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RNGM Chapter 38 – Let’s Not Try This Again

Chapter 38 – Let’s Not Try This Again
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Lin Fan took a deep breath and sent a Thunderbolt at the white stallion.

A the blow caused 32 damage. Upon getting hit, the horse’s eyes glew red as it turned in the direction of the attack and shot towards Lin Fan.

“It’s an Elite!” Lin Fan sighed in relief. He and Chaotic Sky might be able to handle an Elite, but if it was a level 30 BOSS, they could only run and hope they survived.

“Hehe, this is gonna be a piece of cake!” Chaotic Sky laughed as he shot forward. When he closed in on the horse, he vaulted onto it’s back and began stabbing it, causing a total of 30 damage.

The horse neighed and violently reared, trying to throw off Chaotic Sky. However, Chaotic Sky held onto its neck with a deathly grip and moved along with the horse, not daring to go against its wild thrashing.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt, immediately drawing the white stallion’s ire. Seeing the enraged stallion charge at him, Lin Fan hurriedly rolled to one side, dodging the blow.

Seeing Lin Fan dodge, the horse snorted and came to a sudden halt. The sudden change in speed caused Chaotic Sky who was preparing to attack again to get thrown off and sent flying. Then, it kicked back with its hind legs and sent Lin Fan flying.

“Fucking hell!” Lin Fan cursed when he saw the damage on top of his head. The horse’s kick had dealt 300 damage. If it wasn’t for the Ring of Conversion, Lin Fan would have flat out died.

“Puh” Chaotic Sky spit out dirt as he got up. He helplessly looked at the ferocious white stallion in front of him. It was unlike the other normal horses. Even after he climbed onto its back, he could still get attacked.

Lin Fan hurriedly got up, just in time to cast a Thunderbolt before dodging the horse’s charge. After doing a barrel roll, Lin Fan turned around and cast Fire Shield, dodging the horse’s hooves.

“Throat Slash!” At that instant, Chaotic Sky had clambered onto the horse’s back once more and slashed its throat.

“*Roar*[1]” The horse roared and broke into a full gallop, it’s sheer speed tearing off Chaotic Sky and dealing a good bit of damage.

“Things can’t go on like this!” Chaotic Sky guzzled down a health potion as he spoke, “We haven’t even taken out a quarter of its health while that thing’s throwing us around.”

The horse roared once more and turned around. It snorted out white mist and raked the ground a couple times. Then, it charged full speed ahead.

“Nothing we can do about. We can only fight!” Lin Fan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the cooldown time on his Fire Shield was over. At the instant the horse reached him, he had used Fire Shield.

“*Boom!*” a wave of fire swept out and scorched the stallion the instant it hit the fire shield, dealing 500 damage. The huge wave of flames even tipped the horse over, stunning Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky. They didn’t expect the Fire Shield’s damage reflect to kick in at such a vital moment.

“Attack!” Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky broke out of their stupor and attacked the horse. Chaotic Sky rushed at the horse’s abdomen and slashed its exposed underbelly.

“Dodge!” after firing off 2 Thunderbolts, Lin Fan noticed the horse was about to get up and shouted to Chaotic Sky.

“Kek, I knew there was no way it would be this easy!” Chaotic Sky chucked. Then, the dagger on his hand grew green and he rushed at the horse, stabbing its body.

[White Horse has been hit by Beginner Armor Breaking Potion. Defences reduced by half for 30 seconds.]

“Attack!” Chaotic Sky chuckled mounted the white horse that had just stood up and continuously attacked it. His rampant attacks, along with Lin Fan’s spells soon took out over half of the horse’s health.

“*Roar!*” The horse reared up until it was perpendicular to the ground in response, throwing off Chaotic Sky. Then, it fiercely kicked kicked the ground and charged at Chaotic Sky.

“Fuck!” Chaotic Sky had no way to avoid the blow. So, he hugged the horse’s head as it hit him. Of course, that didn’t stop him from being beaten to the verge of death.

While holding onto the white horse, he chugged a health potion and shouted to Lin Fan, “Hurry up! I’ve blocked its sight!”

Upon hearing this, Lin Fan hurriedly attacked. Because Chaotic Sky was hugging its head, the horse couldn’t see. So, it had no way of knowing where to charge. Instead, it ran in circles, trying to throw of Chaotic Sky. But no matter what it did, Chaotic Sky didn’t let go. He fiercely hugged the horse’s head with all his might.

Because of Chaotic Sky’s obstruction, Lin Fan could show his full strength. He attacked the horse non-stop, casting his spells as soon as they went off cooldown. Moreover, with Chaotic Sky blocking its sight, Lin Fan had much more space to move around. So, Lin Fan got more and more used to its movements over time and eventually ended up shooting Thunderbolts at it at point-blank range.

“Attack! Good! Keep it up!” Chaotic Sky shouted as he unrelentingly held onto the horse. He had even wrapped his Legs around its neck.

“*Roar!*” The horse finally fell.

Upon its death, Chaotic Sky leveled up once more. The experience points a level 30 Elite monster gave was humongous. Even though he had just levelled up once before, his whole bar got filled once more. Even Lin Fan gained a huge amount of EXP.

“Brother, let’s not try this again. We’ll die!” Chaotic Sky grimaced as he spoke, “This was a level thirty Elite! Let’s be think a bit more next time. Otherwise we’ll die horribly! I don’t want to lose anymore levels!”

“With danger comes wealth. Didn’t you level up?” Lin Fan rolled his eyes at Chaotic Sky and said, “Let’s see what it dropped!”

[1] http://www.clydevetgroup.co.uk/equine/newsletters/dec05.htm Horses can roar.

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