed towards a private room. In that room, were two other people. Someone that was extremely well-built and exuded masculinity, and someone that looked frail and sickly, but had a shrewd gaze.


“You’re here!” the muscular man said as he stared at the locked door.


“Haha, Limitless, it’s been a long time! You haven’t changed at all!” Following Limitless’s words, Lin Fan opened the door and stepped in.


“It really was you!” Limitless chuckled, “I was wondering who else could possibly suppress everyone so greatly on the level boards. Looks like my suspicions were right!”


“Big brother Blameless!” the youth behind Limitless stood up and greeted Lin Fan. His eyes shone with adoration as he spoke, “It really has been a long time.”


“Hehe, it really has been a long time huh? Pathless.” Lin Fan pat the youth’s shoulders, then faced Limitless and said, “I’ve got something I need your help with.”


“Is it Empire?” Limitless asked. With his position, finding out what Lin Fan was up to as of late wasn’t difficult.


“Hehe, and here I thought we’d be too trivial for you to notice,” Lin Fan said to Limitless as he took a sip of tea.


“No matter how small, any guild with two legends is enough to stand on equal footing with the rest of us! Moreover, this one has the Spellstorm, Blameless! No matter how you look at it, we’re the ones profiting from this alliance.” Pathless chuckled. The true reason Souls of Slaughter and Dynasty were able to suppress them, was the legend standing behind them in addition to their great experts.  As for Sacred Alliance, they only had Limitless. He alone could not face all those enemies.


“Since that’s the case, I won’t stand on ceremony. In the future, if Empire runs into any problems, I’ll be counting on you two to help.” Lin Fan stood up and cupped his hands as he spoke.


”Hehe, in the end, we’re the ones benefiting!” Limitless laughed, “Looks like in the future, with your help, suppressing Souls of Slaughter and Dynasty won’t be a dream anymore. But, I have some bad news…”


“They’ve come too?” A ruthless glint flashed by Lin Fan’s eyes as he asked Limitless.


“Yes. Atlas[1] and Hou Yi[2] have both appeared!” Limitless solemnly said. “So I’m even more troubled than you right now!”


When he heard Limitless’s words, Lin Fan’s eyes twitched. Tyrant-Knight Atlas and Divine-Bow Hou Yi were bitter opponents of Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky back in the day. Looks like our stay here won’t be a pleasant one.


“I got the news yesterday. They’ve just left the Beginner’s Village!” Limitless said to Lin Fan, “Apart from Mad Slash, they’ve all come!”


“Mad Slash… will come too. That nutjob loves picking fights. Since we’re all here, there’s no way he’ll miss out.” Lin Fan sighed.


“Here’s something else. Fortress is currently looking for people to deal with you!” Limitless grimly laughed.


“He’s just an assclown. There’s no need to mind him.”


“You’re looking at it wrong. You and Chaotic Sky may be fine, but what about others? This time you guys are tied down. There’s no way you can kill as you please like last time!” Limitless sighed as he spoke, “From what I heard, he spent a lot of money to hire two people.”


“Who?” Lin Fan creased his brows and asked.


“Life Snuffing Stab and Merciless!” Limitless grimaced, “These two aren’t easy to deal with! You and Chaotic Sky may be fine, but what about the others? I doubt you have anyone that can deal with them.”


“Demonic Blade, Life Snuffing Stab, and Thorned Soul, Merciless is it?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed as he coldly laughed, “Their just a bunch of good-for-nothings. Did they really think getting on the leaderboards meant something?”


“Do you need me to send people to help you?” Limitless asked.


“No. I’m here after all. Besides, Chaotic Sky’s Clandestine Kill is here. We’re more than enough to handle those two.” Lin Fan chuckled.


“I completely forgot. Chaotic Sky has some cards up his sleeve too.” Limitless said, “A group of people directly trained by the master himself. Clandestine Kill. Even if they can’t take those two on 1v1, they can just go up by the dozen. That’d definitely do the trick.”


Clandestine Kill. They were one of Chaotic Sky’s aces. They were a group of assassins hand-trained by Chaotic Sky. On their own, they were nothing much. But, they cooperated seamlessly. If they all went up together, not even Chaotic Sky would be able to do anything!”


“Right, I came for another matter.” Lin Fan spoke, “I wonder if Guild Master Limitless is interested.”


“What is it? Take it out.” Limitless looked at Lin Fan and chuckled. He clearly understood Lin Fan. Whenever Lin Fan smiled like that, he’d have something to sell.


“A purple weapon. But… it hasn’t been appraised yet!” Lin Fan put the Wing Sickle of Frost on the table and continued, “Its quality is definitely high. It dropped from a level thirty-five BOSS!”


“A purple weapon!” Limitless’s and Pathless’s eyes lit up. Then, Limitless directly said, “How much?”

[1]擎天 hold up the sky. That’s what it means. It’s also a name here. Hence, that greek myth about that titan holding up the sky.

[2]长空射日 Shoot the sun in the sky. Also used as a name. Ancient chinese myth called Hou Yi.

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