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RNGM Chapter 43 – 2 Freaks

Chapter 43 – 2 Freaks
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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[Player Liu Mengxiao wishes to call you.] While Lin Fan was still immersed in the joy of levelling up, Liu Mengxiao gave him a call.

“Lin Fan, what were you doing just now? In just two hours you levelled up twice! Right now the forums are going crazy!” Lin Fan heard Liu Mengxiao yelling as soon as he accepted to request.

“Uh…” Lin Fan was slightly stunned. Then, he quickly recovered his wits. He had gotten two levels in two hours. It wouldn’t be strange if people started suspecting him of hacking. But, Lin Fan knew full well what he went through. If it was anyone else, they would’ve died. He had Wrathful Tide, which was a high damage, large area of effect fire attack as well as a blue set. The blue set greatly increased his defence and offence, allowing to take blows and insta-kill the locusts. If it wasn’t for these things, Lin Fan would be back at the city right now.“

“Nothing much. I just found a great place to level up,” Lin Fan said as he opened up the forums. Naturally, it was currently extremely active. And all the posts were about the same thing: him. His level had shot up twice in 2 hours. Currently, level 12-13 players needed 4 hours to level up once. Lin Fan went from level 20 to level 22. So, most people suspected Lin Fan of abusing a bug or hacking.

Faced with this matter, the game company naturally had to give an explanation. The explanation they gave was, “We have checked Devil May Cry’s game logs. He has not used any third-party programs or made use of any unreported bugs.” This also subtly told them that he had found a great place to grind levels.

Upon hearing this news, players went into a greater frenzy. There were even some that asked the game company to reveal where Lin Fan was levelling up. Naturally, this was rejected.

Despite seeing all the accusatory posts, Lin Fan didn’t care about them at all. After all, his conscience was clear and he wasn’t afraid of the game company looking into him. Also, according to the game company’s policies, they wouldn’t release information about any player. So, in the end, there was nothing for him to worry about.

But unbeknownst to him, he had sent the company into chaos. At the moment, the tech department of Prance, the company behind The Strange World, was going crazy.

“Who the hell is this Devil May Cry guy? He’s actually so strong already! Fucking hell, he’s already gotten the Undead Lord Set I designed! That thing should last him till at least level twenty five,” a man wearing glasses said as he looked at a screen.

“Dammit this guy completed my Nightmare Castle quest? What a freak. That quest was meant for a group of elite players over level twenty five! I can’t believe he beat it with just the help of a few people.” Behind the man with glasses, another man of medium build was cursing as he watched Lin Fan clear Nightmare Castle.

“He cleared the only five star quest in beginner’s village too!” the man wearing glasses bitterly laughed as he watched. “This guy’s a damn freak! Look at his technique and awareness. Just how many brains does he have?” In the next scene, Lin Fan’s attention to detail was put on full display. Every movement of his was extremely precise and accurate. Even if there were 3 people doing what Lin Fan was, they would be liable to make a mistake. But Lin Fan didn’t. Not even once.

“It’s him!” a co-worker shouted when he saw what the two people were cursing at. The reason those two were looking at Lin Fan’s game logs was because they were responsible for the Holy City area. Apart from Lin Fan’s abilities being ridiculous, there was nothing out of place. So, when they heard their co-worker shout, they looked at him.

“Lei Zi, you know him?” Glasses’s eyes lit up as he asked.

“How could I not? That bastard fucked me over!” Lei Zi viciously cursed as he watched Lin Fan’s logs. “You guys know that I was the chief designer for Tyrant right!?”

“We know, we know! Stop boasting about it already!” the duo said.

“Who’s boasting? Tyrant was a great game and everyone knows it!” Lei Zi roared.

“Tyrant was good. But such a shame! It was so good that it gave birth to a bunch of major legends who ruled over it!” Glasses laughed, “If those legends didn’t quit, Tyrant might still be around!”

“Really a pity! At that time, Tyrant’s biggest selling point was its legends. After they left, the game slowly faded into obscurity. Just like that, Tyrant disappeared!” the medium-build man said. Then, his face turned serious, as if he just thought of something.

“Wait… Are you saying that this guy is one of those legends!?” he asked.

“Even if he turned to ash I’d recognize him. He’s the Spellstorm, Blameless. Because he left the game, the Clandestine Marauder followed him. After they went away, the other legends left because they didn’t have any more opponents. Tyrant’s death was all his fault!” Lei Zi shouted as he pointed at Lin Fan’s picture.

“Ho-.. Holy fuck. So this was that Blameless you always talked about! With skills like these, he really lives up to the title Spellstorm! Lei Zi, I finally realise how amazing the experts you always talked about are. They’re way better than Limitless!” Glasses said with surprise as he looked at the video of Lin Fan.

“That’s only natural. The reason my life’s biggest achievement is releasing Tyrant is because it allowed true top players to appear. The experts of that generation are much better than the current ones. Even Limitless would be a dime in a dozen back in Tyrant! And you guys didn’t believe me!” Lei Zi arrogantly laughed.

“I used to think that Myth’s top experts: Limitless, Heaven Scorching Flame, Glorious Destruction, Night Wraith, Life Snuffing Stab were the greatest gamers ever. Today,I learned that better players are out there. Today, I caught a glimpse of the true peak of net gaming. In front of these monsters, those guys are nothing,” Glasses lamented as he adjusted his glasses.

“Wait, that means that Assassin must be the Clandestine Marauder! Damn, his skills are insane! Is he a contract killer in real life or something!? How else can he be so good!?” the man with a medium-build exclaimed.

“It’s him!” Lei Zi nodded his head and said, “With those two around, the owners of Holy City has pretty much been decided!”

“Make sure to pay attention to them! These guys are pretty much born to destroy the system. No matter how perversely difficult a quest is, they’ve got a shot at clearing it!” Lei Zi good-naturedly reminded the duo.

“Fuck me! Lei Zi, you damn crow’s mouth, take a look at this!” Glasses swore as he brought up a video of Chaotic Sky.

“What the fuck!?” the man with a medium-build hurriedly took a look at the video. As soon as he saw it, he started cursing.

“He’s actually cleared the third part of his class advancement quest! Is he really human?” the man with a medium build questioned.

“Sigh, just let it go. This won’t be the only time. Remember to pay attention to these two monsters!” Lei Zi sardonically laughed at the two before heading back to his station.

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