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RNGM Chapter 42 – Insane Levelling Speed

Chapter 42 – Insane Levelling Speed
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Faced with so many locusts, Lin Fan’s scalp was numb. The locusts blotted out the sky and covered the earth. Not even a shred of sunlight could get through that dense cloud of thumb-sized insects.

“This is really just too much!” Lin Fan bitterly looked at the huge group of insects. If I ever meet a developer, I’ll beat him half to death will screaming his head off.  How the hell am I supposed to deal with so many bugs? There are what? Ten thousand of them?

[Evil Locust: Level 15, 500HP.]

Lin Fan let out a sigh of relief when he saw their stats. Thank god they’re only level fifteen. If they were level thirty… *shudder*

“Even if they’re level fifteen, it’s still way too much for me!” Lin Fan was clear on his own capabilities. I can handle one. Even a hundred is still fine. But more than ten thousand? I must have several screws loose if I tried. The locusts were extremely small, so at any one time, roughly a thousand could hit him. Even level 30 players would get destroyed if they were hit by a thousand of these things at the same time.

“*Buzz*” As Lin Fan was thinking, the evil locusts in the sky started moving. In an instant, the ten thousand over locusts came at Lin Fan like a black cloud of death. In the face of that swarm, even if Lin Fan was an elephant, he’d still be reduced to bones and nothing more.

“Dammit!” Lin Fan cursed and scanned his surroundings. He was currently surrounded by the locusts and had no way to escape. Seeing that the evil locusts were about to tighten the noose, Lin Fan hurriedly cast Wrathful Tide.

“*Boom*” The wave of fire emanated out from Lin Fan, clearing out a huge amount of locusts and granting him an unbelievable amount of EXP.

“Holy shit!” Lin Fan looked at the devastation he caused we surprise. The Wrathful Tide had cleaned out at least a hundred locusts, and filled up Lin Fan’s exp gauge by 2%.

“These locusts are weak against fire!” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. These things are tiny and weak against fire. Wrathful Tide does tons of damage in a massive area and has a short cooldown… As long as I don’t run out of MP I should be able to exterminate all these pests!

“This is a treasure trove of experience!” Lin Fan took a deep breath and took another look at the swarm of locusts. This time, his eyes were filled with motivation.

“If I don’t die, then you guys better be prepared to go extinct!” Lin Fan shouted as he cast Ground Spike. Spikes made of dirt shot up from the ground, knocking a bunch of locusts upside down. However, it didn’t actually do much to the swarm. After all, even though there were plenty of spikes, they wouldn’t do anything if they couldn’t reach the enemy. Moreover, the range was quite small, so the damage dealt was low.

However, those spikes had bought Lin Fan enough time to cast Wrathful Tide once more.

Flames once more shot out, turning everything to ashes.

Once again, Lin Fan’s EXP bar was filled up by a huge amount. Within these few minutes, Lin Fan had only cast 3 spells. However, the amount of EXP he gained was in the 5 digit range. The perverse rate at which he gained EXP caused Lin Fan to feel giddy with joy.

Seeing as he was running low on mana and health, Lin Fan hurried drank a bottle of Mystic Fountain Water before casting Ground Spike followed by Wrathful Tide.

Following a horde of damage numbers, Lin Fan’s exp bar shot up once more. But even so, his surroundings were still filled with an uncountable number of locusts. Fortunately Lin Fan’s spells had a low cooldown time, allowing him to swiftly slaughter them. Moreover, even if he got hit, the Ring of Conversation all but nullified the damage.

At the moment, Lin Fan had forgotten everything except the two spells’ cooldown times and how much time they bought upon clearing out the locusts. Apart from that, was when were the most suitable times to drink potions.

The endless swarm forced Lin Fan to focus everything on the current situation. In Lin Fan’s mind, there were only the monsters. He was constantly thinking of how to deal with them more efficiently.

“Ground Spike, Fire Shield, Wrathful Tide”… “Ground Spike, Wrathful Tide”…

Finally, Lin Fan had the best method. After using Ground Spike, he would cast Fire Shield to block the attacks. Moreover, because of the sheer number of attacks, Fire Shield’s reflect effect was virtually guaranteed to trigger each time. Unfortunately, the amount killed by it was miniscule. On the bright side, Fire Shield’s skill level swiftly increased under the barrage of locusts.

After god knows how much time, skills, and potions, to the point where Lin Fan was just mindlessly doing things, he finally brought the number of locusts down to several hundred.

“Wrathful Tide” Naturally, that didn’t stop him. Lin Fan once more cast Wrathful tide, leaving only a few stragglers that tried to attack him.

“Fire Shield” Lin Fan used Fire Shield, which reflected their damage, finishing them off.

“Dammit! I didn’t get anything from this!” Lin Fan swore as he looked at his surroundings.There wasn’t a single item in sight. Not even a piece of copper.

“I just fought over a hundred thousand locusts and the only thing I have to show for it is experience!” Despite being discontent, Lin Fan still understood the logic behind it. The locusts were clearly left here to train mages. There was no way they’d drop any items. Instead, it costs plenty of potions.

When Lin Fan opened his inventory, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The battle he just had had used up 8 gold worth of potions.

But after taking a look at his level, Lin Fan brightened up.

What the…” Right now, Lin Fan was level 22. He had shot up from the bottom of level 20 to level 22.

Upon opening the level rankings, Lin Fan let out a smile. Second place was Limitless at level 16. That was 6 whole levels behind Lin Fan. The distance between them had grown even larger.

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