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RNGM Chapter 40 – Harvest

Chapter 40 – Harvest
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Like before, Lin Fan attracted the white horse’s attention with a Thunderbolt while Chaotic Sky climbed onto its back and slashed its throat. And with a blood red flash, the horse took 60 damage.

“*Neigh*” the enraged horse reared its head and somehow smashed it into Chaotic Sky’s chest, knocking out half his health.

“Dammit!” Chaotic Sky angrily activated Toxic Fang’s ability and stabbed the horse.

[Player Chaotic Sky has used Toxic Curse.] Lin Fan’s spirit shook slightly when he saw the notification, but that didn’t stop him from attacking.

“Hehe!” Chaotic Sky hugged the horse’s head as he stabbed its back with Toxic Fang.

This went on and on until eventually, the horse fell to the ground. When the white horse died, both Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky levelled up once again.

“This level speed… I’ve got nothing to say!” Chaotic Sky laughed. At the moment, he was level 16 and 3rd place on the level rankings. 2nd place was Limitless who was also level 16.

“Take a look. Did it drop another Riding skill book?” Chaotic Sky curiously asked Lin Fan.

“Yup!” Lin Fan picked up everything the horse dropped then laughed, “one Riding, one level twenty five single target attack mage skill called , ‘Frost Dragon’s Strike’ and one mage robe!”

“Looks like you should be able to reach level twenty one quite easily.” Chaotic Sky looked around and chuckled, “Right now you’re level nineteen. Just one more wild horse and you’ll should be able to hit twenty.”

“After I hit twenty, the experience I gain here is going to drop like crazy!” Lin Fan helplessly said with a grimace. “Back when I was level ten, the amount of experience I need was way higher than when I was level nine!”

“Let’s kill it one more time then head deeper in!” Chaotic Sky said after pondering for a moment, “With our strength, as long we don’t run into a BOSS, we should be able to escape even if we can’t win!”

“Alright!” Lin Fan nodded his head. After reaching level twenty, even if the monsters I have to face a above level 30, the stat suppression won’t be too-too much. So long as they aren’t the hard to deal with type, I should be able to handle them.

After resting for awhile, the plains were slowly repopulated once more. Upon seeing the horses running around once again, the duo began committing genocide.

One by one, the horses fell like flies, filling the plains with their miserable cries.

After 3 hours, wild horses went extinct once more.

“Hehe, there’s quite a bit of gear we need to appraise!” Lin fan said as he looked at the 11 pieces of equipment in his inventory. Even if the drop rate was extremely low, the two of them had slaughtered several hundred wild horses. It was only natural that there would be quite a bit of equipment.

“Hehe, you’ve really struck it rich this time you little brat,” Chaotic Sky snickered as he spoke, “With that Harvest skill of yours you should’ve gotten quite a lot of stuff right?”

“Three hundred pieces of horse meat, two hundred and fifty pieces of horse leather and  ninety horse bones!” Lin Fan smiled as he listed his gains, “I should be able to get quite a bit of gold if I sent it to the general store. But I want to keep a few to give to the guild’s crafters.”

“Nah, just sell it. Keep the two pieces of white horse leather, but sell the rest. We could use the money. Besides, Xia You’s the only trustworthy crafter in the guild. The rest of them aren’t exactly loyal. We definitely can’t hand this stuff to them to level up their sub-classes. After all, who knows when they’ll join someone else. I don’t planning paying someone else’s dowry!” Chaotic Sky told Lin Fan after thinking.

“I’ve thought about that too. But Xia You is an alchemist. These things probably won’t be of much use to her!” Lin Fan creased his brows as he spoke, “We’d be able to get quite a lot of leather armor with all this horse leather. That would help the guild’s growth by a lot!”

“With our current speed, it isn’t hard to get the normal horse stuff again. We can get it again when my men get here! Right now, we need money!” Chaotic Sky said.

“They’re still not here?” Lin Fan asked with surprise and doubt. He knew about Chaotic Sky’s men. They were a small 15-man studio that weren’t famous. However, their skills were the real deal!

“It’s hard to get helmets for this game. If I didn’t make use of contacts to get some right after that chat with you, I wouldn’t have one either. Less needs to be said of them. It took me two days to find them. By then, The Strange World had already opened. They just weren’t able to get any helmets. Luckily I managed to pull some strings and get seven more helmets. They should have just entered the game. By tomorrow, they should be at level ten. But, I handed all the helmets to fighters. The two crafters there don’t have helmets!” Chaotic SKy helplessly said.

“That’s fine I guess. When they get here, our strength should be good enough!” Lin Fan nodded his head.

“Hehe, how about we go look for Rainwalker? Her Rainflower League would be a huge help!” Chaotic Sky jokingly asked Lin Fan.

When he heard that, Lin Fan’s expression was a sight to behold. How could he not know what Rainwalker felt towards him. But, that year when he left Tyrant, he did his best to avoid here. Now, he no longer dared to face her.

“You’ll meet sooner or later! She came when I made that most, so this much should be obvious.” Chaotic Sky then pat Lin Fan’s shoulder and snickered, “She still hasn’t given up on you~!”

“Ugh! Let’s stop talking about this stuff and head back to the city!” Lin Fan said as he checked his playtime and noticed that he only had 20 minutes left.

“Alright!” Chaotic Sky wisely dropped the subject and tore a Return Scroll.

After thinking over it for a minute, Lin Fan decided to keep the high quality crafting materials he got from the white horses and sell the other wild horse materials. So, he ran to the general store to empty his inventory, earning over 40 gold.

“We’re rich!” Chaotic Sky exclaimed when he heard how much Lin Fan received. In the early game, 40 gold was an absolutely tremendous amount.

“It’s not strange. After all, most gamers wouldn’t pick a fight with level thirty monsters before reaching level thirty. So, the general stores don’t have materials of this level. In that case, it’s only normal we’d earn so much from selling them. When others level up a bit more, the game company will probably change things accordingly,” Lin Fan explained.

“That’s true. Also, just one Harvest skill book is about to hit the price of ten thousand RMB[1] on the market, so it’s really hard to get!” Chaotic Sky added.

[1]Author used 金币 which is gold. I’m just going to assume he’s not referring to game gold cause “40 gold is a lot”.

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