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RNGM Chapter 44 – Evil Locust Overlord

Chapter 44 – Evil Locust Overlord
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After taking a look at his surroundings, Lin Fan creased his brows. There were still a few evil locusts flying around a distance away. This meant that their final lair lay deeper in the plains.

“Let’s take a look!” Upon seeing the benefits the Evil Locusts brought him, Lin Fan was looking forward to running into another swarm. The EXP from slaughtering one was immense.

When Lin Fan went in, all he met with was scattered evil locusts. Nothing like the army he had to deal with previously. Soon, an extra big evil locust appeared in front of Lin Fan. It was huge; taller than Lin Fan by an entire head. Moreover, it had an extra pair of scythe-like mandibles and a pair of glowing red eyes.

When Lin Fan looked past it, his eyes lit up. Behind the giant locust, was an insect that looked remarkably like a mollusk. It was constantly laying eggs which then hatched into evil locusts.

[Evil Locust Lord: Level 31, 7000HP, Elite Monster, extremely high attack, responsible for guarding the Evil Locust Broodmother.]

[Evil Locust Broodmother: Level 33, 10 000HP, Elite monster, Progenitor of evil locusts, no special characteristics.]

Upon seeing those two descriptions, Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. Even though they were both elite monsters, to Lin Fan, it may as well have been only one. This was because the broodmother’s attack was relatively low. The only one that could pressure him in this case was the lord.

But even so, Lin Fan didn’t dare underestimate the danger he faced. After all, it definitely wouldn’t be good if he got hit by one of the lord’s mandibles. On the brighter side of things, the level gap between Lin Fan and the evil locust lord wasn’t too-too large. He felt that he could handle it. After all, it didn’t have the perverse speed of the white horse. So, to Lin Fan, it was much easier to handle.

Lin Fan took a look in his inventory. He was running low on potions, but he still had both bottles of Divine Fountain Water. With those two bottles, he felt confident about his chances of victory.

Lin Fan then cast Thunderbolt at the evil locust lord, dealing 80 damage, causing him to sigh in relief. Looks like now that I’m level twenty two I can face an elite over level thirty and deal a fair bit of damage.

“*Buzz*” the evil locust lord let out a low, powerful buzz. Then, it spread its wings and flew at Lin Fan. Its razor-sharp mandibles carried a cold glint as they went towards Lin Fan’s head.

Lin Fan rolled on the ground, avoiding the attack. Then, he cast Wrathful Tide to get rid of the evil locusts which the broodmother spawned.

Wrathful tide also hit the evil locust lord, dealing 100 damage. Seeing this lifted Lin Fan’s spirits. Looks like the leader doesn’t have any resistance to fire.

“Fireball” When he thought of this, Lin Fan cast fireball and hit the lord’s head for 53 damage. The damage shocked Lin Fan. Fireball was a skill given to newbies and yet it had done so much damage. The only reason Thunderbolt had done more damage than it was because of the multiplier from Thunder God’s Authority. This meant the flames were extremely effective against the enemies in front of him.

“This is going to be cakewalk!” Lin Fan’s eyes shone as he ran towards the broodmother. He was taking advantage of the fact that apart from spawning evil locusts, the broodmother didn’t have any methods of harming him.

“*Buzz*” Seeing Lin Fan rush at the broodmother, the lord was naturally anxious. After all, the broodmother was the lifeblood of the entire hive. There was no way the lord would let Lin Fan have his way with it.

“Come on big guy, come play with me!” Lin Fan chuckled as he watched the evil locust lord charge at him. Then, he cast Wrathful Tide, dealing a large amount of damage to everything around him. The broodmother’s body trembled as it lost 200 HP. As for the lord, it lost over 100 HP. The pain infuriated it, causing it to brandish its mandibles and charge at Lin Fan with renewed vigor.

“Fire Shield!” Lin Fan cast Fire Shield as retreated. Then, after blocking the lord’s attack, he moved to the other side of the broodmother. He clearly planned on using the broodmother as a shield.

“Hehe, this is fun!” Lin Fan laughed as he once more cast Wrathful Tide. The huge wave of flames swept out, annihilating the numerous evil locusts spawned by the broodmother.

This further infuriated the evil locust lord. But no matter what it did, it couldn’t catch Lin Fan. Lin Fan happily carried on his game of ring around the broodmother.

The more Lin Fan fought, the more at ease he got. This was especially since the evil locust lord wasn’t that much faster than him. He sent out one Wrathful Tide of another, slowly chipping away at the health of both elites. This caused the lord to get angrier and angrier while the broodmother trembled more and more.

“*Roar!*” eventually, under the continuous assault, the evil locust lord let out a loud, fierce roar. Following it, the evil locust broodmother which was low on health gave out several cracking sounds.

“*Roar*” Under Lin Fan’s surprised gaze, the evil locust lord bent down and swallowed the evil locust broodmother. Then, it exploded out in golden light.

[Elite monster Evil Locust Lord has consumed Elite monster Evil Locust Broodmother and evolved into level 35 BOSS Evil Locust Overlord]

When he heard the system notice, Lin Fan got ready to die. How the hell am I supposed to take on a level thirty-five BOSS!? But even so, Lin still didn’t give up. Despite consuming the broodmother, the overlord hadn’t recovered any health. It was still at just below 300 HP. This meant that Lin Fan still stood a chance.

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