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RNGM Chapter 47 – Dark Magic God’s Scroll

Chapter 47 – Dark Magic God’s Scroll
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Lin Fan was stupefied when he saw the man appear. Then, after swiftly shaking off his stupor, Lin Fan began scrutinising the man. The man had ordinary looks, but he gave off a sense of pressure. It was the natural oppressive aura of someone from a higher position.


“Who are you?” Lin Fan’s tone was confused. Then, his eyes flashed suddenly flash with resolution as he stood against the pressure.


The current Lin Fan was different from the normal Lin Fan. At the moment, his gaze was incomparably sharp, sharper than even Chaotic Sky. The atmosphere Lin Fan gave off, was downright terrifying. And it crashed down on the middle-aged man like a monarch intimidating his subjects.


The middle-aged man was briefly disoriented by Lin Fan’s sudden change. Faced with the regal atmosphere that erupted out of Lin Fan, the man’s expression changed. The aura Lin Fan emitted was that of an expert. Moreover, it was from an expert that was used to looking down on the rest of the world. Only someone who ruled over others for an extremely long period of time would possess one like Lin Fan’s.


“This person isn’t simple!” the middle-aged man thought with astonishment. Originally, he wanted to pressure Lin Fan into submission, but there was no way that was going to happen now. To his surprise, Lin Fan’s aura overpowered him.


When he noticed this, the middle-aged man was deeply shocked. He worked as the director of Prance’s Asia branch for many years. And yet, he was being oppressed by a mere youth.


“Hehe, it’s only natural that the legendary Spellstorm isn’t simple!” the middle aged man thought. Then, he said to Lin Fan, “Hello, my name is Kong Ruofeng.”


“The director of Prance’s Asia branch?” Lin Fan asked with his eyes narrowed in surprise. As someone who played The Strange World, there was no way he wouldn’t know that name.


“Yes,” the middle-aged man nodded his head.


“What do you want?” Lin Fan doubtfully asked. Is he here because of my levelling speed?


“Hehe, it’s actually nothing much. It’s just that…” Kong Ruofeng said with a grimace, “I’m just here to tell you that egg you have can’t be appraised for now.”


“Huh?” Lin Fan gazed at Kong Ruofeng with confusion. So he’s not here because of how fast I’ve been levelling up? He’s here about the egg? Hm… ah… I guess that makes sense. That BOSS I killed was level thirty-five. Those so-called Ten Great Experts would probably get massacred even if they charged at it together. The stuff it dropped probably hasn’t been properly coded in yet.


“You see… This game actually isn’t completed upon release. We actually planned on releasing new content in patches as players progressed. However, you’re pushing forward too fast!” Kong Ruofeng bitterly laughed.


Lin Fan blankly stared at Kong Ruofeng. Then, he began to understand. I guess I really am too far ahead of the other players. Guys like limitless are still taking on level twenty stuff while I’m killing things over thirty.


“According to our predictions, it would take at the very least half a month before your egg gets patched in. But since you already obtained it, I decided to come here and inform you,” Kong Ruofeng embarrassedly fidgeted as he helplessly spoke, “Of course, because of this, we’ll properly compensate you.”


“Compensation you say?” Lin Fan’s eyes glittered when he heard those words.”


“A five-star quest with no level restriction!” Kong Ruofeng said, “This is the very most we can do.”


“Alright!” Lin Fan readily agreed. Even though 5-star quests were difficult, the rewards were tremendous. Moreover, he didn’t have to give up anything. After half a month, he’d still be able to appraise objects like that egg.


“But, I want to know what this thing is first.” Lin Fan smirked and demanded.


“No problem!” Kong Ruofeng smiled, “After all, you’d find out sooner or later. What you have, is a pet egg. More specifically, the egg of the evil locust overlord.”


“Oh!” Lin Fan reflexively said before going blank. So this thing is a pet egg… The pet egg of a level thirty-five BOSS… It’s way more valuable than I thought….


“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything else. When you leave here, there’ll be another scroll in your inventory. As for what kind of scroll, even I don’t know.”


“Hehe, enjoy the five-star quest. We’ll even make it an instance-level one for you. That should keep you occupied for half a month!” Kong Ruofeng snickered.


While Kong Ruofeng was laughing, Lin Fan had already been teleported out and was busy checking his inventory. Inside, was a scroll lined with gold, discreetly sitting in a corner.


[Dark Magic God’s Scroll: 5 star quest]

Description: A scroll containing the inheritance of Olsen, the god of dark magic. Those who possess the

scroll may obtain all of Olsen’s treasures if they pass his trials.

Lin Fan dumbfoundedly stared at the description.


Then, after regaining his wits and noticing that he was back in the city, Lin Fan placed both the egg and the scroll in his warehouse. Then, he sighed in relief and suddenly remembered the Blue Dragon Cloak. Back then, he didn’t have enough money to appraise it. But now, after clearing out the Wild Plains several times, he was loaded.


So, Lin Fan withdrew the Blue Dragon Cape before going to the appraiser. There, he ran into 2 other players that were overjoyed at getting a blue item. Thankfully, because there still weren’t that many items dropping, there were only those 2 in line.


After watching them leave, Lin Fan handed the appraiser his 4 items.


Upon seeing those items, the appraiser’s eyes lit up and he fixatedly stared at Divine Magic Source.


“115 gold!” those words pissed Lin Fan off to no end. What the fuck!? The hundred gold I worked so hard to get isn’t enough!?

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