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RNGM Chapter 49 – Solving the Problem

Chapter 49 – Solving the Problem
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After leaving the game, Lin Fan gave Chaotic Sky a call. In game, Chaotic Sky was doing a quest, and even Lin Fan couldn’t contact him. But outside the game, no such restrictions existed.


“*Phone ringing*” The phone kept on ringing. Chaotic Sky clearly hadn’t left the game yet. Lin Fan sighed and left the room to have his meal.


“Big brother Lin Fan, you’re out!” As soon as he left his room, Lin Fan saw Xia You’s busy figure.As soon as she saw Lin Fan, Xia You let out a cute smile.


“Hehe, yeap! Why are you out too?” Lin Fan asked with a smile.


“Hehe, I don’t like fighting. I just want to brew potions. I just reached the intermediate stage, so I logged off to cook for everyone.” Xia You stuck out her tongue and giggled, “Big brother Lin Fan, thanks a lot for that cauldron. It’s really good! I’ve managed to make tons more potions thanks to it! Oh right, I can use that mana recovery potion recipe you gave me a while ago now! I’ve made over twenty bottles. I’ll give you some next time!’


“You’re intermediate already!?” Lin Fan looked at Xia You with shock. Alchemist was a very hard subclass to level up. The experience required to cross from beginner to intermediate was extreme.


“Yup, to begin with, I’m a crafter. Subclass experience comes naturally. And that cauldron big brother Lin Fan gave me is really good. It’s only natural I’d level up quickly!” Xia You cutely stuck out her tongue and giggled as she spoke. “It’s a such a shame that player below level thirty can only reach the intermediate level. And I’m only level twelve!”


“Level isn’t a problem. Just head out with Mengxiao and the others for now. I’ll power-level you when I’m done with my quest.” Lin Fan was clear on the importance of an alchemist to the guild. Now that Xia You was at the intermediate level, even if it cost Lin Fan part of his levelling time, he had to make her level up AMAP ASAP. Alchemists could make their own potions. The higher the level, the better the potion. And there was a chance the potions would have some special effects. Even Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky could benefit greatly from those potions. In other words, Xia You could end up being of very big help to Empire later on.


“No way! Big brother Lin Fan, you need to spend more effort on yourself! I don’t want to be a burden. Besides, big sister mengxiao and the others said they’d help me out already!” Xia You said. “They can already take on level twenty monsters, so with them, I’ll level up really fast!”


“That’s fine then!’ Lin Fan nodded his head and asked, “Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.”


“Ah! Wait a bit!” Xia You hurriedly began cooking a big bowl of fried rice with egg. Then she said, “Here!”


“Thanks!” Lin Fan replied and immediately began digging in.


“*Ring ring*” While Lin Fan his phone began ringing. Chaotic Sky had finally called back. Lin Fan hurriedly answered the call.


“What is it?” Chaotic Sky sounded tired. It was clear that his 5-star quest wasn’t easy.


“How’d your quest go?” Lin Fan asked. He was curious about the 5-star instance quest. After all, after 2 days, he’d have to do something similar.


“It’s damn fucking hard! There are seven stages and they’re all ridiculously tough. And guess what? The monsters inside don’t drop any items at all. Hell, they barely give any experience! I only managed to get past two stages today!” Chaotic Sky complained, “The only bright side is that the stage masters were only level twenty BOSSes. I can still deal with them. But later on… Ha…. I don’t even want to think about later on.”


“Uh… be more careful!” Lin Fan didn’t know what else to say.


“So what did you call me for?” Chaotic Sky sighed and asked. He knew Lin Fan’s personality well. If there wasn’t anything, Lin Fan wouldn’t call.


“Gold. I’m flat broke. I don’t even have enough to appraise items anymore. And there’s still a month before in-game purchases are up.” Lin Fan bitterly said.


“Already!? Ha… this is a really big problem. Especially for us. We keep taking down things above our level, so the drop rate is that much higher. And anything that can actually make us stronger requires appraisal!” Chaotic Sky sighed before continuing, “Right now, there’s really no solution!”


“Yeap!” Lin Fan wistfully spoke, “The biggest problem is that we can’t sell anything! If the items end up in the hands of our enemies… We’d be jokes!”


“Hehe, that may not be the case. There’s one guy I’d like to recommend!” Chaotic Sky darkly laughed, “We can sell to him. Plus, that guy’s pretty damn loaded. I guarantee he can afford it!”


“Limitless!” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up.


“Hehe, as the boss of Sacred Alliance, he definitely has a plenty of resources. If you brought one your purple items in front of him, he’d definitely buy it for whatever you charge,” Chaotic Sky chuckled.


“I completely forgot!” Lin Fan laughed. Limitless isn’t a bad choice to sell to. Back in Tyrant, he was an old client. Besides, he has some sense of loyalty. Plus, our relationship back then was quite solid, so he probably won’t be an enemy.


“Hehe, Limitless’s Sacred Alliance has been suppressed quite a bit by Dynasty and Souls of Slaughter recently. He definitely isn’t pleased. There’s no way he won’t buy that purple item of yours!” Chaotic Sky guffawed, “Don’t forget, even if Empire was even smaller, with us in it, it can be considered a first-rate guild at the very least. As long as Limitless isn’t a complete dumbass, he should know what to do.”


“I’ll call him tomorrow I guess.” That unappraised Horse Chopping Saber should suit him quite well.


“Uh-huh, right now, purple weapons should be able to go for a thousand gold each. That should be enough for us to spend!” Lin Fan murmured to himself.

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