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RNGM Chapter 39 – One More Time!

Chapter 39 – One More Time!
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Chaotic Sky was too tired to bother listening to Lin Fan. Which was no surprise, considering that it was a level thirty Elite he dealt with. He was completely spent after holding on to the white horse’s head. He could barely even stand.

“Eh… you rest here. I’ll look it by myself!” When he saw Chaotic Sky’s haggard appearance, he bitterly smiled and recalled the time when Romundt evolved. If Chaotic Sky hadn’t used Self-detonation back then, the whole party would’ve definitely been wiped out. A mere Elite was already able to push Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky so badly. A level 30 BOSS would definitely have been too much.

When he collected the items the white horse dropped, Lin Fan’s eyes started shining.

“Hehe, brother! Looks like we should stay here and hunt a couple more White Horses!” Lin Fan laughed.

“What did it drop? Chaotic Sky was naturally curious.

“See for yourself!” Lin Fan said as he showed Chaotic Sky the item descriptions.


Description: Allows user to tame field monsters and turn them into mounts. Mounts can be ridden into                   

                    battle. (Note: Mount cannot be more than 5 levels higher than player.)

Required level: 20

[Horse Chopping Saber: Unappraised]

[Heavy Cavalry Armor: Unappraised]

“Hehe, this is good stuff!” Chaotic Sky chuckled when he saw the items. Then, he looked at the horses not far away and said, “These horses are extremely fast. Let’s get a couple more Riding skill books so we can make their speed our own. Moreover, it can make any field monster a mount. Hehe, it’s something really good.”

“Let’s head back for now and get the stuff I left in the warehouse. Then, we can farm over here until the white horse respawns!” Chaotic Sky chuckled, “Right now I’m a guild member, so I should help out the guild. Besides, there are plenty of wild horses here and the experience is great. This is a really great place to level up!”

Lin Fan nodded his head in agreement. Then, the two of them tore Return Scrolls and went back to the city. Chaotic Sky went towards the warehouse while Lin Fan headed to the appraiser’s store.

“Two equipment, three gold,” the appraiser lifted his head and looked at Lin Fan.

After hearing this, Lin Fan obediently paid up. These things are definitely better than level twenty blue items. Hmm they cost one gold and fifty silver each, so they should both be blue.

[Horse Chopping Saber(Blue): P.ATK 79, STR+2, VIT+3, Required Level:23.]

[Heavy Cavalry Armor(Blue): P.DEF 50, M.DEF 15, VIT+7, MV SPD+1, Required Level:21.]

Upon seeing the items, which were quite good for warriors, Lin Fan immediately called Liu Gang. After the call went through, he found out that Liu Gang was in the instance and decided to keep the equipment for now. After all, even if he gave them to him, Liu Gang wouldn’t be able to equip them.

After waiting for awhile at the main entrance, Chaotic Sky appeared. This time, he held the Toxic Fang in his right hand and a blue dagger in his left hand. His armor and headgear was different as well. Even though they weren’t emitting any light, Lin Fan could tell that they weren’t ordinary.

“Hehe, the clothes are purple! You’re not the only one that killed a level twenty BOSS. I cleared out that zombie-infested mine in the Southern Ridges!” Chaotic Sky chuckled.

“Let’s go!” Lin Fan said with a smile. He knew Chaotic Sky’s strength best. It wasn’t strange at all that he could obtain that kind of equipment. After saying that, the two people once more went towards the Wild Plains.

Because the Wild Plains were relatively far away, and Lin Fan was a mage, their pace was quite slow. It take the duo 10 minutes of walking to arrive.

“I’ve decided! Once you reach level twenty, learn Riding and start riding a horse. You’re as slow as a turtle!” Chaotic Sky helplessly grumbled at Lin Fin. To an assassin like Chaotic Sky, matching Lin Fan’s pace was an uphill battle. In the time it took for him to move 3 steps, Lin Fan moved 1 step. He could only helplessly slow down so Lin Fan could keep up.

“Alright, alright, stop being a whiny bitch about it already!” Lin Fan said as he massaged his temples. Lin Fan was simply helpless in the face of Chaotic Sky who was more annoying than a fly.

The two began hunting down the wild horses once more. But this time, their pace sped up significantly. Especially Chaotic Sky. After equipping Toxic Fang,  his damage had gotten much higher. Even Lin Fan couldn’t not say words of admiration. The speed at which Chaotic Sky killed horses was extremely fast. Even Lin Fan was quite a bit slower. After all, after Chaotic Sky mounted a horse, all he had to do was focus on attacking. But being a mage, Lin Fan lacked the agility to mimic Chaotic Sky. He could only dodge as he fought.

By the time Chaotic Sky killed 3 wild horses, Lin Fan had only killed 2. That said, both their attacks were extremely high. Even level 30 monsters lost out to them in that department. And after 2 hours, the whole area was cleared.

“When to go deeper?” Chaotic Sky looked at the inner areas of the Wild Plains and asked.

“Nope. The monsters here are all level thirty already. If we headed deeper in, they would definitely be even stronger. There’s no way we could handle them the way we are now! With a level gap larger than ten, we’d experience some serious stat suppression. If we got surrounded, we’d be screwed.” Lin Fan said after pondering over it, “We’d have to at the very least be level twenty before going in.”

“Alright then. Let’s just wait! It should be about time for the white horse to respawn!” Chaotic Sky said. According to the game’s rules, after a whole species was wiped out, they’d respawn.

“Hehe, its back. And it’s still got a big head!” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up when he saw the glorious white stallion nearby.

“I didn’t think that it’d respawn right after we wiped out its underlings!” Chaotic Sky’s voice was filled with eagerness. He was raring to go and get revenge. Getting thrown about previously sorely hurt his pride, so after getting a new set of gear, Chaotic Sky wanted to get revenge. Moreover, with Toxic Fang’s item ability, Toxic Curse, he felt that he stood a good chance.

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