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RNGM Chapter 48 – Divine Magic Source

Chapter 48 – Divine Magic Source
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Currently, the old man looked much more displeasing to the eye to Lin Fan. In fact, he felt like violently kicking the old man’s face a couple times.  This old bastard is definitely doing this on purpose. He knows how much I have and is driving the price up because he can. This old fucker. Why else would he charge so much? Even gold equipment only needs thiry gold. And there’s no way I got immortal-class items from that bug.


“Brat, I’m already giving you a discount seeing as you’re a longtime customer. Otherwise, I could charge 100 gold for this thing alone!” the old man coldly pointed at the Divine Magic Source and spoke when he saw Lin Fan’s expression.


“*Hiccup*” Lin Fan’s eyes bulged out when he heard that. One hundred gold. This thing is worth one hundred gold. What the hell is it!? Could it really be… Immortal-class equipment? Even so, it shouldn’t be that expensive! One hundred gold is worth ten thousand RMB for fuck’s sake! Heck, this isn’t even the buying price. It’s the motherfucking appraisal fee! Prance is really itching for a beating……


Upon thinking of this, Lin Fan bitterly grimaced. Even though he currently had a lot of money, it still wasn’t enough to appraise everything. He intently gazed items he had just gotten. In the end, he decided to take back the sickle. Then, he pushed forth the other items and said, ”appraise these three!”


“Alright!” not one to waste time on words, the appraiser waved his hand. Soon, the two pieces of equipment started emitting a purple light . As for the Divine Magic Source, it glowed a gloomy black.

Lin Fan gaped when he saw that light. Then, he hurriedly brought up the description. After all, that glow was all too familiar to him. The ring of conversion had the exact same colour. In other words, the Divine Magic Source had the rating of “special”.


[Divine Magic Source (Special Equipment): Recovers 5 MP for its owner as long as it is in the inventory. Item ability: Divine Blessing. Level requirement:24.]


[Divine Blessing]

Upon use, doubles base mana recovery rate for 1 hour. Also doubles effects of potions and recovers

15MP every second.

Cooldown: 7 hours.


Lin Fan gasped in shock. This thing is literally built for mages. Five mana per second is insane. Even Thunderbolt only costs ten to cast! Plus, it has a two second cooldown. This basically means I can cast it infinitely! And if I that item ability is unbelievable. If I use it, a mana potion that gives fifteen MP every second for six second, it’ll become one that gives thirty MP every second for twelve seconds! That’s for times the mana!


“With this thing alongside the Ring of Conversion, I’m invincible!” Lin Fan gazed at the bead with eyes that shone with excitement.


“That hundred gold was worth it!” chuckled as he licked his lips, “with this, I’ll have hope of completing that five-star quest!”

After calming down, Lin Fan checked the other two items on the table. The more he read, the more excited he got.


[Blue Dragon Cloak(Purple): P.Def 60, M.Def 32, INT+10, VIT+10, when equipped, grants attacks a 25% chance to freeze targets, Required level:21]

Lin Fan fell in love at first sight with the cloak. While his equipment was mostly amazing, his cape was still green. Moreover, it was under-levelled and came from that Demon Wolf in the Beginners’ Village.


“I can finally swap it out!” Lin Fan laughed as he equipped the Blue Dragon Cloak. His favourite part about it, was the 25% freeze chance. It could freeze a player or monster for 1 second. While that may not seem like match, the fate of the battle often hinged on a single second.


“Capes are generally quite rare. Very few players even have them. While this one is only a level eight green cape, it is comparable to other level fifteen green equipment.” Lin Fan murmured as he held the Cloak of Shadows in his hand. “I’ll keep it for now. If I’m not mistaken, Mengru still doesn’t have a cape.”


Finally, Lin Fan took a look at the wings with curious eyes. The pair of insect wings looked nothing like equipment.


[Green Soul Wings(Purple): This item can only be used when flying. Increases FLI SPD by 35%, Required level: 30]

While it didn’t increase any combat stats, Lin Fan was still overjoyed at obtaining it. After all, he did in fact have a Flight skill book. So, this item would help him greatly when fleeing or travelling.


“This thing actually looks quite good!” Lin Fan chuckled as he kept away the Green Soul Wings. Then, he suddenly had a headache. His 100 gold was gone. He was basically bankrupt now. And with Chaotic Sky gone, there wasn’t anyway to help him kill white horses for money.


“There are many ways to earn money. Unfortunately, I can’t sell any of my old gear. I have to save it for the guild… Otherwise… my money problems would be solved…” Lin Fan was extremely troubled. If it was in the past, he could just sell the equipment. But this time, Lin Fan didn’t dare. To begin with, Empire’s members didn’t have much equipment. Not even common ones. Just the stuff he handed out boosted them onto a different level. Moreover, if he accidentally sold something to an enemy…… Because of these reasons, Lin Fan wasn’t willing to sell anything.


Seeing that his playtime was almost up, Lin Fan logged out. Even outside of the game, all he could think of was how to get more funds. Otherwise, he’d go bankrupt just from appraisal! That’d be ridiculous!

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[1] Formerly called Divine Water Source. Name has been retroactively changed.

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