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RNGM Chapter 5: Accepting Quests


Translated by: 狗不理
Edited by: Last
TLC by: 白酒鬼 & FlameDragon

Another song that I like: [Devil Like Me]

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As the Wildcat Leader fell, Lin Fan finally let out a breath of relief. When he looked at the corpse of the Wildcat, his eyes lit up. He discovered that it dropped two pieces of equipment and a silver coin

[Feline Dagger: P.ATK: 10 – 17. AGI+3 Class: Assassin. Required LVL: 5]

Looking at this piece of equipment, Lin Fan couldn’t help but take a deep breath. A green equipment! Even the worst green items, in the early game, were extremely valuable. At the very least, it could be sold for a couple thousand RMB. It seemed that his luck wasn’t bad.

[Wildcat Hide: P.DEF: 5-9. M.DEF: 1-3]
Although this was only a white item, it was still better than what ordinary players had. Lin Fan immediately equipped it.

“I’m finally level 3. Let’s venture deeper to kill more monsters!” When he killed this Wildcat Leader, Lin Fan had received more experience than from killing a level 6 monster. By just killing a single monster, he had managed to reach level 3.

As he walked deeper into the forest, Lin Fan quickly ran into level 5 Wild Dogs. Facing these monsters, he once again resumed his previous method of attacking and launched a fireball. Lin Fan suddenly let out a cheerful laugh. Although his attack power wasn’t high, it was still able to pierce through the Wild Dog’s defense. Noticing this, Lin Fan no longer feared these monsters.

“Howl!” The Wild Dog let out a shriek and pounced towards Lin Fan. Just like with the Wildcats, he remained unfazed. After launching another fireball, he retreated two steps and regained the distance between them. He then proceeded to launch yet another fireball.

[-9] drifted out from the Wild Dog. While the damage wasn’t high, it was sufficient. Lin Fan alternated between retreating and attacking. He did not even allow the Wild Dog to touch him. It died shortly after. He picked up the few copper coins that dropped from the monster, then proceeded further into the forest. Leveling up from 3 to 4 required 500 EXP. A Wild Dog only gave 40 points so Lin Fan had to kill more than 10 to level up.

After killing two Wild Dogs in a row, Lin Fan’s MP once again depleted, forcing him to sit down and rest a while.

Opening up the leaderboards, Lin Fan took a look and smiled. At the top was Chaotic Sky, who was already level 6. Ordinary players on the other hand would still be at levels 1-2. His level was enough to make their hair stand up in anger. The 2nd place was level 5. Behind those two were a couple of well known players, tailing at level 4.
“In the early game, melee classes are undeniably unparalleled!” Lin Fan understood. Rogue wouldn’t even be hit when dealing with these monsters . By steadily grinding without worry of MP, his level naturally rose higher than Lin Fan’s mage.

“After reaching level 5, I’ll return to the village. Besides checking things out, I also need to buy some Mana Potions!” When Lin Fan’s MP filled up, he walked a few steps ahead and saw a vegetable field with an NPC standing on it.

“This field is constantly trampled by the Wild Dogs. Youngster, are you able to help me drive them away?” The NPC’s eyes flickered as he asked Lin Fan.

[System Message: Will you accept the quest: Driving Away Wild Dogs]

“Accept!” Lin Fan clicked the button, then shifted his view to the quest description. It turned out that he had to kill 10 Wild Dogs.

“Let’s continue working hard!” Lin Fan smiled and launched a fireball at the monster to attract it’s aggro. He continued to repeat the process of casting fireballs, then retreating for an indeterminate amount of time.

“Shaa!” After the sound, a golden light once again flashed above Lin Fan as he transitioned to level 4. At the same time, he had finished killing 10 Wild Dogs and completed his quest.

“Very good youngster! Thanks for your help. I’ll give this to you!”

[System Message: Quest: Driving out the Wild Dogs completed. Rewards: 500 EXP, Cotton Belt.]

[Cotton Belt: P.DEF: 0-1 M.DEF: 0-1 Increase inventory by 10 spaces!] Although this was a piece of white equipment, it had the effect of adding 10 inventory spaces, compared to other items of the same caliber, this one was comparably better. Lin Fan equipped the item and looked at his experience bar. After completing the quest, he only needed 100 more points of EXP to level up again.

He decided to kill the last Wild Dog in the vicinity. With a couple of fireballs, it collapsed on the ground.

“Something dropped!” From the corpse, a pair of shoes appeared on the ground. Lin Fan couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. He never thought that this monster would actually drop something good. After killing so many, this was the first time a normal monster had done so.

[Dogskin Boots: M.ATK: 0-1. AGI: 1-3!] This pair of shoes actually increased magic attack. Although the increase wasn’t much, in the early stages, this was considered enough! After all, with such low drop rates, Lin Fan was already able to obtain 4 pieces of equipment. This was already something unbelievable. Ordinary players would be considered lucky to even obtain a single piece!

Equipping the Dogskin Boots, Lin Fan realized he only needed to hunt two more Wild Dogs to proceed to level 5. Shortly after, he decided to find some more Wild Dogs and leveled up.

“Shaa!” With another flash of light, Lin Fan leveled up once again. This time, he reached level 5.

“Time to go back!” Lin Fan turned around and headed back to the Beginner’s Village. At this moment, other players were leaving the village to hunt Wildcats. Since a lot of people were leaving, it was slightly crowded, but Lin Fan could just push his way through.

In the Beginner’s Village, Lin Fan accepted two quests. One of them was to help the village butcher obtain some beef. This quest required him to kill 20 Wild Cows. The other quest was given by the portal operator. The quest required him to obtain a demon’s heart. With this item, the operator would be able to reactivate the portal and teleport players to the big cities. This quest was extremely difficult, with a rating of 5 stars.

“Kill the only BOSS monster in the village, the corrupted Demon Wolf, and dig out it’s heart. Upon doing so, deliver it to the operator!” Seeing this quest, Lin Fan became a bit dazed before his eyes lit up. This was a unique quest! As long as one completes this quest, it will become unavailable to anyone else.

“Chances are, Lao Luan went outside to farm as soon as he logged in. So, he hasn’t taken any quests. Looks like I still have a chance!” Lin Fan said with excitement. A five star quest… If I can clear it, the rewards will definitely be enormous.

Arriving at the Apothecary, Lin Fan saw the price for Mana Potions. It turned out, a single bottle costs 20 copper coins. In other words, a silver coin could only buy 5 bottles. Moreover, these potions were only Beginner ranked.

“Expensive!” Lin Fan bitterly laughed and immediately bought 5 of these potions. Taking a look at his inventory, he only had 21 copper coins left. Unconsciously clenching his teeth, he spent the rest of his money to buy a small Health Potion. After he was done, he walked out of the Beginner’s Village and directly headed towards the location of the Demon Wolf.


  1. Zet Lednacek says:

    didnt it say that a stack of silver coins dropped from the monster at the beginning of the chapter. stack would mean more than one. and 1silver coin= 5 mana potions. where is the rest of his money?
    is this incorrectly translated or is the author idiot that has no idea about numbers?

    • 狗不理 says:

      Sorry, it should be a single silver coin. I just read the classifier wrong ._. Thanks for the pick up!

    • WakingOb says:

      whether the translator messed up or the author made a mistake in his writings. It isn’t cool to call them an idiot, they still put out the effort to make something for us. You could have put your inquiry/critique in a slightly nicer way.

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